Monday, September 29, 2008


Simple Documentation Guide for your Will & Estate

  • Monday, September 29, 2008
  • Today or near future one day we have to take few legal steps and making a will for our family or loved one to protect their futures . We try to create an advance health care directive to make sure your wishes are preserved . So right now if you don't have planned to create will for your estate but want to know about the documentation work and papers you will need for that than you don't have to contact any lawyer but you can try Rocket Lawyer's Will & Estate software .

    This software is a property and real estate documentation kit which helps us for picking the documents we need for making decision for our property and estate .  Its process is very simple and you will not get confussed in documentations work . 

    Its features are like :-

    · Personal Document Wizard
    · Simple, Intuitive Interview Process
    · Complete, Context-Sensitive Help
    · Document Preview
    · Interview Bookmarks
    · Document Audit
    · A Range of Up-to-Date Legal Forms
    · Live Legal Advice

    Their is many more details inside this pack for preparing will , you can check that after downloading this will software . Download Will & Estate software
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    Sunday, September 14, 2008


    10 Amazing online audio and video converter tools

  • Sunday, September 14, 2008
  • If you don't have any file converting software or you don't want to download any software and want to convert any file in emergency than you can try online converters . Their are so many free video audio and other files converters and you can use them hassle free . Here is will list few good converters which you can use for converting your media and other files .

    1.Media Converter - I am using this site from last few months and i am happy its services . Media converter help you to conver all files and supports all major formats . Files formats supported  mp3 , ogg , wav , wma , 3g2 , 3gp, avi, flv, m4v, mkv, mov, mp4,mpg, mpeg, psp, rm , wmv . doc , pdf xls , ods .In free service you can convert maximum 100mb size files and for more than that you have to take premium services . You can upload videos from , , Dailymotion , LiveVideo , MetaCafe , , Veoh and Youtube .

    2. Media-Convert - It is one of the best site which supports almost all formats from audio , video , images , Documents, text and mobiles files format also .So you can have videos for Windows, Linux, Mac, SVCD, DVD, Pocket PC, Mobile phone, Nokia 770, Nokia N800, iPOD, iPHONE, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii, Zune, S1MP3 MP4 player. You can upload upto 150 files in which i think you can add 10 movies . You can download videos from different online sources and you can upload files to media convert than download them directly on your mobiles phones wityh single click too .

    3.Convert Vx2 - It is a simple webpage where you can convert your files easily . Just upload your files and this script will automatically  detect the input file format and than you have to select the output format only .You can convert and download youtube video also by this web application .

    4. Zamzar - It is a free online file conversion application which helps us to convert online as well as files from our computer . Its procedure is same like other just selct the files or insert url of the files you want to convert than select output format and click on convert button . Apllication supports all major formats for images , documents , music and video's .If you want to host your converted files on their server than you have to create account on their site and get 100gb space for storage .

    5. You convert it - You conver it helps you  to convert all media file format like documents, Images, Audio, Videos without buying or installing any software your computer . But i don't know why they need our email adresses for converting files online . They have other options like you can convert online youtube and other videos . You can also send files to yourfriends from their webpage from free online file sending option .

    6. Mux - It is a online video converting tool by which you can convert youtube and googlevideo videos to different video formats like mpeg-4, Quicktime, iPod(m4v), flash video, windows media, mpeg .It has another option in which you convert your  online videos to mobile format 3GP, AMR and download them to your mobile . You can also share you video privately with family members and friends .

    7.  Webconverter - Webconverter is a verynice website which offers you free online converter for your music, video, images and document  files .You can also convert .midi .kar files format to mp3 so you can play them on your ipod or mp3 player .They have one more special page where ou can download youtube videos also .

    8. Free file converter - It is a free online files converting tool by which you can convert pc files as well as online audio or video files too . But don't use any personal files or secure data to convert on this one becayse website owner already has mentioned that  this service is not intended for use with confidential documents, as we can NOT guarantee secure transfer.

    9. Ankoder - It a a simple web aplication which will help you for online media converter and downloder .This aplication supports Mobile-3gp , Ipod- mov , Flash-320x240 , Sony PSP-mp4 and Iphone-mp4 formats .Just paste the url of files you want toconvert and click on convert and download  button .

