Friday, June 06, 2008


Myspace Friend Adder

  • Friday, June 06, 2008
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  • If you are myspace user user and use it for professional work like marketing your products online than you must be trying to add friends as much as manually and sometimes get frustrated. Because we don't get free friend adder and few which we find comes with installed adwares and spywares .

    We have discovered a free Myspace Friend Adder which is free and works fine. With this automator 1.0 software we can add friends , send messages as well as post comments on others profiles too with in few seconds only . So now no need to join more friend adder trains and wait for others to send add request to you . Just download Myspace Friend Adder automator 1.0 and start adding new friends . This product is guaranteed to be virus and spyware free. You can download it from this link . Download friend adder .

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    Myspace Marketing Manager said...
    10:32 PM

    The best way is defintively having a good tool to avoid spending nights in front of your computer... I used several friend adder in the past but it was not sufficient. Finally I developped my own and make it multi networks (Myspace, Facebook, YouTube,
    Now I can concentrate on music !

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