Thursday, March 29, 2007


Indian tutors will teach UK students online

  • Thursday, March 29, 2007
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  • A Bangalore based online tuition firm has tied up with publisher HarperCollins to provide off-shored tuition to British students . TutorVista , the online teaching outfit is aiming to attract middle class families by providing one-on-one access to Indian tutors at very cheap rates related to British coaches , who charges 50 pound per hour .

    This firm will recruit Indian university graduates as tutors and provide them six weeks training to understand them companies technology as well as ways to tackle the accent barrier with students . Students are coached via an online platform that is downloaded on to a home computer and includes an interactive white-board , an instant messaging tool and an internet phone system .
    Under the deal with HarperCollins, the publisher will promote TutorVista services on its titles. Content from Harper Collins will be used by the Bangalore firm for online learning aids.

    However, the firm, which sold about 1,000 hours of lessons last month to about 150 students in the UK and firm also operates in the United States, where it has signed up 950 students. It offers sessions covering every subject offered at A-level and GSCE in Britain. However, 80 per cent of lessons that it has sold so far have been in mathematics.

    Now India is also getting innovative in education field very fast speed let see what would be the results of these online coaching systems . News via rediff

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