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  • Monday, November 13, 2006
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  • In 2001, Apple introduced the iPod, an MP3 player with the unheard-of storage capacity of 5 gigabytes. Five iPod generations later, the device plays songs, movies and photo slideshows, and you can store up to 80 GB of any type of file you want. The evolution has been a lesson in consumer electronics marketing and development: Millions of people are so hooked on the iPod, they continue to buy it and its coordinating Apple products despite quick battery death and difficult repairs.
    In this article, we'll find out why so many people buy iPod after iPod, dissect an iPod video to find out how it works and check out what type of software is available to enhance its functionality.

    iPod Basics

    The fifth-generation (5g) iPod video is much more than an MP3 player. It's a digital audio player, video player, photo viewer and portable hard drive, making it a full-fledged portable media center. It's available in 30-GB and 80-GB capacities and has a 2.5-inch, color LCD screen. In addition to the iPod 5G, the current generation of iPod players includes:
    • iPod shuffle, with a 1-GB capacity, which only plays songs and has no display
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