Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Bloggers life

  • Tuesday, December 19, 2006
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  • Small story about bloggers . How they come to know about blogs and started blogging .

    First time blogger must be searching for content like create free website and earn money or he must be introduced to blogs by one of his friends . Then he also signed up in blogger.com and created his blog with his favorite content and material . After few days he starts surfing other blogs to get inspired but what is the first thing that every blogger catches , that is others blogger template design and than he starts thinking that when he signed up for bloggers account he didn't saw such kind of template design offered in blogs template . Next mission he just post comment on that blog and ask him that please tell me from you got or downloaded this template design . If he didn't recieves any answer from that side , than he starts searching in google download free blogger templates ( results like :-blogger-templates.blogspot.com) .Now he get satisfied with some new template design he download from these sites.

    Main mission starts now if he is serious or love blogging , than from now he will start surfing internet for more content and stuffs for posting . After blogging 1 or 2 months now he wants to be in google search engine and starts signing up social bookmark services like (digg it , technorati ,delicious ,furl, etc...) and after few days working hard atlast he find his link in 9 to 14 th numbers in google . Now he come to know that if he paste adsense code on his blog than he can earn few bucks while blogging and some of the bloggers signup for adsense in first week when they started blogging .

    After this you know what is going on and what will gona happen forward . You will ask otherblogger buddies some of these questions :->

    1.) Can we exchange links , i have blogrolled you .
    2.)Can you tell me where to place adsense code for better results . How much i can earn like you .
    3.)From where i can get good traffic .
    4.)After that blogging sucessfully for more than 6 to 7 months , some of the bloggers starts earning quite good amount from adsense or from other affiliates .
    5.)Now they decides to buy own domain name for their blog , so that their blog can be found in search engine more easily .

    Now last and final aim that never come to an end to achieve and maintain your position in search engines and try to use new tricks to increase their earnings .

    But by looking at the growing bloggers ratio we should stop calling it bloggers community but start calling them bloggers family .

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