Sunday, March 25, 2007


6-D movie viewing in india

  • Sunday, March 25, 2007
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  • India is getting innovative day by day in every trade , so one the best cinema company Adlabs Cinemas is trying to bring the 6 dimensional viewing experience to India and this method sure revolutionize the way of watching cinema .In the 6-D movie, viewers don’t just experience height, width and depth of a shot (as in 3-D films), but will also be able to smell, touch and feel what’s happening on the screen.

    Main catch is that the begining of 6D is not going in Delhi or Mumbai but will be in Agra .Because COO of Adlabs says Agra is a hot spot for tourists international and domestic both .

    So Indians get ready to fell the real experience of cinema by the end of this year .
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    2 Responses to “6-D movie viewing in india”

    shashank said...
    1:03 PM

    Gr8 info..
    i m presently at agra for 2 more year lets see ...
    BTW wat is the source i need to find out more...

    Atul said...
    1:51 PM

    Hi shashank you can check i have posted the source link is last line , news from .

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