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  • Wednesday, December 13, 2006
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  • Money4blogs is a website which offers cash for a simple text link advert on blogs or any website. It is very simple, if you have a blog they will pay for a very small unobtrusive link on it. When I say small I only need 20 words and the link can be as small as 8px. I don’t mind where on the page you paste it as long as it is in the permanent part of the page (i.e. it wont get archived and lost) .

    Money4Blogs is run by Mike Day of Endsleigh Insurance, a UK based insurance company. The text links they buy are used to promote Endsleigh and other websites owned by The Endsleigh Group. The objective is both advertising on popular blogs and acquiring links that have a value in terms of search engine optimisation. They use paypal or credit cards to pay and in the case that you cant accept either I will send a cheque.

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