Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Google Search Tools

  • Wednesday, February 28, 2007
  • Google is so popular search engine that we think just typesomething in Google bar and we will get it , But Google has developed many more search option which is mostly used by pro designer or web masters . So there are few i am listing here :-

    1. Special search - ) It helps us to do specific search on specific words like microsoft , U.S Government , Linux , BSD , Apple Macintosh .

    2. Scholar search : - ( ) Provides a search of scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including theses, books, abstracts and articles.

    3. Suggest :- ( ) As you type into the search box, Google Suggest guesses what you're typing and offers suggestions in real time .

    4. Books :- ( )
    Google digitizes many books from library collections. If an Old English edition, translation, or study is out of print or hard to locate, one can search that book there .

    5. Blog search :- ( )
    Google's search engine specifically
    for blogs .

    6.Google Ping :- ( your blog is not listed in our results, Google want to hear about it try google ping service .
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    Tuesday, February 27, 2007


    30gb Email Account

  • Tuesday, February 27, 2007
  • I don't know what should i call this service a small online hard disk or a new email account . is a free email service provider which provides 30gb space and 1gb attachment
    for combining personal file storage in an email account . This service is growing very fast specially best for webmasters and as well for other user . Company says that our main goal is to provide as much space as possible for today's webmail users where tons of storage space is needed . is still in a very heavy beta .


    . New improved search features & upgrade inbox navigation .
    . Its GD2 signature maker to keep your email safe from spam robots.
    . Free website for all users
    . Free backgrounds and smiley's icons to improve the look of your email .

    So here is my email id and enjoying uploading big stuffs for my pc on net and making my pc stay relax . Get you email id and upload your files there and let your pc stay cool .

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    Monday, February 26, 2007


    Best flash memory deal at memorybits

  • Monday, February 26, 2007
  • "Memorybits- The one stop flash memory shop" Delivers you the right and best product in the market.A uk based internet mail order company has a wide range of products available and that in a better and less price.

    Meomorybits is not selling you any flash memory but products the come right from branded companies like Fuji film, Nokia, Sony, Transcend and others and that with one year warranty on any product u buy.

    Lets take a look around and find out why Memorybits is good for your one stop shopping of Flash Memory

    1.Wide Variety of Flash Memory Products:

    Right from Mini SD, Compact Flash, Trans Flash, to USB flash Drives, USB Pen Drives, Bluetooth Dongles, GPRS Receivers and it also includes Digital Camera Memory, plus camcorder memory cards.

    2.Meets your requirement on memory sizes:

    It meets all your requirement on memory sizes of 128mb to 512mb to 4gb and till 8gb.You will not have any problem for your choice in memory size and that on good quality.

    3.Low price range compared to market:

    Memory bit offers u products right from 40% less( on some specific products) to 20% lesser price.You can see those offers flashing when u visit the site itself.

    They are even listed in one of the trusted site at

    4.Special and Bundled offers:

    Special Offer:::They offer a series of gfash memory product likemulti card reader, usb flash dirve which are at discounted range.Its an eye catcher if you want a better price.

    Check for special offer Special offer at memorybits

    Bundled offer are best suited if you are looking for buying 2 or more things.For an example Kingston 1.0GB SD + 14 in 1 Card Reader in 11.35 pounds is a nice offer.So what are you waiting for, you can even gift your friends and relatives with this super offer.

    Check for bundled offer Bundled offer at memorybits

    5.Payment and Security

    Payment on memorybits is easy.They accept payments through VISA and Mater Cards and some more and that over a 128 bit SSL that keeps your credit card number safe from theft.So you don't have to worry about using your credit card here.Its Safe.


    They offer same day shipping in most of the places unless and until conditions like weather or holidays are the barrier.Its

    guaranteed to make your order on time.What if you are not at home, they take care of it that also.

    If you care not at home, they will leave a card of contact number and you can just give them a call back.Easy!!!

