Thursday, June 21, 2007


Increase crawl rate of your site

  • Thursday, June 21, 2007
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  • Google webmaster tool offers many tools to webmaster which help them to maintain their website crawl rate , enhancing image search , preferred domain to be indexed and url removal tool . If you are not a seo than also i think these tools help beginner . Let me introduce you to these tools :-

    1. Crawl rate :- Google bots collects and index our contents with the help of web crawler and the speed is automatically set to normal so our pages get indexed at normal speed . But if you have good server than you can select fast crawl option with will enable Google bots to crawl your site more quickly . But use this option only if our server can handle additional Google bot traffic .

    2. Preferred Domain :- Like if you site and points to same site than you can choose option that which url should be displayed in Google index . Like you can choose for both urls .

    3. Enhanced image search :- This tool improves image search and use Google image labeler to associate the images included in your site with labels . This helps to improve indexing of our site by giving well search quality on those label images .

    4. Url removal :- This page helps us to remove url of our posts from Google like if you have find any bad url of your website indexed in google which display results like page not found error either 404 or 410 than you can just post that url in this place and remove it from Google index .You content url will be removed when your site will be next time like after two day or with in a week .

    I am really satisfied with these tools and i love which has given such a nice platform to blogger free of cost . I have written this post to show that how Google is trying to improve webmaster tools and helping bloggers specially . I was tagged by shankar and now i have to move this tag game forward also , so i am tagging Nirmal and Vinod .

    I hope you must have enjoyed this post .

    7 Responses to “Increase crawl rate of your site”

    Nirmal T V said...
    12:02 PM

    Thanks for the tag. I'll write soon. I was tagged initially by Keith for this post. :-)

    Digital I.T Blog said...
    12:44 PM

    oh that's ok i didn't know that you were already tagged .

    Shankar Ganesh said...
    5:24 PM

    thanks for responding to my tag :)

    Manish Kapoor said...
    7:25 PM

    I like your Digitalmail blog.I found your blog very intresting.

    Digital I.T Blog said...
    8:40 PM

    Thanks for this compliment manish

    Mary Pippins said...
    6:11 AM

    This blog has the top spot for:

    "hot to increase your crawl rate"

    and it didn't help me at all so I will do it myself. The best way to increase your crawl rate is to have your link posted on a many webpages as possible.

    ATUL DOGRA said...
    10:54 AM

    ahh that's doesn't means that you start spamming every where buddy . Yes you can do forum posting in related niches .

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