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Smart browsing with BlueOrganizer

  • Monday, February 12, 2007
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  • BlueOrganizer is the new smart and browsing tool for Firefox and Flock . It is the best tool for webmasters as well as bloggers also because it allows us to do what options we want like : find, compare, upload, download, post, rent, reserve, rank, keep track, subscribe, share, and more .

    BlueOrganizer works to help you simplify and organize your life online. Marc Orchant say that tool is a intelligent bookmaker .Yes BlueOrganizer allows you to capture, organize and share information about those places where you visit while surfing and it work like bookmark named as bluemark .With BlueOrganizer you can bluemark(bookmark) any information for your movies, restaurants, travel destinations, music, books, and more is just one click away.

    As well as for bloggers it has nice option :- The AutoBluemark allow webmasters and bloggers BlueMark the websites automatically that you post to your favorite social sites like Facebook, and digg. Some of it's supported sites picture is given below .

    RSS Publishing :-Now they have several good improvements to the RSS publishing. First, there is no longer a limit on BlueMarks that you can publish . Example if you choose to publish your Book collection or any e-book collection those all books will be published in the RSS feed. Than next, you can now publish feeds by tag and by smart filter. For example, you can publish all things in your collection tagged blue.

    Now I have planned to try it for some time and check out the results . Download BlueOrganizer

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