Saturday, May 03, 2008


Marketting eyes on orkut

  • Saturday, May 03, 2008
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  • Few month back was one of the biggest hub on web network marketing and people having more and more friends in their lists were minting money daily for displaying others websites or product review on their profiles and when they update their profiles all their friends receive alerts on that updates . Because of some more upgraded features Indian users were also running to other sites like bigada , ibibo started by Indian webmasters .

    Now orkut banged on all of them with its new features like online radio , music masti teen patti and with other new application . Radio and teen patti are among most used applications . Even I am addicted to it while playing teen patti we can play music also at the bottom . Only Indians can imagine the feeling of devanand evergreen song and other oldies with playing teen patti ( Desi Indian poker ) .Marketing eyes :->
    1)Why i said this that marketing eyes on orkut . Today while listening some punjabi music on orkut i saw many r were writing note on those song and in notes they were writing website names .
    2) Now question is why they were writing names and referral links :-> When you post any comment on any video or upload any video with some review it directly starts displaying on your friends profile pages . Example I have 1000+ friend and i have posted one note on any song {[ Hey u liked that song u can download more at ] . Now this messages will start displaying in my friends profile that your friends listened to this song and posted this note and even people visiting his profile will also see that . Now you can imagine 1000 friends and on every profile if 5 person gives visit it will become 5000 and from 5000 atleast we can have 50+ visitors to that link also .( This picture is a example in which i have displayed how first i commented on songs and than in second number how my comments displayed on my friends profile where she and other profile visitors can read over comments in which we have seen many adds also posted by others . )

    3) So soon orkut will become a marketing hub and people will start promoting their local business also . Specially this will help to business communities like renting house and their members because they can remain update with some good tricks like uploading houses pictures with rents rates and etc .

    If you want to know anything related to this or promotion tricks just post your questions in comments . For more orkut hacks and tricks you can check this post orkut hacks and hacking social account .

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