Sunday, April 22, 2007


Blog Mobile stuffs with Mobango

  • Sunday, April 22, 2007
  • Mobango is one of the best website for mobiles . If you are a mobile geek than this site is for you .Mobango is not only a website but is a community where you can create your own profile and access to thousands of personal files like videos , photos , ringtones , software, games provided by mobango users and which is absolutely free .

    You can upload your material from pc and use this site to convert and adapt that files on your cell phone with few easy steps . If you are a blogger and you liked something over there than like you tube video's they also provide embed code which you can paste on your blog sidebar or in your post .

    Wallpaper Samples : -

    Video :- You can Upload and blog video files , here is one sample of video player for blogs :

    Ringtones : you can upload and blog ringtone files . Check this sample audio player for ringtones :

    So visit Mobango and start downloading new stuff daily for your mobile phone .
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    Google feeling cool

  • Few minutes back when i started my computer and logged to Google homepage what I saw that Google has changed his logo again . I think Google is impressing their user , few days back they placed one space image logo and today Google is feeling cold and checkout this cool logo .

    Google is using this image for Earth day . So happy Earth day to everybody from my side .
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    Increase icons size for high resolution screen

  • If you are using 21"Lcd monitor either normally you use high resolution on 17 " screen you may fell tough to see icons . But with few clicks you can make icons larger and make them easier to see .

    1. Right click on desktop and select properties .
    2. Now click on Appearance .
    3. Click on Effects Button .
    4. Select option Use large icons .
    5. Click ok .

    Now on your desktop you will be able see large icons .
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    Saturday, April 21, 2007


    Add Google sitemap to get your blog crawled in google search easily .

  • Saturday, April 21, 2007
  • If you have submitted your blog in Google search engine but it is not indexing your most of the web pages than adding Google sitemap to your blog is an easy way to get your pages indexed in Google search . To add Google sitemap on your blog just follow these steps :

    1. Fist go to Google sitemap webpage .
    2. Login to Google account and enter your blog name in add-site bar than click ok .
    3. Next click on Verify your site link .

    4. Now you will find options for verification , choose meta tag verification .

    5. Now copy meta tag verification code and paste this Meta tag after template head section and save your template than publish it .
    6. Now get back to webmaster webpage and click on verify button .
    7. Click on add Sitemap and Choose add general web sitemap option .
    8. Enter my sitemap url as [ your blog name .atom.xml ] .

    Now you have added a sitemap to your blog . Reports may take several hours to update.
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    Thursday, April 19, 2007

    Free Rapidshare Premium Account

  • Thursday, April 19, 2007
  • If you are from US than you can get Rapidshare Premium Account free of cost . Yes their is a website which is providing free rapidshare premium account to only US people .I was not able to get more about this offer because i don't have any US detail but this programs is also promotedwith referrals , If you want one month free rapidshare premium account than you have to refer 5 other friends to this program and for 3 months rapidshare premium account you will need 12 referrals .

    Policies: 1. All users shall provide valid information .
    2. A user must be currently living and be joining from within USA .
    3. You must be 18 years of age or more.
    4. They track IP addresses so don't join this program from shared computers like office , school or cybercafe . If they will find other people using smae IP your account would be disqualified.
    5. Best part is that youcan also win gifts for completing offers .
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    Wednesday, April 18, 2007


    Download flash animations with firefox

  • Wednesday, April 18, 2007
  • If you are using Firefox and while surfing you have seen any interesting flash animations on a website and you want to save that on your computer than With this trick you can easily save all the animation displaying on that website :

    1. Let the whole page containing flash animation upload completely .
    2. Now go to tools
    3. Select Page info
    4. Now one pop-up will appear , click on Media tab option .
    5. Now in address option search for the file named as .swf embed .
    6. In last you will find option of save as , just save that file at your desired location .
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    Read mails without opening Outlook Express

  • Main problem we face in our computer is when our outlook express get filled with too much emails and we get worried and don't want to open them because they can carry worms or other harmful contents . we often start thinking that these harmful content can even crash our windows . But their is one trick by which we can read mails without opening outlook .

    1. Just go to your email header and right click on it and than it will show few option , now click on property option .
    2. Check that the detail tab option is active .
    3. Now check Internet header for this message and than you will find a option saying message source .
    4. Click on that or copy it and open it in new tab this will allow you to read actual message and you don't even need to open that email .
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    Tuesday, April 17, 2007


    Improve search result with Google Icon

  • Tuesday, April 17, 2007
  • Google Icon is small size 3kb Firefox extension which enhance our search speed by providing fav icons of websites next to their URL {it show fav icons only if website is using them ) .This extension will make easy to recognize your favorite websites by justing checking their fav icon in Google search page .