    All you have to do is , go to their site and register, after that you can go on easy surf, choose your product in shopping cart and pay when you are done.Shopping in one click.Easy and Safe.Go get it


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    Saturday, February 24, 2007


    Use Earphone as a Mic

  • Saturday, February 24, 2007
  • Hi friends just checkout this process . If you want to do voice chat with your relative or friends and you don't have Mic than don't worry just switch on your speakers and insert your headphone wire in the pink port of Mic and start speaking . You will see that it works as Mic .

    It works on Magnetic Reversal Property which converts vibrations into electronic signals . I have tried this on yahoo chat and it works .

    So if you want to chat with your friends just insert your Walkman lead in Mic post and start talking to them .

    In India we can get headphones for just rs 20 approx ( 50 cents ) .
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    Friday, February 23, 2007


    New Image Hosting

  • Friday, February 23, 2007
  • is a new image hosting provider with a fresh web 2.0 look. Being in beta for the majority of February, it is finally ready for it's release. Upload your photos and get instant html linking codes making it easy to share them on blogs, forums, social networking sites like MySpace and more. PHOTOlinko's free image hosting package comes with 2GB of webspace and 1GB of bandwidth to start with. Sign up for your own free image hosting account and start sharing your photos.

    So start sharing your photos and create your own album online .
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    Sunday, February 18, 2007


    Blog Blaster

  • Sunday, February 18, 2007
  • Blog Blaster is an automated software which helps you to submit your blogs to over 30 blog search engines with just one click . Blog Blaster works with Windows 95/98/2000/xp .With this software you can ping almost all best blog directories and search engines and it is the fastest way to get more traffic to you blog .

    Here is the list of search engine which are supported :-

    Weblogs NewsGator Feed Burner Pingomatic
    BlogRolling Technorati Feedster Blogdigger Moreover
    Syndic8 My Yahoo! Weblogalot PubSub BlogStreet Bitacoles Bitacoras Blogdb Blogoon
    Blog Shares Blog Snow Laster Memory Cocolog-Nifty Exblog My Blog
    Pingomatic Topic Exchange Weblogues Add Your Own!

    You can download its free trail and check out the results for you . It worked for me very well . download blog bloaster
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    Saturday, February 17, 2007


    Gmail New Fetcher Service

  • Saturday, February 17, 2007
  • Gmail just launched new mail fetcher service , which will allow you to fetch mail from your other, non-Gmail accounts . You can read your all emails from different account at your gmail .This new service has more new features to make gmail better than earlier . Only what you need is that the account which you want to fetch it should support pop access .

    New added features are :-

    1. The secret is search .
    2. It's all in how you look at it .
    3. Never lose a message again .
    4. Filling email is not the best use of your time .
    5. Frying your spam .
    6. It has ads , but only good ads .

    Thus features is currently only enabled for limited user ,and gmail programmers are working on it to make it available soon .Check this page for more information gmail features .
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    Free Domain name

  • If you don't want to buy domain name because you have to pay every year, than don't worry their is one company named as Dot TK which is doing social work and providing free domain name . It is a joint venture of govt of Tokelau country in south pacific .The govt of Tokelau has appointed Taloha as the exclusive registration entity . Taloha is a private company and has office in San Francisco, USA and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    Why they are providing free domains is a nice and mostly asked question . Answer is that this Dot TK is also created for social services like others , but company says that the main aim is to provide a place is to increase the awareness of Tokelau in the world .

    So what are you waiting for just go and grab your domain name for free , because in future this company start selling domain service name like dot com's . They will really gonna rename the net like this way .
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    Thursday, February 15, 2007


    Fake Paypal Email

  • Thursday, February 15, 2007
  • Yesterday in mid-night when i was reading some tricks on labnol blog by 2:08 am , I just visited my gmail account to insert html signature but i found one new fake email and i was shocked because that mail was showing money transaction report from my account , but when i read that mail clearly than i started laughing on that person who has sent this mail to me got the wrong person ,The transaction he showed in email was double than my money like it was showing $ 45 bill in my acc i was having only few bucks .

