Sunday, April 08, 2007


Hide Your IP Address

  • Sunday, April 08, 2007
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  • You must be thinking why we need to hide our IP address online . If you surf internet for just few hours for only chat and fun from cafe than it's ok but if you are surfing from home and your pc contains your personal data in it that you may get in trouble because day by day online scams are increasing .

    Like whenever we visit any website they downloaded Trojans and other viruses on your computer which starts gaining information from our pc and send to that to personal email id's . Example In yahoo messenger many people send us few Trojans files in the name of their Pictures and these file are hidden after downloading it once we click open on them they start doping their work and send all our personal information out to the Trojans sender personal email id's .

    So , If you have logged in to your paypal after receiving that files than your account password is not personal because now they also know what is your paypal password is .

    How to avoid :- Never receive any file on your personal computer from strangers , ( specially boys don't ask girls for their photo's because others side someone must be laughing on you and sending you these files ) . Second to save yourself from website Trojans we can use software tools related to hiding IP address because most of the website Trojans use IP address to leak your information . Hiding your IP address online ensures that your personal information is not leaked out to the outsiders .So try to use proxies for surfing websites .

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