Monday, April 09, 2007


10 best keys for Internet Explorer

  • Monday, April 09, 2007
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  • Just think that you are doing some important work on computer and your mouse stop working than what will you do , you will start guessing shortcut keys like you will press ctrl key and than start pressing other for actions , So it's necessary that we should learn few basic keys , so we don't face any problem in future . While working on internet explorer their are 10 best keyboard shortcut keys of internet explorer that wee should remember them .

    1. Alt+d :-> Address bar
    2. Alt+g :-> Google search or we can use Ctrl+O , Ctrl+e
    3. Ctrl+a :-> Select all content
    4. Ctrl+c :-> Copy all content
    5. Ctrl+v :-> Paste
    6. Ctrl+n :-> New explorer window
    7. Ctrl+p :-> Print
    8. Ctrl+r :-> Refresh
    9. Ctrl+s :-> Save
    10. Ctrl+w :-> close explorer window

    I hope you will find them useful , really last full week i was blogging by using all these keys but now i have bought my new Hytech mouse .

    2 Responses to “10 best keys for Internet Explorer”

    Raj said...
    8:16 AM

    Gr8 tips Atul and this will be really helpul to most of user.

    BTW nice Blog.

    Atul you are from HP and Me too. Cool....


    atul said...
    11:50 AM

    Thanks raj , yes i think so they will help someone .

    Where are you from H.P .

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