    You can download this firefox extension from .
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    Blogger - You are mighty

  • Blogger communities are increasing day by day , no one can stop them . Everyone want to represent his feelings and knowledge . Some are blogging for fame and some are blogging for money . Earth is getting small daily we can know that what is happening where by reading specific topic blogs for information. Obama's got Success Among all Black Voters by using the power of blogs . Little Flash video for all bloggers .

    Watch this video in full screen here Bloggers - are mighty . If you want to create this video for your blog name than just type this url .
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    Recover deleted files

  • If you or any family member have deleted any important file from folder and also have removed that file from recycle bin than you should try Undelete Plus which enables you to recover deleted files which have been been emptied from the recycle bin also .This software quickly scans a selected drive and presents you with a list of files that can be recovered and also tells about conditions of files like [very good , good , bad etc.. ] after recovery .

    It's file size is 1067 kb and supports 98/ME/2000/XP/2003 . This software automatically sort out different types of categories like files and folders and make it easy for us to find any specific file . Undelete Plus is a freeware and you can download it from .
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    Monday, April 16, 2007


    WebClips in gmail account

  • Monday, April 16, 2007
  • Now Google has added new features in our gmail accounts and in that option we can also find web clips . Web clips shows feed contents of sites like new , mail tips and other relevant sponsored links . We can also receive updates from our favorite site in our gmail account .

    How to check and add setting to web clips in gmail account :

    1. First Log-in to your gmail account .
    2. Now click on settings option , which you will find in top right side .
    3. Click on Web Clips option .
    4.Now you can browse clips by selecting a topic from option given in sidebar or you can also search for specific feed url in search option bar .
    5. Click add next to the clips that you would like to see in your gmail account .

    Every clip will show results received from feed sources as well duration of that clip how long ago the clip was published and link to that story . At the end of web clip link you will find this arrow ( > ) . By clicking this arrow you can check next clip link . These links keep changing according to Google favorite RSS and Atom feeds are displayed randomly and are not targeted to your mail's contents .

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    Sunday, April 15, 2007


    Technorati Favorites Exchange

  • Sunday, April 15, 2007
  • Technorati Favorites Exchange is one of the best experiment going on in between all bloggers and they are exchanging technorati favorites to increase traffic to their blogs and get more exposer around the blogsphere .

    How this will help : - We know that technorati has maintained his own top 100 favorited blogs list and those blogs within this list get nice traffic from that . Example : when you login to your technorati account you see all latest post from your blog and from your favourited blogs . Now think if 100 blogs has added you as favorite than your post will be published to 100 account and your blog traffic will also increase .

    How to take part in this experiment : First add Digitalmail to you favorite list from this link : Add to technorati Favourites .

    2. After adding me you can leave comment on my blog with you technorati favourite link and i will also add you in my technorati favorite list .

    3. You can ask other bloggers to exchange technorati favorite to increase you blog popularity .Also visit these blog to add them into your list and .

    you can also create one post like this and invite as many as friend you can to take part in this Technorati Experiment .

    Here is a list of few blogs where you can also participate and add their links :

    My new Faves :

    Digital Art World Blog Cosmicsurfer
    SquareCookies Square
    Nukilan Jejari Azhad Shaz Azhad
    Show Me The Money Gerri
    Reviewsaurus- The Techie Dino by Mayank
    India PR Blog Hobbithob
    Our Journey Cynthia
    Me and my net Anoop
    Life Rocks 2.0 Nirmal
    Teknobites Ram Shaarique
    Life in the Fast lane Deborah Petersen
    Random Expressions Deepak Jeswal
    Availnet Rahul
    Planet Apex

    Technix Update
    Abhsihek bhatnagar
    Dj Flush
    Andy Beard
    Ordinary Folk
    My Journey to One Million Dollars
    Dawud Miracle
    Mom Gadget Gayla McCord
    Sms Today Sms Guide

    The Original Faves :

