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Hindi search engine

  • Tuesday, June 19, 2007
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  • Indian language is getting popular on net day by day , either this is because of some people those are not so much familiar with English or because of old govt employees . Govt is providing free trainings to teachers so they can teach children about Information technology in Hindi language in govt schools .

    So if you know hindi and you want to try some new things with search keywords than just try Raftar search engine . Best point of this search engine is that it will guide you to type Hindi also if you want to write any line or your name in Hindi than also you can use raftar keyboard option and after writing your name just copy it from there . Like you can see one example in picture below where i have pressed keywords with mouse to type my name :-

    But now their are many webmaster and blogger also coming up with Hindi contents . Here is the little list created by Mr Amit Agarwal in which they have mentioned Hindi bloggers .Debashish, Ravi, Jitu, Rajesh, Fursatiya, Udan Tashtari, Shrish, Amit Gupta, Srijan, Masijeevi, Raman, Pratyaksha, Jagdish, Yunus. Let see in few years their will be many more jobs in Hindi software designing and web development areas .

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    Shrish said...
    4:44 PM

    Raftar is a nice Hindi Search Engine. As you know that Google has introduced Hindi typing tool in Blogger, how nice it will be if it also provide this tool in it's search engine.

    If Google intrudce a Hindi typing tool in it's no. 1 search engine, than Hindi Search and thus traffic on Hindi Blogs will get a boost.

    Keeping this in mind, I had written a April Fool Post on 1st of this april, to explain what benifits we can get if it becomes true.

    abhinav said...
    9:03 PM

    we can also use this site for this purpose:
    this site directly converts english words to hindi script and also helps google search in hindi

    bhomiyo said...
    10:51 PM

    Bhomiyo.com allows online keyboard and searching through Google/MSN/Yahoo together. It supports all major Indian languages.
    Apart from that - transliteration being used many bloggers.

    janvi said...
    11:02 AM

    I have come across a very good hindi search engine.. "www.hindi.co.nr" you can type in roman, it automatically converts in devnagri, provides results in devnagri.. and it has a lots of hindi services.. really www.hindi.co.nr is very good site for Hindi People

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