Monday, May 21, 2007


Orkut skins

  • Monday, May 21, 2007
  • While surfing orkut you must have tried many scripts for fun but i you feel bored with orkut background than you can change orkut skins also . This scripts only works on firefox with Greasemonkey extension . So first you will need install firefox browser on your computer . You can download it from this link Mozilla Firefox . Now you can download Greasemonkey extension from this link Greasemonkey and after installing greasemonkey you need to restart your firefox .

    Install skin :- To install this script on your orkut account just open new webpage and login to your orkut account . Now click on this link Install script . After clicking on this link new webpage will open now click on install button you will get it on top right hand side . Check image below :-

    After installing this script go to your orkut account and click on refresh button now we will see that your orkut skin is changed .

    Delete new skin :- If you want to get back to original orkut skin just follow simple steps :-

    1. Click on tools option
    2. Select greasemonkey and than Manage User Scripts .
    3. Select all theme one by one and than click on uninstall button after uninstalling all sking your orkut skin will be changed to original one .

    For more skins you can checkout this website Orkutrix . I hope you have enjoyed it than you can check my last orkut hacks and tricks post here Orkut tricks Part1 and Orkut tricks Part2 .
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    Sunday, May 20, 2007


    One percent drop in software piracy in India

  • Sunday, May 20, 2007
  • According to the fourth annual Global computer Software Piracy reports released by BSA ( Business Software Alliance ) Indian software market recorded a one percent drop in software piracy last year . Drop rate is quite low compare to other countries but now Indians are encouraging and trying to use genuine softwares .

    This whole report study was conducted by IDC, the IT industry's leading global market research and forecasting firm and IdC sources if India can reduce the piracy rate by 10 per cent by 2009, the country will be able to add 115,000 new jobs in the IT industry. But after all these efforts the average piracy rate for the region increased by one point to 55 per cent. I think that best way to reduce software piracy is that software companies should start rewarding those people which will report them about software piracy details . News from .
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    Saturday, May 19, 2007


    Help to find 4 year old missing girl

  • Saturday, May 19, 2007
  • Findmadeleine is the website which is created by parents to find their missing 4 year old British girl and she disappeared on 3rd may 2007 . This website has received more than 25,000 support messages and 50 million hits since its launch . I know that i have little bit of traffic from UK and other nearby place so i posted this on my blog .If you have a blog or website please do write about this because i know most of the bloggers are moms and dad and they know what is child love .

    You can download this girls poster and contact information from this site . I will pray to god that she will found and get back home safe and soon . They have planned to show a video at English FA Cup final between Manchester United and Chelsea at London's Wembley Stadium.
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    Friday, May 18, 2007


    Improve Alexa ranking with Alexa link train

  • Friday, May 18, 2007
  • From last few month bloggers are trying new methods to improve their blog rankings by running different link trains like Technorati train, feed train , Mybloglog train and now they are running Alexa train successfully . This trains provides one one the best part of bloggers journey which is know as good Alexa ranking numbers . So if you want to improve your Alexa ranking just get linked or take your seat in it by linking others . I saw this train on Nirmal blog and booked on seat for me . Here is the list of blogs running this train just go and join them and make new friends .

    If anyone want to be the part of my train just drop one comment i will post your link also . Happy journey to all .
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    Blogger new automatic post saving option

  • Today when i was writing a post I saw that software was upgraded with autosaving automatic option . Which I liked the most because in past whenever power cuts and my computer goes down ( shutdown ) or browser crashes, random laptop restarts and we losses everything which we wrote in our posts . Now we don't have to worry if while working computers stops working than we will not loose our written content because now blogger saves our drafts automatically .

    So start posting now without any power cut fear . Because now whenever your computer face any problem and get shutdown autosaver save your written post as draft and you can edit it again after loging in . Now software can take care of your posts .
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    Free java games for mobiles

  • If you love playing mobiles games on your mobile phone than you can download free java mobile games from these links which i have got while surfing net . you can download them absolutely free .