    But friend whenever you receive such kind of email don't ever try to login from their given link Which they provides some times at the end of email asking you to confirm the order .Just open a new tab or new window than check your paypal accounts in safe moods .And remember don't delete this kind of messge without checking your account , because it can be a proof for you and you . Even online bank like paypal and egold tell us that never login through links use appropriate site name in address or search in google bar than login to your bank accounts .

    I have posted booth photo's just check out and don't laugh while looking at my bank balance .

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    Wednesday, February 14, 2007


    Digital Man Asimo

  • Wednesday, February 14, 2007
  • ASIMO is the world's most advanced humanoid which is developed by a Japanese company. ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative MObility) was made as a tribute to Czech writer Karel Capek, who invented the word 'robot' in his 1921 play RUR. When I saw it in Delhi fare i was just thinking that their must be some puppet show going on but when i went near to that stall i was amazed that a robot was running as well aw dancing on music because it was my first time when i saw a real humanoid .

    ASIMO can follow action of people . It can shake hand , respond to wave by waving . It can recognize faces of seen people and communicate by messages . He can run ,he can climb stairs , he can identify locations on movs , he can respond when his name calld out , he speaks as well , he can greet visitors and guide them to home locations like where to sit and wait or which way to go to get fresh .Now in upcomming few ears ASIMO can do all those works which results dangerous to human life's like chemicals or fighting fires .
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    Craze Of Sex Bloggers

  • While reading this line that blogs tracking website Technorati has listed more than more than seven million sex related blogs and i was total shocked with such a huge count and it would be the upcoming biggest problem for parents to make their children to stay away from such blogs because now anyone can buy a domain name and use free hosting like and wordpress to host or you can say post as much as adult material they want .

    Be careful while falling in love with someone online , he may post your secrets on net ,It is the biggest fear in US if you lover is blogger .Technology is also providing new way to sex and it can be used to educate public . But now next big thing is that companies are pushing sex products like pharmaceutical medicines to electronic sex toys .

    But now i was thinking that what parents will gonna do and will cyber nanny and other softwares will gonna work and yes than can you do spam or block seven million blogs . It is a big question ?
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  • MOBILedit is a modular software which allows to control and access your mobile phones via pc using bluetooth or datacable . After connction it you can view the contents of the phone on the PC as well as you can do searches, dial numbers and send SMS's and when you receives any sms on mobile phone it directly received on your pc as a email manner .You can also copy photos from phones, transfer documents, upload favorite ringtones, logos, and MP3's , games and many more.. .
    MOBILedit! has many breakthrough features never before seen in the mobile world.

    Some key features of "MOBILedit":

    · unique open architecture with phone drivers and installable applications
    · communication via infrared, Bluetooth or cable
    · large quantity of mobile phones supported (virtually all)
    · file system enabling work with multi-media files stored in a phone like ringtones, photos, MP3's, themes, and java applications
    · a powerful editor for phonebooks stored in phones or SIM cards
    · search and dial directly from your computer phonebook quickly
    · send SMS messages quickly from your PC
    · sort, read, and archive your SMS messages on your hard drive
    · archive and AutoBack-up will protect your data in case you lose your phone
    · play games like Chess, Backgammon and many others on your PC through your mobile phone
    · all mobile phone functions will be possible to control, even those yet to be developed
    · powerful printing
    · skinnable design; new look on the net
    · complete MS Outlook support

    I am planning to buy it online because it all features sounds cool and it would be more interesting while using .
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    Tuesday, February 13, 2007


    Moto Mobile for Fight Against AIDS

  • Tuesday, February 13, 2007
  • The new $ 10 million "Phones-for-Health" project plan has been announced in Africa to fight against HIV/AIDS . This new software will be loaded on to a standard Motorola handset which will allow field care workers to enter the health problems in the central database without losing anytime . Than this databse will be transmitted using a standard GPRS mobile service and if GPRS is not available than via SMS channels .

