Thursday, January 04, 2007


Quillpad beta

  • Thursday, January 04, 2007
  • Type Indian Language text easily via Quillpad beta .Yesterday i was searching for software by which i can write Hindi with good speed and in easy manner , mainly i was searching for tool which can convert English text into Hindi text and what i got is quallipad .By this great tool anyone can write hindi letter or forms in a good speed and i think their is know need to learn hindi typing also , i have suggested this tool to my friend he was also gone mad by typing looking at chart buttons.It allows you to type in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam .

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    Wednesday, January 03, 2007


    Forex Affilate

  • Wednesday, January 03, 2007
  • is a world leading and highly paying Forex Affiliate Program. With Forex Affiliate Program you simply route your traffic to one or more of our partner Forex Trading Platforms , and earn significant commissions for every new customer you send.

    There are several methods for money from Forex AFFILIATES :-

    1.CPA method -> This program remunerates you per each trader you refer to Easy-Forex™. You receive a flat one-time commission for your referral.

    2.REVENUE-SHARING -> Percentage of the revenue generated from the referral's activity, for the lifetime duration of his trading account .

    3. 2nd-tier: referring sub-affiliates -> you get a flat commission amount for each AFFILIATE you refer, however, such commission varies, depending on the amount of newly introduced affiliates during the month.

    Make Money With Your Traffic - Earn over $10,000 USD per referral. Join the Web’s leading affiliate program. Registration is free and simple.
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    Your face will work as password

  • New Lenovo notebook in which your face will be the log in password .Lenovo 3000 , Y300 and Y500 series has introduced a new unique feature of face biometric recognition technology .This program takes a digital photo of the user and extracts key features of the users face and than create a digital map which becomes a system's password .

    This will increase the data security while enhancing the face recognition technology. This technology allows the notebooks to be used by multiple users . When any unauthorized attempt to log in ,the notebook takes his photographs and log for verification . The face recognition feature is supported by Veriface Software.

    check out this cool lenovo video .

    The Lenovo Y300 and Y500 series will be available in India from Thursday. The Lenovo 3000 Y 300 is priced at Rs 61,990 and the Y500 is priced between Rs 31,990 and Rs 69,990 .
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    Monday, January 01, 2007


    Airetel new service

  • Monday, January 01, 2007

  • Airtel, a leading mobile services provider, launched the country's first-ever instant music on mobile `Airtel Song Catcher', here on Tuesday. Powered by music recognition technology from SK & CC, South Korea, the new facility enables customers download easily than ever before from a choice of over 25,000 songs in 20 languages across the country on Hello Tunes, any time, any where by dialling 393 on the mobile.

    Any song a you listen either on the Television, Radio or CD Player, you can set it as his/her Hello Tune. Just by calling 393 and holding the phone to the music source (TV,Radio,CD player) for 15 seconds. The System would then recognize the song and you would then receive a SMS asking the customer to set the particular song as the hello tune.Calling on 393 - Free now. Customer would be charged Rs 2/- only if their search for song on 393 is successful. Rs 20/-per Hello Tune song download from song catcher (393)

    The initiative is to cater to the intuitive music needs of customers, making accessibility easier in the least possible time, said Mr P. Swaminathan, Chief Executive Officer, Bharti Airtel Ltd, Mobility, Chennai and Tamil Nadu, while launching the product.
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