    Dosh Dosh Maki
    Gauravonomics Gaurav Mishra
    AskaX World Andika Kusuma
    T Jantunen T Jantunen
    CalvinWarr Calvin Warr
    Vinod Live! Vinod Ponmanadiyil
    Bil2me dot com William Toomey
    Zath Simon Barker
    VersaCreations Vivienne Quek
    Azazil Gary V. Vaughan
    MrGaryLee Gary Lee
    Blogging for Money Michael A. Setyaputra
    Money Consciousness Nenad
    Brown Thoughts Brown Baron
    Quasi Fictional Diogenes
    Foreign Perspectives Arnold
    Home Based Business Brian Pratt
    The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under Rob St George
    Sexy in Red Norlina
    JameoTips ValkrieAngel
    I Thought, Therefore I Blog Bet Shop Boy
    Make Money Online: Quick n’ Easy Way EJ Cooksey
    MLM Forums online marketing blog Jens P. Berget
    Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind Beth
    QMusings Mrs Q
    NiaTrading Signals Alex 3071
    BlogOp Chris Lodge Ashish Mohta
    ContentPays Yogesh
    Shadow Scope Richard
    TechJunction Netbizopp
    Genius Type Brian Lee
    FrugalMomma Lisa Knight
    Life Spices Indra
    Living Your Dreams Lee Tuck Sing
    My Online Collections star500k
    How to Earn Money Blogging Daryl Lau
    Pentimento Webduck
    Article Discovery Politics David Greene
    Rugjeff’s Blog about Blogging Rugjeff
    Lack of Money is the Root of All Evil Kakashihatake
    Digital Phocus Brendan Monaghan
    Manila Mom Manila Mom

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    Did Bill Gates said this ?

  • Day by day new affiliates and money making websites are growing and web user are try hard to get referrals . Today while surfing on few blogs what i saw is one bloggers has played a nice trick to get more people in his downline . This person is user of agloco and according to me i haven't seen such a smart guy till yet in bloggers sector to promote his affiliate through picture . Yes through picture , if i will say to 100 people to join my downline i think only 5 or 12 will join but if Bill Gates will say that we know 20+ will gonna join it . Just checkout this picture of Bill Gates generated by .

    Written that " Bill Gates says : you don't have to work hard , you have to work smart. Join Agloco dude" . loll I can't believe that Bill Gates can use Dude like at this profession .
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    Delete google search history

  • Many of us try pc cleaners and other softwares to clear our Google history and they takes little bit of time to delete our Google searches which we did in past and for privacy we want to delete them . Their is one simple step to delete your Google search history in 2 to 4 seconds.
    Just double click on Google search bar and it will display all search results you have done for choosing option . now use down arrow key to down select dislayed keywords and than press delete key (keep pressed it till end ) , it will delete all searches .

    After deleting all keywords again you can double click in Google search bar to check that you have cleared the whole database or not . This tricks works in all search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc................
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    Rainbow format to increase data storage space

  • We know most of the data is stored in binary format of zeroes and ones but now Sainul Abideen, an innovator has discovered new rainbow colored format to store data without using binary zeroes and ones . This new research is a part of Sainul Abideen's postgraduate research paper.

    According to Abideen rainbow format uses colour pattern combination which can increase data storage hugely and it can hold on any kind of data storage files like text , mp3 , videos.etc . We can read even small amount of data in an ordinary printer and scanner .

    You must be thinking how much data storage can be increased . The maximum storage capacity of a conventional pen drive is 64 GB. Using 'rainbow format ' technology it is possible to store data in terabytes or Tbs (data storage capacity equal to 1000 gigabytes). Even a single small dot of this card can hold all the personal details .

    Sainul's future plans include setting up his own company in Kerala but he for now wants to continue with his first love - research. News via MSN technology .

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    Backup and restore your startup configuration

  • Make your windows startup safe with with Simple Startup Manager tool . Whenever we start our windows it automatically starts running few other application of additional programs . Simple Startup Manager software helps us in managing that problem .By this we can choose that which programs should startup while starting windows and as well as it helps us to edit and restore our startup configuration .

    It also find and correct startup errors automatically . Provides full con
    trol over programs and provide sufficient memory to computer by stopping unused application .It can also detect major viruses and worms in computer . You can try it's 10 days free trial here Simple Startup Manager .
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    Vote for your logo

  • India's biggest industrial group Reliance is creating their new entertainment website and they have already launched (Zapak Digital Entertainment Limited) . Right now their is no information about launching date of this site but reliance wants you and other user to choose best logo for them which you like the most among 8 designs .You can cast you vote here

    Although we know that how big reliance group is and now they are making their user more closer by providing them a chance for suggesting a logo for their website . I don't know what web master will think about it but according to me this trick must be working on reliance user .
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    Get power to browse web links faster

  • Don't waste you time by visiting each website result that you have founded in search engines . Use Firefox add-on Cooliris Previews which helps us to check web links of website on just pointing mouse on them . When we point our mouse on any web link it provides us a snapshot of that site with content in preview window and to email that web link to some one than just right click web page . Image from

    It helps us in search options also just right click on any phrase of page to have Cooliris automatically do a subsearch in Google, Wikipedia, or a dictionary. You can customize it that how and when you want to see the preview window to appear. Download Cooliris Preview .
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    Friday, April 13, 2007


    Adsense Alternatives

  • Friday, April 13, 2007
  • Adsense is one of the best source of income for webmasters and no one wants to get banned by adsense program . But if you were new in adsense and your accounts get banned don't feel bad because it doesn't mean that if your adsense account is banned you can't earn money , their are 100+ alternatives of Google adsense .

