Thursday, August 28, 2008


Download internet explorer 8

  • Thursday, August 28, 2008
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  • This is a second beta version of Internet Explorer 8 . Windows Microsoft this time have done many improvements in this public beta version to make it more easy to use and secure .

    Best options we get in Internet Explorer 8 :-

    1. Like firefox if you close Internet Explorer 8 by mistake in with between some process than you can restore it when start IE8 again(this is a same feature which we use in firefox) .

    2. InPrivate :- If you enable InPrivate option than browsers will not save any important information like login information , passwords, browsing history to check what we did in past and so on . This is best feature for those users those want to access adult content without leaving any traces .

    3. Suggested Sites :- If you don't delete browsing history than you can use this option (i am not we need to save history or notin this option ) . If you visit and any site and love it than you can use Suggested Sites feature in which Internet Explorer 8 will check our browsing history and search other sites which we may find usefull .

    4. Improved Search :- This is a best option and i like it very much . Now while searching new things Internet Explorer display results from your local history and suggestions from your favorite search provider ., so we can get best results we need .

    5. Find on Page :- If you visited any site but their is too much content and you want to search data related to your keywords than try Find on Page option which is built right into the browser .Type your keywords and hit enter . After that those keywords will be highlighted and which will be easier to find them .

    Their are many more features and according to my experience i will say that this is a webmaster browser . For more information you can visit here Internet Explorer 8

    2 Responses to “Download internet explorer 8”

    Madhur said...
    9:07 PM

    I just downloaded it . Trying it out right now.

    Digitalmail said...
    11:03 PM

    My window is corrupted and that's why i am not able to upgrade beta 1 to beta 2 . But i will take xp cd from my friends and than try its beta 2 version . You can use it and share your views with us or on your blog .

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