    Right now also in Africa pen and paper is used to record the spread of disease . But more than 60% of Africans now live in areas with mobile coverage and it has figured that by 2010 85% areas would b in GPRS coverage . This scheme build on the success of Pilot mission which took place in Rwanda and will focus on the problems of HIV/AIDS in 10 African countries .South Africa's MTN is the operator partner in this program .

    I hope so that this will work nicely in Africa because they need this technology according to the growing HIV/AIDS ratio over there .

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    Visitors Name Magic

  • This post is for my visitors . Either its your first visit or you may visit time to time . If you are blogging by deep heart than visitors are more precious than money because a nice blogger first want that someone come to his blog , read his post and reply them . So for me what my visitors stands for and my love for them just check out through this trick .

    Friends just remove these stars and add your name in this url given below than copy the link to the address bar and hot enter wait for few second .


    Try this cool M/S Word Trick also :- Open M/S Word and type " =rand(200,99) " and press ENTER in the M/S Word Document and watch the results .
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    Monday, February 12, 2007


    New MoGo Mouse

  • Monday, February 12, 2007

  • If you have a laptop with free Pc card slot and you usually travel allot with your laptop and like to use mouse than this amazing mouse is for you . MoGo is business card size mouse with 2- button Bluetooth enabled , which can be stored and recharged neatly inside your laptop Pc card slot . It's sleek design Li-Poly battery advantage with bluetooth enabled always charged up easily and make it easy to locate . It has solved two problem first wireless devices always use to face dead battery problems while traveling and Second we don't have to carry any more case to carry wireless optical because it can be adjust in laptop sleek body itself .

    Designed by Newton Peripherals
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    Smart browsing with BlueOrganizer

  • BlueOrganizer is the new smart and browsing tool for Firefox and Flock . It is the best tool for webmasters as well as bloggers also because it allows us to do what options we want like : find, compare, upload, download, post, rent, reserve, rank, keep track, subscribe, share, and more .

    BlueOrganizer works to help you simplify and organize your life online. Marc Orchant say that tool is a intelligent bookmaker .Yes BlueOrganizer allows you to capture, organize and share information about those places where you visit while surfing and it work like bookmark named as bluemark .With BlueOrganizer you can bluemark(bookmark) any information for your movies, restaurants, travel destinations, music, books, and more is just one click away.

    As well as for bloggers it has nice option :- The AutoBluemark allow webmasters and bloggers BlueMark the websites automatically that you post to your favorite social sites like Facebook, and digg. Some of it's supported sites picture is given below .

    RSS Publishing :-Now they have several good improvements to the RSS publishing. First, there is no longer a limit on BlueMarks that you can publish . Example if you choose to publish your Book collection or any e-book collection those all books will be published in the RSS feed. Than next, you can now publish feeds by tag and by smart filter. For example, you can publish all things in your collection tagged blue.

    Now I have planned to try it for some time and check out the results . Download BlueOrganizer
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    Now Blackberry 8800 Includes GPS

  • Research In Motion (RIM) today introduced the thinnest BlackBerry 8800 handset . BlackBerry 8800 has been designed to satisfy the most mobile professionals which is fully equipped with highly tactile ( QWERTY ) keyboard and RIM's(Research In Motion ) friendly trackball navigation system and a media player. It also includes built-in GPS (Global Positioning System), multimedia features and a Micro SD expandable memory slot.

    The BlackBerry 8800 is a world-class mobile phone with advanced and easy-to-use phone features including noise cancellation for enhanced audio performance, Speaker Independent Voice Recognition for Voice Activated Dialing (VAD), intuitive call management functions such as smart dialing, conference calling, speed dialing and call forwarding, as well as dedicated “send”, “end” and “mute” keys.

