Friday, December 15, 2006


Get into google search engine with few steps

  • Friday, December 15, 2006
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  • Friends if you don't have or don't want to pay money to any seo company or optimiser like me and want to be in search engine in few days than follow these steps , by thse steps my blog was in google search engine in 13 days .

    1.)First submit you blog here .

    2.) Now log into your blogger account and go to template , now search for this meta tag code in first 20 line .( <$BlogMetaData2.) Now log into your blogger account and go to template , now search for this meta tag code in first 20 line .( <$BlogMetaData$> )
    gt; )

    3.) Now copy this code and paste below meta tag codes .

    Get the Code:

    After pasting this code below (<$BlogMetaData$>) change the description and keyword and insert new keywords there related to your blog .

    4.)Now submit you blog/site feeds and updates , so by this other will come to know about your blog.Sign up on these site to submit your feeds.
    Picture from technical bliss

    5.) Keep posting time to time and always ping technorati whenever you update your blog .

    6.) Visite friends and others blogs and keep commenting on others blog it generate back link to your blog .For proff just search for digitalmail in google search engine and you will find more back links rather than direct link to my blog . Specially thanks to MR. ASHOK from his blog i have gr8 back links in google search eninge.

    That's all I did anything else you know please do tell me in comments .

    5 Responses to “Get into google search engine with few steps”

    Arpit said...
    10:36 PM

    Lagey raho bhai....

    Ashish Mohta said...
    11:56 PM

    Looks like you got your bookmarks

    Ashish Mohta said...
    11:59 PM

    If you host your own blog it wont work in 13 days.Thats my exp.I had been using those since a month.But it doesnt work.Blogspot provides search engine optimization to its blog.So it works.

    My older blog got indexed in a week and that was on blogspot.I used the same thing what you are using it now.

    Just an experience no offenses

    ATUL DOGRA said...
    12:07 AM

    yes ashish this is the best thing in blogspot that google boots crawel blogspot blog faster than other site .

    Ashok said...
    7:19 AM

    Thanks Atul for thanking me. I always try to give backlink to my visitors in my blog. This is my way of saying thankyou to them for visiting to my blog.

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