Saturday, June 30, 2007


Interview of Domain King Rick Schwartz

  • Saturday, June 30, 2007
  • Rick Schwartz is the man which is known as "Domain King" in internet domain business world and this domain business is incresing with a great growth day by day . In the last of 19th century Rick Schwartz was well aware of of this game and he says that believe that the value of domain names "would go up faster in value than any commodity ever know to mankind and he owns over 5,000 domain names .

    In 2004 Rick Schwartz sold the domain name for $1.3 million and made a huge profit of $15,000 on that domain . Rick Schwartz owns many more interesting domain names like :- , , , , etc ..
    If you are also in this domain business or want to try it than this interview of Domain King Rick Schwartz video may help you . Information from .

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    Download ZoneAlarm for Vista free

  • We have discussed benefits of ZoneAlarm earlier also for Windows xp and now we can download it for windows vista also . It has many good features like an internet lock , a firewall , an application control and zones and from now vista users can also take advantages of ZoneAlarm features .

    The best part of ZoneAlarm firewall with vista enabled firewall is that it will allow only those applications and programs which you specifically click ok to access the internet . ZoneAlarm firewall will display a small whenever a new program will attempt to access internet and if you will click ok in pop-up than it will be allowed to access net otherwise that program will be blocked .

    But if you are new to vista and want to try
    ZoneAlarm on it first time than it's pop-up may disturb you or make you sick , because whenever any action will try to connect internet you will get pop-up . Download from here
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    Create and print cover for dvd

  • If you have burned a dvd in a portable dvd recorder and now you want to customize a dvd cover yourself then you should try DVD Cover Printer . This application is designed to create and print dvd covers with fantastic designs . It has many cool option for designing dvd covers like image flipping and rotating , we can increase image sharpness or we can decrease it and make image soften also .

    In this tool we can also make internet searches for new dvd covers and images . we can insert many images and print them
    in batch printing option and after creating your dvd cover you can make a print preview by which you can check that whether it is fine to print or anything need to be get corrected . This software is updated with more label settings and help screen and we can print dual images also . You can download this software from this link . DVD Cover Printer
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    Friday, June 29, 2007


    Orkut toolbar

  • Friday, June 29, 2007
  • If you surf orkut many times a day than you should try free orkut toolbar . This toolbar contains everything and provides you one click access to your profile , scrap book , album , joined communities etc . So you don't have to open special window for orkut and search for new scraps and posts in communities .

    This toolbar has some more good features like :-

    1. Search option powered by google .
    2. Built-in radio . Enjoy music while scraping your friends .
    3. Whether checking button .
    4. Easy to select pop-up blocker and an e-mail notifier .
    5. You can download YouTube and iTunes Music feeds .

    This toolbar is specailyy created for orkut members and you can also add extra button to this toolbar like Microsoft word and excel , So you can click on ms word option and start working . For more orkut hacks and tricks you can check out these links :- Orkut1 , orkut2 .
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    Thursday, June 28, 2007


    Free rapidhshare accounts

  • Thursday, June 28, 2007
  • I was searching for some free rapidshare accounts and i tried few techniques and they worked for me and i got free rapidshare account on monthly bassis . I have collected few good posts links which can help you to get free rapidshare account .

    1. If you are from US than you can get Rapidshare Premium Account free of cost by referring your friends . You can read more about this here Free Rapidshare accounts .

    2. Thilak has written one more method on Tech-buzz to how to search for free rapidshare account .You can read more about this here Free Premium Accounts .While reading his article just scroll down little bit more and than you will find one heading named as suggested reading where you can find more methods to find free rapidshare account .

    3. Cyber notes has good method of getting free rapidhshare accounts by using rapidshare free account notifier and rapidcheck .You can read more about this here Free Premium RapidShare accounts .

    If i will get more interesting post about free rapidshare premium account i will post them also .
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    Improving Alexa ranking

  • Alexa ranking is like a lifeline for bloggers as well as advertisers because most popular sites like Text link ads and Review me pay us accordingly to our Alexa rankings and high PR . So to earn more money and sell blog space for text link ads on high rates it is necessary to increase our Alexa rankings first . I have tried few methods and they worked good for me . The methods i tried to improve my ranking are :-

    1. Install Alexa tollbar or firefox search status extension .

    2. Always use redirection whenever you post your url or send them to anyone . Example write your url like this : . By doing this visitors will be counted as a unique visitor on your site even if he is not using Alexa toolbar . So always try to write your domain url in redirect form .

    3. Exchange links with friends and tell them to post redirect links in sidebar , so when they visit your blog from that sidebar link their unique IP get counted .

    4. Join forums as much as you can because in many good webmasters forums you will get blogger or review section , where you can post your redirect links . Than other friends and participants will visit your blog and post their view about your blog or site . This can also help you to boost your Alexa rankings as well as you can take their new idea's to optimize your site .

    5. In forums post redirect links of your blog and site in signature place and if you can right some catchy text in front of your url than it can work more better and attract more visitors .

