Saturday, July 07, 2007


Links for July

  • Saturday, July 07, 2007
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  • From past few weeks i am busy with some house problems because our house building has been mapped down in mcd road map and they have given us a notice to break and clear 6 meter area of all 3 floors . I am feeling very bad that i am not able to post and read go through by others blogs .

    But everyday i take a look on few blogs and here are the best post I read on others blogs : -

    1. Hands on with opera mini 4 by Ray
    2. Rs 500 penalty for mobile spam by Veer -> Bad news for Indian mobile romeos
    3. Planning to buy iPod ? Don't do that. Buy an iPhone and use it as an iPod by GopiNath
    4. Create Animated Flash Presentations Online by Ankit
    5. 3 coolest PC Mods by Madhur Kapoor's
    6. Get the Mac look on your Windows PC for Free by Suresh
    7. How to Verify an Email Address by Nirmal.
    8. What did you Discover today? by Mayank
    9. Is your site indexed on google after all ? by Manai
    10. Clean a Mouse with White Paper for Smooth Cursor Movements by Mr. Amit Agarwal

    I hope you will enjoy them . I will be back on my blog with one or two weeks till than big smile :) .

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    Gopinath M said...
    11:08 PM

    Happy to see my blog post link. Thanks

    Tech Thoughts

    Rahul said...
    2:58 PM

    Enjoyed Them!
    Great work

    Nirmal said...
    11:01 PM

    Thanks for the link.

    DW said...
    10:48 PM

    Hey Atul,

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