    1. Yahoo Publisher Network
    2. AdBrite
    4. Link Share
    5. ValueClick
    6. Adversal
    7. Auction Ads
    8. Azoogle Ads
    9. BidVertiser
    10. BlogAds

    11. Chitika
    12. FastClick
    13. Paypopup
    14. ExoClick ( Supports adult ads also )
    15. Kontera

    For more list visit . I hope they will work for you and best of luck for future.
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    Americans Love Online Sudoku

  • We think that most of the gamers love to play 3rd person shooting games or others games on consoles or by other online sources . But i think we are wrong because from last few months American are playing Sudoku online . Yes if was just checking that which keywords have been searched mostly by US citizens and in games list i got results like this :-

    1. Sudoku
    2. Mahjong
    3. Paintball
    4. Wii
    5. Tetris ( it is also one of the best classic games )

    Sudoku is known as one of the most toughest game and also played by sharp mind guy's. I have seen so many people playing sudoku in newspapers and some times they destroy newspapers when they attempt any wrong point or get confused in it and I am one of them . So if you think you are very smart than try to play sudoku online . you can play it on .
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    Learn how to do Podcasting

  • Podcasting is one of the best tool for webmaster to reach millions of people online daily . Now only websites but we can see many blogger are also providing podcasting for their visitors and i think this is the best way for publicity also , because many visitors are very lazy and they don't like to read whole articles of website but with the help of podcasting they can minimize that window and hear the digital audio recordings which can contain audio version of that article or anything else you want to podcast .

    If you want to start your podcasting than you will need few things like : - computer (Mac or PC) , one headset with noise-canceling microphone , one mp3 voice recorder and one podcasting software like Audacity, Propaganda, or iPodcast Producer .

    If you want to learn how to do podcasting then you can join online course provided by . In cnet they will provide you all instruction for podcasting step by step .
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    Free Animated Blog Calendars

  • If you are designing your blog than you must try these calendars to give some nice look to your blogs .

    Get the code

    Get the code

    Get the code

    Get the code

    Get the code

    You can find more designs like nature calendar , car calendar , plain calendar , animal calendar ,Calendar with attached clock and yes if you are running any movie blog than you can get girls calendar also on .
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    Thursday, April 12, 2007


    CHATNOW Communicator

  • Thursday, April 12, 2007
  • ChatNow is one of the best Gadget to stay connected with our friends and relatives without paying any fees and no time limit . ChatNow let us get connected with our friends by sending text messages or call one-on-one with in two miles away . We can also take snaps of our friends with built in digital camera and it can store up to 30 photos and best thing that we can see buddy photo on screen during their calls .

    It has many other cool features like this gadget has one animate program also by which we can even animate stored photos to make your friends’ eyes and mouths move! It has 10 cool ring tones and as well as 6 superb screen savers . It has 4 snap-on faceplates and stickers , so you’ll always look smart when you’re in touch with or friends and relatives .This cool gadget cost us Approx. Retail: $ 74.99 . I think rates of this gadget is fine because my phone expenses of every month are $ 20 and above .Via .
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    Beta Blogger Templates

  • I have collected some neat and professional blog templates for bloggers Which can be used to increase adsense earnings with 3 columns option . So from now whenever i will find nice template and any blog which template would be unique I will let you know . So their is a list of 3 column beta blogger templates :->

    Their are more 3 column beta blogger templates which you can find on this page
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    Google new logo

  • Today when i opened Google homepage , i noticed that Google has changed his Google trademark logo in cricket ball flavor , maybe they are also enjoying worldcup matches .But one thing noticed that when i clicked on that logo , it directly send me to Google search engine for searching keyword (yuri gagarin ) .

    when i did more searches than i came to few result which says about ( Article about the Russian astronaut, the first man in space , Yuri Gagarin was born near Moscow, Russia on March 9, 1934. He died on March 27, 1968. Yuri joined the Soviet Air Force in 1955. By 1959, he was training to become a cosmonaut.) .But after reading all this results i think it is not for a cricket ball but it is a picture for moon or space because now i can judge few white starts in purple background.