    6. You can put Alexa rank widget on your site . This is one of the best method to give boost to Alexa ranking . For me in two days my rankings improve with 2845 points .

    7. You can join Alexa train , by this your site or blog will get more exposer also .

    If you know more idea's than lets discuss them to increase our Alexa Ranking .You can post your idea's in comments , I will update my post with and mention your idea with your name and back link to your site .
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    Tuesday, June 26, 2007


    Computer security lock

  • Tuesday, June 26, 2007
  • When you leave your computer in working position or on sometime for other work and you think that behind you others can surf and check out your personal details than this gadget is for you .This device contains wireless security technology which has ability to lock your computer automatically .

    It has a very good wireless programming which works quite efficiently and when we moves out of the range of 2 meters from our office cabin or in house our computer automatically goes in lock mode . When we enters in 2 meter range security lock detects our presence and shows a password board . So if you are out from 2 meter range and some smarts dudes wants to snoop than they have to crack the password first . You will have one circle type gadget which you have to put in your pocket and another will be attached to your computer and both of them check their distance . If you are far away and not in 2 meter range than your pc get locked . more info
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    Monday, June 25, 2007


    GTA IV Content on Xbox 360 only

  • Monday, June 25, 2007
  • GTA franchisers have confirmed that they will be providing exclusive episodes downloadable content of GTA IV on the Xbox 360 version of the game as well as they will be providing additional game levels and missions will be made and available for download over Xbox Live .

    Xbox lovers must be very happy about this news and for this deal Micosoft has paid around $50 million to Take-Two Interactive to cracks . First crack will be available in March 2008 and second will be available later in 2008 . So till that we can enjoy trailers of GTA IV . News from .

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    Thursday, June 21, 2007


    Download videos from social sites in avi or mpg format.

  • Thursday, June 21, 2007
  • If you love to download videos from social sites like youtube and google video than you should try Vdownloader which is eligble to download videos in avi and mpg format and support most of the best social video uploading sites .

    Vdownloader supports Youtube , Google Video , Metacafe , MySpace , DailyMotion , Stage6 DivX , Porkolt , , 123 Video , Bolt , VSocial , Lulu TV , Guba , Yuvutu(A) , Pornotube(A) , YouPorn(A) , Shufuni(A) , XVideoHost(A) .Site which are contain this (A) block after their names are adult video uploading site which are also supported by this .

    While installing this software remember that
    vdownloader.exe and ffmpeg.exe both must be in the same directory. Otherwise, videos won't be properly converted. You can download this software from this link Download VDownloader .
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    Increase crawl rate of your site

  • Google webmaster tool offers many tools to webmaster which help them to maintain their website crawl rate , enhancing image search , preferred domain to be indexed and url removal tool . If you are not a seo than also i think these tools help beginner . Let me introduce you to these tools :-

    1. Crawl rate :- Google bots collects and index our contents with the help of web crawler and the speed is automatically set to normal so our pages get indexed at normal speed . But if you have good server than you can select fast crawl option with will enable Google bots to crawl your site more quickly . But use this option only if our server can handle additional Google bot traffic .

    2. Preferred Domain :- Like if you site and points to same site than you can choose option that which url should be displayed in Google index . Like you can choose for both urls .

    3. Enhanced image search :- This tool improves image search and use Google image labeler to associate the images included in your site with labels . This helps to improve indexing of our site by giving well search quality on those label images .

    4. Url removal :- This page helps us to remove url of our posts from Google like if you have find any bad url of your website indexed in google which display results like page not found error either 404 or 410 than you can just post that url in this place and remove it from Google index .You content url will be removed when your site will be next time like after two day or with in a week .

    I am really satisfied with these tools and i love which has given such a nice platform to blogger free of cost . I have written this post to show that how Google is trying to improve webmaster tools and helping bloggers specially . I was tagged by shankar and now i have to move this tag game forward also , so i am tagging Nirmal and Vinod .

    I hope you must have enjoyed this post .
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    Wednesday, June 20, 2007


    Link Love

  • Wednesday, June 20, 2007
  • From last few days i am out of station and here internet speed is very slow , so i am not able to post on regular basis on my blog but in these days i have enjoyed reading other blogs . I was just roaming here and there from one blog to another . After reading different topics i have also planned to post link love for other bloggers and my friends those have given back links to me in past . Here are some good posts which I read at this time :-

    1. Adsense Publishers Report Massive Dip in Earnings and CTR --> Mr Amit Agarwal
    2. TempoStand…the long tail of Indian independent music --> Webyantra
    3. How to Fix Missing WordPress Database Backup Emails --> Quick online tips
    4. IM application for Facebook - Coming Soon --> Ashish Mohta
    5. How to make a copy of a movie DVD --> Mayank
    6. How to Use Free Proxy with Firefox --> Arpit Agarwal
    7. Top 5 Google Gadgets for your Blog --> Nirmal
    8. Minimize and optimize the ads on your blog --> Rishi
    9. Airtel HelloTunes Service --> Vinod
    10. Blogger can make things better --> Shankar

    I hope you will enjoy them . It all about different taste but i have posted what liked me and from today i will post link love continuously .
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    Shirt with in-built sound graphics equalizer

  • Technology geeks are experimenting new things daily and here what i have found is T-Qualizer t-shirt with a sound sensitive graphics equalizer in it . This sound equalizer image is not for show but this equalizer really work and moves up and down with music beats and tempo .