    1. Nokia mobile users can download free 52 games for their Niokia mobile phones from this link . Download .

    2. SONY ERICSSON users can download from here . This folder contains sony ericsson 66 games , 101 mobile themes , 94 softwares and 54 mobile tones ( tone also include Hindi dialogs) . You can download this folder from this link . Download
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    Tuesday, May 15, 2007


    The cheapest laptop for just Rs 420

  • Tuesday, May 15, 2007
  • Indian companies are running very fast towards technology and gadget future . Few days back Reliance launched new mobiles for just Rs 777 which is equal to $18.9 and now Indian Human Resources Ministry has planned to launch a laptop for just Rs 420 or just $ 10 . Human Resources department is working seriously on this project and if the target is achieved than every one will have his own laptop . Ministry has taken people from Indian IITs institutes , IISc science institutes and VIT vellore institute of technology .

    This laptop will be an Operating System using Linux and it will support all Word-related applications, a web browser and MP3 capability . Chips will be manufactures by Chandigarh Semiconductor Complex Ltd (SCL) . These laptop might use flash memory with 2GB space in the place of a hard disc for storage and the motherboard will be one-fourth in size comparing others available in the market.

    By doing all this ministry thinks that the cost will come down considerably and churn out close to a million laptops, catering to e-governance initiatives and school children. News via .
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    Orkut Hacks and Tricks Part - 2

  • While surfing on orkut feel some new difference like make your orkut screen look like aquarium or let the meteors fly on your profile page and your can also listen meteors crash sounds on your profile page . Just log in to your orkut account and than paste this URL in your address bar

    After pasting this URL in address and hitting enter your will see a new toolbar above your orkut profile . See example in picture :-

    You can select target option you want to see on your profile page and you can also select sound by removing mute option . It has few nice flooding options like Flood , Flower Power , Mars Attacks , Graffiti etc . I hope you will enjoy this toolbar . Related post Orkut Hacks and Tricks .
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    Sunday, May 13, 2007


    Happy mother's day to all Bloggers

  • Sunday, May 13, 2007

    There's poetry in every song. This one is special because it's dedicated to mothers. Every one of us can relate to this song because it speaks from the heart. And so what if you can't sing? You can still dedicate these lyrics to the most important girl in your life. Print this page and give it to your mom along with a present this Mother's Day. Or even better sing it to her; off key or on, she's sure to enjoy your rendition.

    You taught me everything
    And everything you've given me
    I always keep it inside
    You're the driving force in my life, yeah
    There isn't anything
    Or anyone I can be
    And it just wouldn't feel right
    If I didn't have you by my side
    You were there for me to love and care for me
    When skies were grey
    Whenever I was down
    You were always there to comfort me
    And no one else can be what you have been to me
    You'll always be you always will be the girl
    In my life for all times

    Always remember that mother love is supreme than all others love because all everybody starts loving you after your birth but mothers starts loving you from first day means mothers love is 9 months strong than other loves . My friend send this poem to me in orkut and so I shared with you . I wish all my friends and Bloggers Happy Mother's day .
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    Saturday, May 12, 2007


    Tip to remove Trojan.kardphisher

  • Saturday, May 12, 2007
  • Few days back I just saw a post about a Trojan named as Trojan.kardphisher on Technospot blog where Ashish has mentioned that about this Trojan . When this Trojan enters in your computer it starts showing a pops up with a message that “Your Copy” of windows has been activated by other user and asks you to reactivate . After that is will ask you for new registration and to enter your credit card number for payment . You can check this video how this Trojan works .

    Symantec's Takashi has posted the steps you need to remove Trojan.kardphisher .

    1. Reboot the infected machine. You can do that by simply clicking the "No" and "Next" buttons, or by doing a good-old fashioned hard reboot.
    2. While Windows is starting, press the function 8 key (F8 key) to enter Safe Mode.
    3. Click Start > Run.
    4. Type regedit
    5. Click OK.
    6. Navigate to and delete these subkeys:
    (If it exists)
    7. Exit the Registry Editor.

    Users also have the possibility to introduce fake information in order to access their computer. You will be able to enter virtually any combination of letters and numbers for the email address, phone number, expiration date, credit card number, CVV2 code, ATM PIN and name on card, as long they resemble genuine ones. Next, make your way to this registry key:

    This tip was posted on

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    Resize images with advanced filter Resizer

  • New Advanced Image Resizer 2007 is the best tool for resizing images with user friendly option . This program supports all major image formats like jpg , bmp , tiff , gif , png , tga , pcx etc . This application use advanced resample filters to optimize the color levels which helps to prevent any quality loss . You can create thumbnails with or without watermarks .