    Additionally, it includes a QVGA display, Bluetooth, Micro SD slot and stereo headset jack. The 8800 will be available on AT&T (Cingular) on February 21 for $300 with a 2 year contract.

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    The ZiPhone II USB Telephon

  • The ZiPhone II is a USB controlled Telephone device with have lots of advanced features in it . This ZiPhone is actually suited for those people who needs th efficiency of hands-free phone control while doing their other tasks .It has many wonderful features as :-

    1) Call Recording with replay.
    2) Record Telephone Calls with a click
    3) Integrated Phone Book or Database.
    4) Music or Advertising on Hold.
    5) Personal voice messaging.
    6) Answering with CallerID.
    7) Call Logging.
    8) PSTN, Skype and VOIP Compatible.

    And it's system requirements are :-

    Tel. line :- (Analog)Telephone line ㅡ Not to be used digital telephone line .
    CPU :- Pentium 300 or higher
    OS :- MS Window 98 or higher
    PC HDD:- 100MB or higher
    USB :- 1.1 or higher
    Memory:- 32MB or higher
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    Sunday, February 11, 2007


    Orkut Hacks and Tricks

  • Sunday, February 11, 2007
  • So friends this post is for orkut hacks and I am sure after reading and applying this post you don't ever gonna ask anybody for any trick or hack on orkut as per my knowledge till now .

    First right click on this link given below and save this link as "save target as" on your desktop .

    You must have saved this link on your desktop and now open new window and login into your orkut account . After logging in now close or cancel orkut window and click on shortcut link which you saved on you desktop and look at the magic .

    Now after clicking on that shortcut link from your desktop your orkut page must be looking like this picture . Now just look at the picture that above orkut searchbar you will find an option of tips and tricks and here you can find everything you want . Their are so many tricks hidden , so start checking them yourself . If you face any problem leave comment , I will try to solve it .
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    Cool tricks

  • Today first trick is to make Google look like mirror image . yes like we see your self in mirror we can also make Google also look like that . Let's try it your self .

    Open new webpage and just go to after that in the Google search bar type" elgoog " and click "I'm feeling Lucky" . Now wait for 1 minute and watch the magic . I have a picture of result which i am posting here .

    Second trick is to Change the Yahoo messenger title bar and insert your name .

    For this trick just find the yahoo messenger folder where you have installed it ( Try this :- go to c drive than click on program folder after that open yahoo folder and than messenger folder) .
    Now if you have find that messenger folder than search a file named as "ymsgr" . Inside file you will find such message :-

    Number of Menu Items=2
    Search Text 1=Search the Web!
    Search Menu 1=Search the Web!
    Search URL 1=
    Search Text 2=Search Address Book
    Search Menu 2=Search Address Book
    Search URL 2=

    Here add two more lines :-


    In place of Atul you can write your name after doing this your file messege will be look like this :-

    Number of Menu Items=2
    Search Text 1=Search the Web!
    Search Menu 1=Search the Web!
    Search URL 1=
    Search Text 2=Search Address Book
    Search Menu 2=Search Address Book
    Search URL 2=

    Now save this file and open your yahoo messenger and you will find your name on yahoo messenger title bar instead of yahoo messenger name . Find any problem pleas write on comments and also post comments if you like these tricks .
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    Saturday, February 10, 2007


    Digital Movie : - STREET FIGHTERS

  • Saturday, February 10, 2007
  • Hi friend i have created one movie for my friend and he is gr8 fan of WWE . So have a look on this movie .

    Promo street Fighters

    Directed by Atul DOGRA .

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    Friday, February 09, 2007


    Google Gadgets

  • Friday, February 09, 2007
  • Yesterday while surfing I found one gadget which displays upcoming programs list of the day as per your choice of TV channels. Just select the channel name of your choice and you get th information of upcoming program time schedule .

    You can download this Gadget here Gopal gadgets . It's file size is 8kb .

