Saturday, July 12, 2008


Road Angel 9000 Satellite Navigation System

  • Saturday, July 12, 2008
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  • Radar detector is a unique device which can perform functions of a satellite navigator and it is also a GPRS connected camera detector. Road Angel, a developing company which designs and markets a new navigator in the name as Road Angel 9000 Satellite Navigation System. The unique features of this Road Angel GPS System are GPRS connected camera, safety alerts, live traffic information, text messages, weather report, amplified speakers, headphone socket, quality display, integrated SIM, ability to use memory cards, indications with distinct colours etc.

    Distinct colour indications :- Red colour indication will be given while you fix beyond the statutory limit where as green indication will be given while you fix camera within advisory limit. Safety alerts will be given in blue colour and traffic alerts will be given in yellow colour.

    GPRS :- This facility helps you to enable traffic information though you are not navigating, so that it is possible to escape from irritable traffic jams. You can send the details about your destination, through online or your mobile phone.

    Camera :- Camera has equipped with this device to alert you at right time and record your favourite journeys.

    Integrated SIM :- Road Angel 9000 Satellite Navigation System has come with an integrated SIM for GPRS connectivity.

    Expandable Memory :- When you are not satisfied with the embedded memory, you can expand it by using Secure Digital (SD) memory with the memory capacity up to 512 MB.

    TFT Screen :- TFT screen has embedded with the product to offer colour utilities. The screen can offer resolutions up to 480 x 272 pixels. Users can enjoy colour graphics. Make use of the screen to read text messages. This display can be used for watching movies or pictures.

    Speaker :- A speaker is used to bring the audio output which can mount on your car.

    Headphone output :- You can use headphone socket to listen the indications without disturbing others. You can enjoy MP3 music or videos with the help of headphone output.

    Lithium Battery :- This Satellite Navigation System can perform with the support of Lithium Polymer battery which runs a maximum of 4 hours.

    Routing :- The product supports you to go in right route to reach your target. The calculation speed of the unit is amazing. If any roads are blocked, it will be indicated in advance.

    Other Features :- Apart from the primary functions, this Sat Nav System can serve various other functions like are :-

    1. Traffic alerts - Live traffic alerts will be indicated while you use this product.
    2. Weather - You can know the weather predictions everyday. You can adjust your trip according to the climatic conditions.
    3. Voice Indications - Indications will be given either in male or female voices.

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