Monday, December 11, 2006


MP3 pillow - Actually plays music

  • Monday, December 11, 2006
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  • These new pillows are fashioned similar to a portable music player. They are soft and durable, but wait! They are not just an ordinary pillow.

    The MP3 pillows can actually play your favorite music. The pillows have hidden pockets to plug in your portable music player and you can also listen to built-in FM radio. My favorite feature of this pillow is that its button is actually working; you can change the volume, switch to the radio, scan stations and if you want to rest just shut it down.

    ThinkGeek describes "The MP3 pillow is fuzzy on the front and shiny silver on the back. 9" x 15" x 6". 100% space-age polyester so it resists stains. AA batteries required, but not included. Since there are electronics inside, you shouldn¡¯t wash it - spot cleaning only."

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