    At once this application can process as many as images you wish and you have in file list , just hit start button and it will start processing all images . It has very easy task , you can make the image 50% smaller and if it doesn't suits your requirements then insert exact width and length size to resize it .

    Some best features of
    Advanced Image Resizer 2007 are -
    Advanced Resampling Filter Technology
    . Custom Watermark drawing
    Automated Web Update included
    User friendly and Multi-Lingual Interface

    Their are many more thing you can do in it , you can also add watermarks in your pictures . You can try its 30 days trail by downloading it from this link . Download
    Advanced Image Resizer 2007 .
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    Reliance started social networking website

  • Reliance new social networking and entertainment website Big Adda is online now . Big Adda is currently in alpha testing stage and Internet users can only join it if their invitation get accepted . This website is in web 2.0 format and combining the social networking structure .

    This website will total entertaining for everybody . You can do blogging , take part in forums , Upload your favorite video's , send messages to friends more like emails . Their uploading system is similarly related to YouTube style format and members of Big Adda will also be able to rate and comment of video's . All video's will be separated in five categories and to make it more popular among Indians they are offering five regional languages including Hindi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, etc in video categories .

    I have also signed up for new user account and let's see what happens . More sources says that the 'beta' launch of 'Big Adda' will likely take place by end of this month or early next month and everyone will be able to join this website .

    Bloggers can also promote their posts in this websites to get more traffic like they do in myspace , orkut and in other social networking websites . News by .
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    Thursday, May 10, 2007


    Tips to increase blog traffic

  • Thursday, May 10, 2007
  • If you have a blog and you are writing best content but if will not promote it , no one will knows about it and read it . To receive traffic to your blog you need to do some publicity . Their are few websites which can provide you 50 to 100 visitors daily if you use them as a good tool .

    1. Myspace - If you have myspace account with good friend ratio than you can submit your post in your account with backlink to your blog . Like if you have 100 or more friends your post will be shown on all those friends current bulletin list in front page . Many webmasters buy myspace users accounts for this work and sellers get paid according to the friend lists , I have seen many users selling accounts containing 5000 and more friends in their list to webmasters for just $ 10 to $ 20 .One more best profit is that if you blog related to technology and most of the friends you have added in your list is also from technology groups than they may write about your post on their blog after reading their bulletin and you get more backlinks . So just visit make new friends learn new things .

    2. Orkut - Orkut can also provide us good traffic and most of the new bloggers get 15% to 20% traffic from . In orkut you can search for keywords like BLOG , BLOGGER , BLOGGER and I am sure you will get more than 15 + best communities on blogs . You can join them and participate in threads daily . Where you have to visit others blog and give them ratings and they will do same for you and sometimes you may get few tips to improve your blog also .

    3. Forums - You can take part in forums and post your blog links or latest posts links as your signature . Their are many thread like review my website or blog you can take part in such threads and post your blog link and ask others how you can improve your blog and may you get some best tips with nice visitors .

    4. Groups - Join yahoo and Google groups related to your niche of your website or blog . In many groups users ask about their problems , if you know the answer you can post reply to the group . Be a permanent user this can provide you nice traffic by helping others . Just post your blog link or graphics in email signature so when ever you answer any problem users can get in touch with with you on your blog for further assistance .

    5. - According to search results is one the best place to improve Google rankings . If you are a good write on your niche than you can submit your article in and most of the articles are often spidered within 1-3 days . Many webmaster surf ezinearticles for free content and by this you canl receive good traffic as well as inbound links to your blog also .
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    Sunday, May 06, 2007


    Convert YouTube video's to MP3

  • Sunday, May 06, 2007
  • If you have seen any video on youtube with a nice audio sound or background music and you want to download that audio as mp3 file than you can download it with free YouTube to MP3 Converter . This software application is very handy and easy to use . It converts *.flv video files to *.mp3 files .

    How it will work :- Just paste youtube video url in input bar and give mp3 file name in output bar , after that just click download and convert button and you can save youtube video's as mp3 files . This program
    is free and you can download this software from . Image by
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    Reliance new mobile for just RS 777

  • Now every Indians will soon have his own mobile phone for just rs 777 and with best features like FM radio, polyphonic ringtones , address book and many more . These mobiles will be sim based and model name is “Classic 202” and this handset is a black and white phone that shows a colour screen when it is switched on.

