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Satyam prepares customers for Vista

  • Tuesday, December 12, 2006
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  • Satyam one of the six organizations selected worldwide to implement new operating system for global customers

    BANGALORE: Satyam Computer Services has announced that Microsoft has selected Satyam to participate in the Windows Vista Application Compatibility Factory (ACF), a program designed to help organizations around the world implement Windows Vista, the latest operating system from Microsoft.

    “As a global Microsoft partner, we believe Satyam has the capabilities to provide well-tested Windows Vista-compliant applications and help customers realize their potential on our platform,” said Brad Brooks, general manager, Windows Client Group at Microsoft.

    Satyam is amongst the first and one of six global organizations (of Microsoft’s 660,000 partners and 15 globally managed partners) participating in the ACF.

    Several Satyam experts have undergone training on Windows Vista, and are qualified to oversee and facilitate deployment of the operating system, which will become available later this month, a Satyam statement said.

    Nick Sharma, senior vice president, Infrastructure Management Services, Satyam, said, “We already know how to mitigate risk and manage remediation associated with Windows Vista—well before it has been released. These capabilities, coupled with our strong infrastructure skills and global packaging lab, enable us to optimize the benefits Windows Vista customers receive as quickly as possible—a real source of confidence and peace of mind for customers.”

    Specifically, an ACF partner will help customers determine how to make their existing applications work with Windows Vista. Satyam will help customers identify application compatibility blockers, assess their application inventories, and determine the best ways to proceed with implementation.

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