Friday, June 27, 2008


Mobile paying adds are totally spams

  • Friday, June 27, 2008
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  • From last few months i was working on my other blog where we post about how to make money online by different works but after few survey i found that most of the mobile adds paying programs are nothing more than a spam . I will not type the names of those companies but i joined few of them and referred more than 100 friends to those site few of them are pro blogger from India also but i think no one have received anything from those companies accept some marketing calls .

    Actually i went to webmaster chat rooms and talked to one webmaster who was having more than 6 years experience in internet marketing and web designing . He told me that most of the companies create such sites were we type our house numbers mobile number and our names which we used in banks because they ask us to provide right information so we can receive checks from them and we also post the right details over there in a greed of few free bucks . By this they get they right actual information from us and sell that data to telephonic companies those promote products via telephone conversation .

    Many of my friends and bloggers also must have received calls from different banks and other call centers for loans and other cheap offers also. So whenever you join any website for earning money please take some time and do so survey on it or may be in future you will also start receiving calls from marketing companies .

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