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    Wednesday, April 11, 2007


    Search Yahoo and Google in same window

  • Wednesday, April 11, 2007
  • Many webmasters search both search engines Google and Yahoo to get best result out for their topics and for that they open new tabs .But their are few services by which we can make searches om both search engines on same pages , one of them is known as Twingine search page .

    Twingine contain search bar in blank page where we type our questions or query and after hitting search button it divides bottom of the page into two parts to show results obtained from both engines . It also contains few buttons like if you will click on next button it will forward search result of both engines to next page (10 - 19 search results ) and you will be able to see both engines result on second page . If you want to maximize anyone of search engine page just click on maximize button on top side of that search engine in same window .

    Note : Works good in screen resolution 1024 by 768 pixels or in small size text will overlap on each other .
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    Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta

  • Well most of the people have been waiting and now Halo 3 Multiplayer beta will be available as a preview on May 16 for worldwide via Xbox Live . Microsoft has announced that the Halo 3 multilayer beta will be opened to the users between May 16 at 5 a.m. PDT and run through June 6 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

    Only limited members of the Xbox Live gaming and entertainment network will be able to play the Halo 3 beta I think which may not be a good news for Xbox 360 console players . Microsoft has informed that not all the 6 million Xbox Live users will get their hands on the beta.

    The new multiple beta for Halo 3 will give the first chance to Xbox 360 gamers to mess with new levels with new weapons , vehicles and many more new developed tasks .I will be more happy if i will get one chance for this one . News via softpedia .
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    Tuesday, April 10, 2007


    New blogging and networking service from Yahoo

  • Tuesday, April 10, 2007
  • Yahoo has introduced new blogging and networking service in China( SHANGHAI ) . Yahoo has also taken up a new step at diversifying its revenue streams and i think soon population of bloggers will also gonna increase because Yahoo is the world's second-largest Web market by subscriber numbers and search engine also .

    Now yahoo space will include few more services like blogging, photo gallery, online networking and other interactive functions for Yahoo users and because of this now yahoo domain sales may also increase because most of the bloggers would like to take their personal names for their blogs if yahoo will will provide this service like Google has given to their bloggers .
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    Disable XP Error Reporting

  • Whenever any program file get corrupted or any program crash down windows send us a message for that named as Error Reporting and some our explorer and other running programs get closed ask us to send report this problem to Microsoft for troubleshoot . But this is one of the big problem for bloggers and others because some everything get closed while writing posts .But we can stop windows to show this error report by turning of error reporting .

    First open Control panel than click on Performance and maintenance , now click on System Advance tab option than on . Just in last line you will find option for Error reporting click on that option , Now you can disable error reporting and save it click ok button .
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    Monday, April 09, 2007


    Myspace generators

  • Monday, April 09, 2007
  • Myspace is one of the best place for hangout on net , in India we use orkut but myspace is also growing very rapidly now day by day .What makes it more interesting than orkut is html code generators , yes we can design our profile page as we want them look to be .

    One of the best code generator i like on myspace is hot flash pix generator and tool generate such a nice flash file that you can purpose any one and she can't say no directly atleast . But I love my blog and so i have created one for my blog .

    If you like this than you can design your also on and you can find more codes for your myspace account like
    myspace icons , myspace quizzes in code directory , myspace music video codes , layouts for myspace , myspace comment , myspace glitter etc.. . List is very long and i think this website has everything that we need for myspace accounts .
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    Watch DVDs on Nokia Mobiles

  • Now Nokia Series 60-phone user can watch their favorite movies on mobiles with new DVD to Mobile (Nokia Edition) 1.0 software . This software convert our DVDs to our phone and we can watch movie in full screen mode .

    You must be thinking how it could be but yes as small as 128 Mb card is sufficient to store a full length movie on any Nokia Series 60-phone, from a postage stamp size memory card. This software use small encoding package on windows XP , which converts whole DVD movie in super small movie file with only two clicks but to play we will need a special media player on the phone.

    We can use
    built-in speaker to listen to the sound and foreign language movies are also supported . You can try it's free tryout version but it will allows you to convert only 5 minutes of a DVD. Software link
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    Colour settings for easy reading

  • If you or any of your friend have low vision problem to read articles on computer than you can change screen contrast setting of computer by using other high contrast combinations , which will make him easier to read content on monitor .

