Saturday, April 07, 2007


Bloggers increase adsense earnings

  • Saturday, April 07, 2007
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  • Yesterday I was just searching some blog hacks and tricks and found very informative blog of Peter Chen where he has written a post about How to get free traffic to our blogs . In his article he has mentioned about how we can use blogexplosion to increase your blog traffic , than i got one idea about AdSense earnings .

    If you are blogging for last few months and your AdSense earnings are still like 0.50 cents to $ 1 daily than i think you should try this method , Those who are AdSense account holder and have AdSense ads in their blog should know that AdSense don't encourage traffic coming from traffic exchange programs like BlogExplosion.

    But i think we can do one work , first remove AdSense from your blog and apply for blog explosion and try it for one month and when you think that now you have build up a quite good readership for your blog than you can ask your readers to exchange links and than you can remove your self from blogexplosion and put your AdSense code on that blog again , I hope this will increase your earning by this method .

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