Saturday, February 24, 2007


Use Earphone as a Mic

  • Saturday, February 24, 2007
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  • Hi friends just checkout this process . If you want to do voice chat with your relative or friends and you don't have Mic than don't worry just switch on your speakers and insert your headphone wire in the pink port of Mic and start speaking . You will see that it works as Mic .

    It works on Magnetic Reversal Property which converts vibrations into electronic signals . I have tried this on yahoo chat and it works .

    So if you want to chat with your friends just insert your Walkman lead in Mic post and start talking to them .

    In India we can get headphones for just rs 20 approx ( 50 cents ) .

    6 Responses to “Use Earphone as a Mic”

    Sumesh said...
    7:48 AM

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    Abhishek Bhatnagar said...
    7:44 PM

    Really nice trick will try it and let u know....

    Anonymous said...
    7:58 PM

    Thanks abhishek just try it and i think that speakers can also work in the place of Mic .

    Kartik Satija said...
    12:42 AM

    Good work atul,I just tried it out with my walkman headphones,it works!!!!Nice one.

    Learning to build web apps fast said...
    12:42 PM

    yo man tried it out.... really cool

    Pratyush said...
    3:26 PM

    Nice tip buddy, will try it when I get a long document to type.

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