    Change contrast setting :-> First click on Start than move to Control Panel after that click on Accessibility Option . Now new window pop-up will open with option of Display tab ,here you will see that high contrast button is unchecked just click on that option and enable it . Now click ok or on apply button .
    I hope this will help you and your friends and make reading articles more easier than past .
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    10 best keys for Internet Explorer

  • Just think that you are doing some important work on computer and your mouse stop working than what will you do , you will start guessing shortcut keys like you will press ctrl key and than start pressing other for actions , So it's necessary that we should learn few basic keys , so we don't face any problem in future . While working on internet explorer their are 10 best keyboard shortcut keys of internet explorer that wee should remember them .

    1. Alt+d :-> Address bar
    2. Alt+g :-> Google search or we can use Ctrl+O , Ctrl+e
    3. Ctrl+a :-> Select all content
    4. Ctrl+c :-> Copy all content
    5. Ctrl+v :-> Paste
    6. Ctrl+n :-> New explorer window
    7. Ctrl+p :-> Print
    8. Ctrl+r :-> Refresh
    9. Ctrl+s :-> Save
    10. Ctrl+w :-> close explorer window

    I hope you will find them useful , really last full week i was blogging by using all these keys but now i have bought my new Hytech mouse .
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    Sunday, April 08, 2007


    Fake Webcam for chatting

  • Sunday, April 08, 2007
  • If someone ask you that he would like to see you first than he will gonna chat with you than their is one cool trick to create a fake webcam to be accessible through the messenger client . People will be able to access your web as they access others usually but your fake webcam will play videos and clips on it .

    supports all IM clients like Yahoo Messenger, MSN, AOL, Camfrog etc. Just install simple application to your computer and You can broadcast your favorite movie clips (mpeg, avi and wmv) and this fake webcam provide it few media files you want to play by clicking + button .

    Some instructions :- Just check the preferences and at the camera source , choose Fake Webcam . In yahoo messenger go to messenger -> webcam and select camera source than select fake webcam and make sure that you clicked the play button in the Fake Webcam application and start showing your webcam to others .

    So always play your prerecorded video to have a virtual personality , don't play any hero role . Download fake webcam here .
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    Software for orkut

  • Day by Day orkut user are growing and some smart coders are trying to do different thing from whole crowds and this thinking every day producing new scripts on orkut . Popeye da....Coder is also one of from these coder who always try to create new things . He has created a software for orkut users which is working good but still in beta testing .

    This softwares has many good features like multi style scrap book flooding , testimonial flooding by uid (user id) , friend adder by uid and crazy integrated browser having lots of other orkut tricks , music and fun .

    Popeye has created this software in two languages :-



    Please do scan them before downloading , thanks .
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    Hide Your IP Address

  • You must be thinking why we need to hide our IP address online . If you surf internet for just few hours for only chat and fun from cafe than it's ok but if you are surfing from home and your pc contains your personal data in it that you may get in trouble because day by day online scams are increasing .

    Like whenever we visit any website they downloaded Trojans and other viruses on your computer which starts gaining information from our pc and send to that to personal email id's . Example In yahoo messenger many people send us few Trojans files in the name of their Pictures and these file are hidden after downloading it once we click open on them they start doping their work and send all our personal information out to the Trojans sender personal email id's .

    So , If you have logged in to your paypal after receiving that files than your account password is not personal because now they also know what is your paypal password is .

    How to avoid :- Never receive any file on your personal computer from strangers , ( specially boys don't ask girls for their photo's because others side someone must be laughing on you and sending you these files ) . Second to save yourself from website Trojans we can use software tools related to hiding IP address because most of the website Trojans use IP address to leak your information . Hiding your IP address online ensures that your personal information is not leaked out to the outsiders .So try to use proxies for surfing websites .
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    Saturday, April 07, 2007


    Sunglasses Change Color on Command

  • Saturday, April 07, 2007
  • Now this is what i love to have one for me , Yes sunglasses which will change colour on our commands . These sunglasses has been created by the university of Washington and according to Minoru Taya, professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Washington we can adjust the variation of darkness and control the transparency of your lens .

    This process works with the help a special type of electro chromic polymer which has been used to create sunglass lenses . To change colour it will need electricity but i can be done simple watch battery . These lenses will not only change colours from dark to clear but also in different shades like yellow , green and purple .

    Right now work is still going on over these sunglasses , so we have to wait for them , according to other news sources we have to wait 3 years quite long period by that time we may see them in the place of car glasses . News via Discovery .
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    Bloggers increase adsense earnings

  • Yesterday I was just searching some blog hacks and tricks and found very informative blog of Peter Chen where he has written a post about How to get free traffic to our blogs . In his article he has mentioned about how we can use blogexplosion to increase your blog traffic , than i got one idea about AdSense earnings .

