Saturday, July 07, 2007


Mozilla Firefox with eBay edition

  • Saturday, July 07, 2007
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  • Firefox always try to do new things to make his coin up and if you remain active whole day or for many hours on eBay for buying , selling and for bidding on your favorite gadgets like digital camera and other tech stuff than you should try Mozilla Firefox eBay edition . This will make auction process easier and faster with a new add-on for eBay .

    This add-on is created by eBay and Firefox's creators and this add-on has already tested by some eBay traders and after all results this add-on is got his final release . Best point on this add-on is that you will always receive new alerts when new bid will take place on item which you have been outbid already . So don't miss time get your products and get alerted with new bids . Download Firefox Companion for eBay

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