    They will launch two more models Classic 204 and Classic 203 and their cost would be like Rs 844 and Rs 888 . These phones will be SIM-enabled which will allow customers to move from one cdma service to another without any problem . This offer will also run like previous one offers first come first serve basis till the stock ends .

    Now i think this may harm second hand mobile sellers because now everyone would like to buy a new mobile for rs 777 with radio facility enabled rather than second hand mobile .
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    Friday, May 04, 2007


    Nokia mobile best tips

  • Friday, May 04, 2007
  • In this post i will tell you few best tips which will help you to short out your few mobile problems easily . You must write down these codes on paper or save them in notepad .

    *#06# - This code is used for checking IMEI number , If your mobile is lost or stolen then you will need IMEI number of that mobile to register a police complaint . By this IMEI number police able to trace calls made from that handset . You can write down your IMEI number in your notepad and in your dairy may it help you in future .

    2. PUK number - If we insert wrong PIN number more than three times than we receive this messages that Enter PUK number which means that our sim card is blocked . Many shopkeepers take rs 100 to 200 ($2 to $5 ) for this simple work . Just open your handset and write down your sim card number on one page and make one call to customer care ( like hutch user dail 111 ) and ask them for your personal PUK number , they will ask your sim card number and than give you that Puk number . Press for PUK code and than enter that Puk number . Now you have successfully unlocked your mobile sim card .

    3. If you are purchasing second hand mobile than anyone of your friend can make you fool , they can repair and cover it with new mobile body , so before buying a second hand mobile try this code *#92702689# . This code will show serial number, month and year of manufacture, purchasing date , last time of repair .

    4.*#0000# - This code is used to check the mobile software revision . After typing this code you will find result like this example ( result can be differ on different handsets) :-

    V 5.62 -- This is software revision .
    25-10-04 -- Date of software release .
    RH-18 -- Phone type .

    5. *3370# - This code activate
    Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) by this our phone provides the best sound quality but it reduces battery performance by 5% .
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    Earn money from mobile

  • Indian advertising industry is growing day by day and now Indian mobile users can earn money for reading ads on their mobile phones . New company mGinger was launched on 19th April 2007 . This website is still in beta version and they are trying to make a full launch within few months .

    It's very simple process to start earning few bucks for our mobile phones recharge coupons . Just visit and sign up for new account than verify our email account . After that they will send you one verification code through sms on your mobile phone within few seconds now insert that code and verify your mobile number . You can choose products related to your interest and time also they will send ads related to those interest on chosen timings .

    Increase earnings by referral system :

    You will earn 20 paisa for every ad you receive .
    You will earn 10 paisa for every ad your friends receive and 5 paisa for every ad your friend's friends receives . Minimum payout is RS 300 by cheque . So start inviting your family and friends to grow your network and increase your earnings .
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    Wednesday, May 02, 2007


    MyBlogLog new community member increasing serivce

  • Wednesday, May 02, 2007
  • MyBlogLog is one of the biggest community of bloggers and now moderators have launched new service which will help bloggers for increasing their community members automatically . Yes from today MyBlogLog has started new service in which they will add few communities to your account automatically in which you have shown a repeated interest and you visit them daily or after few time on your routine .

    So from now you don't have to tell others to join your community and you will do the same . If you have nice contents and visitors visit your blog time to time then your community will be added in their community lists .

    But if you think that any community you visit only for fun and it is not suitable for your selected list or niche than you can simply visit that community page on MyBlogLog and click the "Leave Community" button.
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    Send big files through email

  • If you want to transfer 50 MB or more big size files like photos , mp3 , artwork or videos to your friends and family than try YouSendIt free services pack . Sign up free lite account in which you can get 100 MB maximum file size transfer and those files can be downloaded within 7 days , Download bandwidth limit of your account will be 1GB and only 100 maximum downloads per file will be provided , So only your 100 contacts can download single file .

    You can create an address book of your contacts to send them files fast . It provide you one optional message box in which you can write description about file also .

    Other Services Plans they offer :-

    Business Plus - $29.99 per month
    Business - $19.99 per month
    3. Plus -$4.99 per month

    You can choose the best plan which suits your requirements . For more information about paid plans you can visit their website here .
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