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  • Sunday, November 19, 2006
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  • Some friends email me and asked for dj software , so i have searched a best for them as much as i can . why i am saying best because this dj provider are not like some others they will provide you free version but they will also teach you how to edit beats to songs and music by flash tutorail and how to start as a digital dj and provides all basic information about all dss dj features.

    DOWNLOAD IT.......

    DSS DJ 5.5,

    a powerful, versatile and user friendly solution for
    real-time DJ beat mixing.

    DSS DJ was redesigned to become brick wall stable.
    With a new look and feel, this version becomes the new state of the art DJ beat mixing software.

    DSS DJ was developed with the purpose to meet all DJs requests, from beginners to PRO DJs.

    To learn how to use DSS DJ, we provide you with some quick lessons , the user's manual or visit this website.

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