    This gadget is created by K Gopalakrishna and he works for a software company Sierra Atlantic in Hyderabad, India. L Gopalakrishna has created few more Gadgets :->

    Indian Stock Price Updates Gadget (supports Global Stock Exchanges)
    Indian Trains Running Schedule Updates Gadget
    Indian News Updates Gadget
    Indian Television Program Schedule Gadget
    Indian Job Listings Gadget
    Outlook At A Glance Gadget
    Indian Mutual Fund NAV Gadget
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    Thursday, February 08, 2007


    Toshiba Announced Sponsorship of Rugby World Cup 2007

  • Thursday, February 08, 2007

  • Toshiba Corp announced that it has become a Tournament Sponser of the Rugby World Cup 2007 which will held in France .This World Cup will provide Toshiba a good European platform to introduce their wide range of products including audio , vido and other products like air conditioners and mobile phones .

    "Toshiba has a long and successful association with major sporting tournaments and Toshiba's appointment further highlights the enormous prestige of Rugby World Cup 2007 as a major event on the global sporting calendar."

    Rugby World Cup 2007 will take place from 7th September to 20th October. The majority of the 48 matches will be played in France whilst a few will be held in stadiums in Wales and Scotland - Toshiba.

    Let's see how much benefit Toshiba Corp will get by sponsoring Rugby World Cup 2007 .
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    Vista firewall fails on outbound security

  • Microsoft Corp has tried it's best for Windows Vista as significant security improvements over Window XP and offers the windows firewall with new two way filtering features for providing better security .

    But the Windows firewall offers little outbound protection but it is not clear that how this system will configure to protect pc against spyware ,Trojans and other bots .Windows XP offers inbound protection , but didn't offer outbound protection which get dangerous while connecting pc to internet because some malware makes unwanted invisible outbound connections with hackers and let them control our pc. Microsoft reworked on Windows Vista firewall and added th ability for outbound filtering .

    But most outbound filtering in Vista firewall is turned off and there may be no practical way to use outbound filtering to stop all unwanted outbound connection .

    Normally to configure the Window Vista Firewall , we choose Control Panel ->Security -> Turn Windows Firewall on or off. You'll see the screen shown in the nearby figure.

    As you can see, there is no way to configure outbound filtering , you can only turn inbound filtering on or off, and through the various tabs, configure how inbound filtering works.
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    Wednesday, February 07, 2007


    VLC media player

  • Wednesday, February 07, 2007
  • VideoLAN is a software which produces free softwares for video released under GNU General Public License .

    Download it from here

    *It is a free cross-platform media player.
    *It supports a large number of multimedia formats , without the need for additional codecs .
    *It can also be used as a streaming server, with extended features (video on demand, on the fly transcoding, ...)

    I downloaded it because i like to download movies , animation and flash project or cartoons from other sites and by this software you can play any type of file whether flash , mpg or others . So Give it a try ...........
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    Tuesday, February 06, 2007


    Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS - Download

  • Tuesday, February 06, 2007
  • Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS - Download

    Recover your lost data on FAT and NTFS file systems! Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS is a non-destructive and read only file recovery utility that helps you in recovering your all-important data lost after an accidental format, virus problems, software malfunction, file or directory deletion, or even sabotage! Stellar Phoenix-is an easy to use NTFS Partition Recovery Utility which examines your inaccessible hard drive for damages and corruption's and recovers the data back.

    Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS - Download

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    Friday, February 02, 2007


    Stylish XP Cursors

  • Friday, February 02, 2007

  • Yesterday while surfing i found great stylish XP cursor and it's download rating was also good . Now i am also using them . It's totally free of cost and easy to use . It works in Windows NT , Windows 2000 , Windows Me , Windows XP . Color of most cursor are kelly gren and gray and are animated .The text cursor is a small I-beam that changes from blue to green , Easy-to0find stylish arrows which is not animated .

    The files come in an executable that installs the cursor set and makes the scheme available for selection in Mouse Properties, Pointers.You can download them from here this link . XP Cursors

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