    If you are blogging for last few months and your AdSense earnings are still like 0.50 cents to $ 1 daily than i think you should try this method , Those who are AdSense account holder and have AdSense ads in their blog should know that AdSense don't encourage traffic coming from traffic exchange programs like BlogExplosion.

    But i think we can do one work , first remove AdSense from your blog and apply for blog explosion and try it for one month and when you think that now you have build up a quite good readership for your blog than you can ask your readers to exchange links and than you can remove your self from blogexplosion and put your AdSense code on that blog again , I hope this will increase your earning by this method .
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    Google Voice Local Search

  • Google labs has updates its page with their service named as Google Voice Local Search by which we can make local business search over the phone . To use this service just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411) from any phone.

    Features of this service: - 1. search for a local business by name or category.
    You can say "Giovanni's Pizzeria" or just "pizza".
    2. Get connected to local business free of charge .
    3. We can get all details on our mobile phones by SMS , when you make call just say "text message" .

    This service is totally free and Google will not charge any cost for the call and for connecting you to the business .Charges can may apply for regular uses . Google voice local is still in its experimental stage and currently available in English , in US for US business listings .

    Note: Google Voice Local Search is still in its experimental stage. It may not be available at all times and may not work for all users. We’re fine-tuning the service to get better at recognizing your requests. It’s currently only available in English, in the US, for US business listings .

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    Friday, April 06, 2007


    Adsense payouts through Western Union

  • Friday, April 06, 2007
  • While surfing on digitalpoint i just read this thread where digitalpoint forum member point started new thread on this topic . He says that when he logged in to his adsense account , he just saw western union payment option in payment tip box and asking him to check some payment regarding information : -

    If you have selected to receive payments by Western Union Quick Cash, we recommend that you check the amount of your upcoming payment to ensure that it is not over the Western Union payout limitation. Learn more

    Than i started searching Google and after few minutes i found this new on seroundtable posted by Rustybrick . He made few more searches and got few results you can find them on seroundtable .
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    Frame box for blog posts

  • If you have designed any blog template code or you have got something in html format and you want to share it with your readers than you can use this frame box to share your html code with in small space . Just copy this code and paste it in your blog post .

    Now when you paste this code you will find this line "paste your URL here" just paste URL of that page where you have uploaded your html data ( try Google pages for uploading such files ) . After replacing text with your URL click on preview button on your blog post and you will find same box like i have created in this post and your data will be inside that like you copied this code from my post .

    You can also increase and decrease size of this box by changing height and width size numbers .
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    Spy with mobile

  • There is one simple trick by which you can spy on your opposition . yes if your mobile has facility of Automatic answer reply than you can do this with in few seconds . So if you want to hear what your boss or other are talking about you just follow simple trick .

    First activate your automatic answer reply in your headset profile and mute the voice of incoming call and also remove vibration from it . Now after doing all this leave your phone near them beside and just walk away outside , now make call to our phone it will not make song because you have muted it and receive your call automatically with the help of automatic answer reply . No one will come to know that your are hearing them through that phone . Keep your back lights also off or other wise they will catch you .
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    New yahoo beta service

  • Yahoo search team has introduced his new beta search service named as ALPHA based on Federated Search. With Alpha, you can search across many different search indices all on one page .If you have a yahoo id than you can log in and personalize your search experience . you can add search sources that suits you .

    Alpha is currently in its "beta" phase of development and released to public for beta testers .They are still actively tracking down bugs and possible features for the site and gaining general feedback.Alpha utilises the OpenSearch format to read and present search results and we can read news feeds via RSS, Alpha can read search results via OpenSearch RSS.

    Alpha is still in Beta , so it would not display definite results , i have searched few thing but didn't got total accurate answers .
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    Thursday, April 05, 2007


    Create own maps on google

  • Thursday, April 05, 2007
  • Google wants to make map more clear and accurate and Who better to create more accurate maps than local experts like us . So now Google will giving away tools to all users to pinpoint all local locations. Draw routes and as well as we can attach photos and videos existing online maps .

    After creating your custom maps you can publish them online so your friends and others users can find you when they search in Google maps .So now pinpoint you house and let your friends find way to your home through Google maps . You can keep your map personal in mymaps or select few group of your friend to share it .

