Thursday, December 21, 2006


Bloggers Earn Money

  • Thursday, December 21, 2006
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  • We know that 60% to 70% blogger are blogging for money but are they able to earn money , I don't think so , among India i have found only two blogger till yet those are earning fix money and those blogs are labnol which is blogged by Mr Amit Agarwal and according to me he must be the highest earner in India in blogging sector and second blog is techbuzz which is blogged by Mr Thilak .Now everybody wants to earn money but do you think that adsense is ok for that , beside adsense we should try other things also . I have found few more sources for where we can earn money while blogging .

    1.)Blogads :- It is a network of best bloggers who collaborate to promote and sell blog advertising.If you have receive nice traffic to your blog than you can apply for this program.

    2.)Text Link Ads :-> Here you can apply for account and if your blog gt approved than they will provide text link just post that link to your blog sidebar and get paid .

    3.) Blogitive :->In blogitive first you have to signup and wait for approval .If they approves your blog than you can start earning money with posting articles for other companies and if your articles get approved by company than you get paid by paypal . minimum offer cost which i got was $ 5 . You can accept as many offer you want to post . Take preview what you have to do in blogitive .

    4.)Mylot :-> Best site which is growing day by day . In this site we get paid for posting and replying discussions . Money also paid by them their are so many youngster earning money from this site .Money paid on every 15th by paypal .

    I am still searching for more sources , if you knew any other good sourcs plz do tell me in comments.

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    Thejesh GN said...
    3:36 PM

    Good read.

    Anonymous said...
    5:10 AM

    There is also AdsBay, which allows you to auction all kinds of advertising space as well as blog posts and site reviews, etc.

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