    10. Vixy - It is a online FLV file converter by which you can convert all files from major sites like youtube and all .By this Application we can download online videos direct to PC / iPod / PSP totally free .Just paste the url of that video and select the output format you want for that files than it will be coveter to different format and than you can download it .

    I hope you will like them and this will help you not to search for more tools . If i will find more good converters than i will update this posts again and let you know .
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    Friday, September 12, 2008


    Do you really need project management software

  • Friday, September 12, 2008
  • Many companies still underestimate the importance of project management software. Although this particular kind of software opens new possibilities for the development of any company many people do not want to make use of it. In fact they do not understand how they can improve the overall work not only of the company but of particular managers.

    For example, web based project management software gives an opportunity to analyze the work of different departments of your company which are situated all over the world and thus optimize their performance. Everything that you need is internet connection and a computer. With the help of project management software tools you can track the work on any project. In fact you can find out how much the particular manager spends time and afford to fulfill a particular task. It is particularly important because you must plan the work in the company and decide how many managers you need to work effectively on the project. If you have such information you can correct the work in the company and thus build the strategy of your company development.

    My friend has downloaded this software and using it . I am not familiar with management so much but i will do ask him how this software can help me . Maybe i can learn few more things from him too .
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    Amazing designs of free blogger templates

  • I am using blogger platform from more than 3 years and i have seen many friends moving to word press just because of template designs . Their were only few sites at that time those were offering blogger templates but today when blogging sector is increasing many new webmaster started offering some great template free of cost to blogger users too . So here are some good templates which i think are really coll and professional .

    1. Techlure - It is a nice 3 Column Blogger Template which can be used on tech blogs as well as on other too .

    2. FunkyZine - It is a great magazine style 3 Column Blogger Template .
    Demo | Download

    3. Charcoal - It is a 3 Column Blogger Template with navigation button options . You can set your blog labels link in that so it will be easy to find major content .

    Demo | Download

    4. Graffiti Art - It is a 2 Column Blogger Template with very nice 3d header image and contains navigation option also .

    Demo | Download

    5. Peppers - It is a 3 Column Blogger Template with three three 125x125 ads placement option . It is a very nice design with navigation options at the top of template .
    Demo | Download

    6. Visionary - It is a magazine style template with tab option in sidebar box like word press themes . It is very nice template for daily news or video updates .
    Demo | Download

    7. Maggo Magazine Blogger Template - It is a 3 Column Beta Blogger Template with nice adsense placements and widget .

    Demo | Download

    8. Blogger Template Outono - It is a Web 2.0 Blogspot Xml templates with some nice features. It has menu option button also just below the header image .
    9. DfMarine Blogger Template - It is a 2 column Blogspot Xml templates with professional design .
    Demo | Download

    10. White Space Blogger Template - It is a is a minimalistic 3-column Wordpress Theme converted in Beta blogger template .

    11. Personal Mag Blogger Template - It is a is a 3-column Wordpress Theme converted in Beta blogger template in which both sidebars are on right hand side .

    12. Wordpress Admin blogger template - It is a very neat and clean 2 column Wordpress Theme converted in Beta blogger template .

    13. Firebug blogger template - Firebug is Beta blogger template in which you can set sidebar according to your use and setting widgets . It has 125x125 placements for ads and social bookmarking option at the end of blog post .

    13. CMS 2 blogger template - It is a classic blogger template which is very nicely designed .I am using this template on my another financial blog and adsense earning from this template is very nice too .

    14. Technology blogger template - It is a 3 column beta blogger template and this design in totally inspired by Labnol old blogger template design according to me .

    15. Aspire blogger template - It is a 3 Column Beta Blogger Template with nice adsense placements and widget .

    I have collected few more templates which i will share in my next blogger template update . So till that enjoy using these template if you like them . I will say thanks to all those designers who designed these great templates and provided us free of cost . If you still want to check more template than check this link - Blogger templates
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    Thursday, September 11, 2008


    Create a forum with Free forum hosting

  • Thursday, September 11, 2008
  • If you want to start a new web forum on your blog sub domain name or on a new domain name but you don't  have any knowledge how to create and manage it than i will say that first create one forum on a free host . Here i willl tell you about one site where you will get everything for free and you can learn everything also .Free Forum Provides you free hosting as well as all tools where you can use them and create your own web forum in few minutes with any technical skills . is one of the best site which i have used to create one forum for my friend and i have also learned my things from it to . They don't only provides us Free Forum Hosting which is fast,  security and reliable as well as their are many other options like get unlimited access for unlimited number of messages and users .They provide us 1GB space for hosting our files, photos, music, etc . Their forum supports 30+ different languages also . If you don't have any knowledge about themes than don't worry they provide us 40+ themes , chat box as well as portal also .

