Friday, November 24, 2006


The One Simple Trick That Can Double Your Adsense

  • Friday, November 24, 2006
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  • I've been working with Google's Adsense program for a while now. If you're not
    already in the program, why not take a look at it now at I really like Adsense. It makes me money
    and it's easy to work with. Just some simple copy & paste into your webpage
    and you're done. Right?
    Wrong! You can do it that way if you want. Who knows? Maybe you'll get lucky
    and get a lot of clicks. But if you're really serious about making a lot of money
    with the program, you're going to have to tweak it a little.
    I've invested quite a bit of time experimenting with the program. When I first
    signed up, I got some clicks and made a tiny bit of money. That wasn't good
    enough. I knew there must be a way to get more of my visitors to click on the
    Google has a strict policy about not pointing to the ads in any way or asking
    people to click on them, so there were two things I couldn't do. What else was
    Then I remembered reading an article once that discussed the psychological
    impact of colors on the human mind. I started researching everything I could
    find on the subject.
    After a lot of reading, many tests and periods of watching my clicks go up and
    down, I found the one color combination that seemed to work the best.
    Testing previously done at supermarkets had revealed that the same product
    could pull more sales from just changing the colors of the label. What were
    these colors? Red and yellow! The combination of these two colors has an
    immediate impact on the person who sees them. They make your eyes stop and
    focus. They pull your eyes right to that part of the page. They grab your
    attention! I'm not sure exactly why the combination of red and yellow does this,
    but it does. On one of my sites, I changed my Adsense ads to a bright red
    border and a yellow background with black text and URL.
    My click through rate more than doubled with just that one simple change.
    That's what worked on my site. Your site's color scheme may work better with a
    slightly different color combination. Try lots of different color variations. Make a
    change in the morning and let it ride for the whole day. The next morning, try a
    different set of colors. Change the border, background, text. Change everything
    you can. Most importantly, keep detailed records of the color scheme you used,
    click ratio and revenue generated.
    After you've done all the experimenting you want to, go back to the most
    profitable one and let it run for a week or so and see how it does. I'm always
    trying different colors even after my run of good clicks with red and yellow.
    There are a lot of color combinations to choose from. You never know when
    you'll find just the right one.

    Brad Bahr

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