Monday, March 26, 2007


Change blog adress

  • Monday, March 26, 2007
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  • After having experience of 6 to 7 months in blogging most of the bloggers starts earning good money and they starts thinking and working on their niche topic . Butnow they think for a good blog we need good name address also so they buy own domain names and shift themselves to their hosting .But in blogger after 6 months also we can change our blog address , if you think your blog is quite good than you can get new good niche good name within few minutes .

    If you want to change your blog address than try this .

    1.Login to your blogger account . on settings .
    3.In settings click on publishing .
    4.In publishing you will have option names as blog spot address .
    5.In that box enter your new desired blog address and click on save button , if that address is available you will get it in few seconds .I have changed one of my blog address .

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    anoop said...
    6:55 PM

    dear atul bhai ,
    maine apne blog ka ddess change k iya ap ke bataye hue instuction se aap ne chk kiya ki nhi mera newblog i maen nya addess

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