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  • Saturday, November 25, 2006
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  • I was searching for this funda from last 2 months and now i got the success . I have created a new method of publicity for my blog . I will type what i did then give me your suggestions .

    First i used to collect email id's in day and in night i send email's on those id's but not successful, then i searched and got one software email extractor , which is totally free to use . Then i went to yahoo groups and signed up to more than 34 groups related to my blog and then in Google groups . After signing these groups i started receiving 500 to 1000 emails per day .most of them are forward emails and contains more then 20 to 30 mail id's , i started copy all those email id's and paste them in my folder daily and after 24 days i set up that email extractor and put my email id's folder in that and extract that folder . what was the results :-

    Previous folder which was not extracted was containing more than 200,000 email id's and now the result i got was 15,678 email id's no one was repeated .

    Now just think you have so much id's just start doing mails man . At least do 200 to 300 mails daily by out look or you can mail by bulk software but we no 70/100 doesn't read bulk mails .

    You can download that extractor free here or are you lazy then download extractor and email me i will send you a bunch of email id's .


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