    If you think that this space is not sufficient for you in future and want more space than you can contact them by visiting their main site also .If you have forum but you want to change the host than also you can contact them may be they can offer you best deal . If you find any difficulty in managing your forum than you can check their forum tutorials for this link flash tutorials for phpBB 3.0  .
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    Monday, September 08, 2008


    Free online video editing software

  • Monday, September 08, 2008
  • After a great success of image editing in past now their are so many sites those started offering free video editing software online . Best part of these services is that we don't have to install any software but we can edit our videos online with the help of different online applications . So here i will share few sites which i use to edit my family videos sometimes :-

    1. Eyespot - This site is similar to all other sites video sharing sites but it has some more good options in it like we can host, do mixing and share our video on the Internet and om mobile devices also . Anyone can visit out videos from this site or you can send them your video links via email too . If you register to this site than you can upload, mix and remix, add effects , create groups, create a video blog etc . But to use this site you will have to use web browser, like Firefox, with the Flash plug-in installed and cookies option must be on .

    2. Jumpcut :- Like eyespot here also you can upload, mix and remix video files as well as upload images and audio files and create a video from thiose images by ading your audio files in it . In video .MPG, .MP4, .MOV, .FLV, .AVI, or .WMV format are supported and in images JPG, .BMP, .PNG, .GIF, or .TIFF formats are supported . You can upload upto 100MB maximum per file size . Their is more more alternative for registered users that they can upload via an email address also .

    Their are few more sites which will provide you free online video editing services and i will share them too after using them . But for image editing i use photo bucket and still stiking to it .
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    Saturday, September 06, 2008


    My Killer experience with digg

  • Saturday, September 06, 2008
  • Using Social media is always fun and now most of the webmasters and specially bloggers are using it to promote their words . From last few days i was reading one ebook in which author has mentioned that if you can understand what users want and how to use social networks to promote your words than you can be a successful blogger in this trend . We now most of our friends start blogging for earning money and in few months they stop it because of low spirit inside them as well as low traffic to . 100% Guiding points according to me for digg .

    Promoting something is a art - In one book "Rich dad Poor dad" i read that if you want free publicity for your product so that it can be sold fast than create some controversy with it .In one example he said that he wrote one book which was a guide for youngsters for future planning and how to be rich and many guys said that suitable tittle will be like financial guide or something else blah blah bblah . But author decided the name of that book and name was School will not teach how to make money ( I am not sure for tittle but its meaning was similar) . Many guys asked him why he did so that he replied that Now everybody will buy this book and read what author wants to say , how they can make money if they will not go to school too .

    Important (65%) :- Many top and good digg users says that You tittle and description should be nice or you can say attractive to catch other eyes on it . If you can do this than 50% of your work is finished .

    Submission timings (25%) - Like we know their are so many users on digg and because of time difference between our regions we can not contact and chat with each other . So you must note down time chart also . One of my friend TakaMichiNaku says that if you can know that one what time between digg get most traffic than this can help you too . Best Time that he has found to get Submit is 3:30 PM (UK Time) . If you make a submit at around 7:30 PM (UK Time) you would need comparatively less diggs to hit front page . I tried his second tip and my story just went to front page .

    How to share stories - I am tracking many users those have good rep on digg and they have stopped sharing their stories on im too . I didn't understood why is it so but few guys told me that by this we don't get any weight on story for lifting it to front page .

    Best idea to get on frontpage (10%) - If your story get dugg from different users and they are not in your friend list than it has more chances to go on front page . I have seen many guys those have added digg users on gtalk and on other im programs and most of their stories get got responce too . Yesterday i submitted one story from cnn and told my friend to shout for it and he did . In few hours my story went on front page with only 95 diggs and than it was like boom and stopped at 581 Duggs ( Five simple ways to save a life ) .

    I am still learning more about digg and share my experience with you again in future . According to me if you can master in these steps than you can do much better in digg and other social media sites . If you think i have posted anything wrong or you want to share any tip from your side than you are most welcome . I will update post with your tips too .
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