    Note :- MyMaps is initially available in the United States and the national versions of Google in nine other countries including Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands and Spain. Visit Google maps and check out new my maps new feature . News via Reuters
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    Bluetooth car controlled by nokia

  • We have seen so many car tricks done by different actors in movie but now here is the time to check some real action . Few geeks from has modified their car so they can operate it via Bluetooth .

    To operate this car they have installed a simple Series 60 application on their Nokia phone which shows a steering wheel , brake and accelerator control which are mapped to two keys on mobile screen and with all this things we can drive our car through our mobile bluetooth functions .

    So do we really gonna need drivers in future for car parkings .Power of bluetooth can be more higher than this in future and after reading this news i hope nokia must have tried to contact these geeks so nokia can get more publicity . News via Newlaunches .
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    Wednesday, April 04, 2007


    Promote Website Free

  • Wednesday, April 04, 2007
  • If your blog or website has not been listed in Google and other major search engines than try this free trail software named as Easy Website Promoter . It is very easy to use software which let you add and remove your own engines and create data base so you have whole control over your submissions .

    This software automate the whole process of instantly submitting your website and make submission to major search engines like
    Yahoo, Google, Lycos, and over 1,000,000 other Search Engines, directories and link pages.

    So try this software and take advantage of trial pack to promote your website automatically .

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    Design Blogger template

  • If you are not satisfied with your blog template and didn't find any suitable template online for you but you have a nice design in your mind than start designing your blogger template with easy template creator tool . PsycHo is one of the best tool for this work . You don't need any html knowledge for this , just select template options and colors and get your template code ready .

    PsycHo can create all almost all designs for you like single column blogger template , 2 column blogger template and 3 column blogger template also . Design i am using right now is also created on this tool . So if you have dreamed any good theme for your blog just go and get it . If you find any problem just tell me about that i will sure help you for that .
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    Tuesday, April 03, 2007


    Keyboard Tricks

  • Tuesday, April 03, 2007
  • If few keys of your keyboard have stopped working but still you love your keyboard , than don't worry you don't need to buy a new one because their are few keyboard tricks by which you can type the result of those keys .

    Like suppose your keyboards B button is not working so try this :- fist check that num lock key is on to green position than now hold Alt key and type 66 and than release alt button and the result you will get on document will be B . This trick is working fine in windows .

    So their is a list of these button tricks which is known as ASCII characters (American Standard Code for Information Interchange ) .

    Even i was facing problem for E button in my keyboard but now its going fine with this trick . It happens mostly because of the pc games or piano keyboard because we press those keys continuously for high score and better results .You can copy this picture and save it your computer , I hope it will help you .
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    Monday, April 02, 2007


    Digital Camera for $75

  • Monday, April 02, 2007
  • From last few days i have been looking for Digital Camera of different brands like Nikon , Canon , sony and main things make them different is their prices but now their is one small digital video camera which can suit everyone budgets and yes this camera is one of the best hot seat product on ebay from last few weeks .

    Brand name of the company is DigiGR8 and their production origin is in China . Model number - DV-182 is one of the best smallest pocket digi cam with many multi functions like Digital Cam recorder ,Digital Camera , Voice Recorder , Web Cam , PC/TV Playback ,3.1 Mega Pixels , 1.5" color TFT LCD screen and many more in very cheap price . It supports Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP and in India sellers are providing 6 months warranty also .

    Todays branded simple digital cams for photo shoot cost us almost $ 70to $ 100 , so if you are planing to buy a new cam take a look on this cams features and specially on cost .you can search for DigiGR8 on Google or in and checkout your local ebay sellers , may be they are providing you more months warranty . I have just booked one for me and waiting for it .
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    Sunday, April 01, 2007


    April fool softwares

  • Sunday, April 01, 2007
  • Today everyone tries to fool each other by their ways , so their are few software for webmaster so they can fool their friends in digital ways . I have collected a list of April fool prank softwares which are most downloaded and wanted softwares for April fool .

    1. Replace keys :- This software allows us to replace keyboard strokes with different keys and replaced keys make it appear that the user has mis typed the wrong key on keyboard .

    2. Copy cursor :- This program starts with no user interface and begin copy the current user mouse and paste it where the mouse was on the desktop And after few minutes you will be able to see funny prank that his screen will be containing hundreds of mouse pointers .

    3. Avoid button :- This software is really , it makes the window start button run away and avoid your mouse clicks .Just set this on your friends pc and let him get busy for several hours to get click on start button .

    4. The finger :-This software changes your cursor into familiar middle finger which we don't use normally.Finger it on an unsuspecting user and watch their reaction when the cursor changes to the middle finger and then back to normal again.
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