Thursday, October 09, 2008


Audio and Video Conferencing – Where Technology Spells Revenues

  • Thursday, October 09, 2008
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  • Have you ever realized how the evolution of technology is enabling businesses to reap more revenues? Audio and video conferencing enables people from different spots of the globe to converse without leaving their sites. That spells an enormous amount of savings on time, conference site rentals and airline tickets. In addition, the access of information in a split second can give the element of speed in every business negotiation that definitely spells revenues.

    Web conferencing is made possible with the use of several common gadgets available in today’s technology. These are the telephones, computers, the internet, a collaborative software to be used for file sharing and any tools that can be used in combination with these devices for swift communication. The goal is to be able to present any topic necessary in an almost realistic set-up. Online conferencing can be complemented with the other contraptions present in a real presentation. These are the slide presentation tools and a streaming audio. The final goal is to be able to interact with each other in the most efficient way possible, where people can clearly hear and see each participant and valuable opinions are heard on the spot, contributing to the desired business goal. Come to think of it, any successful business enterprise would definitely credit web conferencing as a crucial factor in achieving their projects’ objectives.

    An ancient method of audio video conferencing is that of using televisions mounted with a camera and a speaker phone. Simply put, one group located in a single room in front of that television with camera, can talk to another group in the same setup located in another part of the world. Today, with the advancement of technology, video conferencing has taken a step higher in terms of mobility and flexibility. Using a computer with a fast internet connection, equipped with a headset, a webcam and a file sharing software, a conference is assured of having a higher level of participation due to the availability of these devices in any office set-up. Every participant can conveniently take part in the conference inside their own offices, in front of their own computers. “And how about those on vacation?”, you may ask. The beauty of online conferencing is that it is heavily hooked on being connected to the internet. And that means, literally anyone with an internet connection, whether a person is on the beach, in bed or in restaurant, can be present in a web conference with the use of a laptop. Technological innovations certainly succeeded in supporting business growth.

    With the definite possibility of boosting revenues to more than half and cutting down costs at the same rate, (more than half the costs saved!), who can ever say no to audio video conferencing?

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