    This process work with 4 AAA size batteries which makes equalizer graphics move up and down . Detachable battery pack can be stored easily in pocket and contains one switch which will let you on and off equalizer . So if you visit pub or any disco daily and love music beats than this shirts is for you .I hope in disco when in disco flash green , yellow and red lights in equalizer will start moving you must be the one with whom everybody would like to dance . Price of this shirt is around $ 39.71 . For further information you can visit here T-Qualizer T-shirt .
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    Tuesday, June 19, 2007


    Set mutliple Home pages

  • Tuesday, June 19, 2007
  • If you have have multiple choices for your home page and you are confused that which one should be your main home page . But if you are using Firefox than you can set multiple home pages with simple web address line . You can differ every page url with one simple pipe sign like this | .

    To create multiple home page just follow these steps :-
    1. First click on tools .
    2. click on option .
    3. Click on main .

    Now enter desired webpages urls one by one and separate them the pipe | symbol like this||

    By this Firefox will open three pages at same time when you will click on homepage button .
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    Hindi search engine

  • Indian language is getting popular on net day by day , either this is because of some people those are not so much familiar with English or because of old govt employees . Govt is providing free trainings to teachers so they can teach children about Information technology in Hindi language in govt schools .

    So if you know hindi and you want to try some new things with search keywords than just try Raftar search engine . Best point of this search engine is that it will guide you to type Hindi also if you want to write any line or your name in Hindi than also you can use raftar keyboard option and after writing your name just copy it from there . Like you can see one example in picture below where i have pressed keywords with mouse to type my name :-

    But now their are many webmaster and blogger also coming up with Hindi contents . Here is the little list created by Mr Amit Agarwal in which they have mentioned Hindi bloggers .Debashish, Ravi, Jitu, Rajesh, Fursatiya, Udan Tashtari, Shrish, Amit Gupta, Srijan, Masijeevi, Raman, Pratyaksha, Jagdish, Yunus. Let see in few years their will be many more jobs in Hindi software designing and web development areas .
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    Indians earn money from mobiles

  • adMAD.Mobi is a new website launched few weeks and this website pays you for receiving sms on your mobile . adMad is a mobile advertising company which provides mobile ads publishing facilities to advertisers and than they send all their ads to their registered users mobiles . They also pay us for reading SMS ads on your mobile. You can register here for personal account JOIN adMAD .

    How to make money :- adMAD has a great deep referral system which pays you 4 times deep like we get 20 paise for each SMS you receive and than we get 15 paise for each SMS our friends receives . Than chain continue and we get 10 paise for each SMS their friends receive than 5 paise for each SMS their friends receive and in last we also get 1 paisa for each SMS their friends receives .

    Increase earning : - You can try adMAD calculator to calculate good earnings like i did . If we refer 10 friends and they can refer 5 friends each and than in forward others can refer 3 friends each and than in last their friend can refer 2 friends each and everyone receives 20 sms per day than our monthly earning will be Rs 10320.00 . This is not very hard task if you can visit any college or education institute , you can get atleast 20 to 45 referrals . For joining this site everyone need invitation no one can join it directly , You can join this site from this link . Register here
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    Monday, June 18, 2007


    Improve technorati ranking with Viral tags

  • Monday, June 18, 2007
  • While reading few other blogs i saw that their is new experiment going on named as viral tags . By taking part in this experiment we can improve our technorati rankings .

    Benefits and instructions :-

    1.) Copy and paste the matrix of “ViralTags” below.

    2.) Substitute the Host Tag and one of the “Viral Tags” in the matrix with your anchor text of choice with your blog’s URL. Please keep anchor text to a max of 3 words to keep the matrix size manageable.

    3.) When you get a ping back from someone that has your link in one of their “Viral Tags”, practice good karma by copying his/her Host Tag’s anchor text (automatically the associated link will also be copied) and paste it over one of your “Viral Tags” below.

    4.) Encourage and invite your readers to do the same and soon this can grow virally.

    Host Tag: DIGITAL I.T BLOG

    Digital I.T Blog |DOLLORBOY | TECH LOCK-RAHUL | Asian Celebrity News | One Million Shirts | Tech at Hand | Rich Minx | Internet Marketing Austria | Ageless Beauty | Web 2.0 Tutorials | Technology Music Life | infokarir jobs | Manila Mom | Link Love | Blogging Money Secret | Internet Startup Blog | Web Design Blog | Daily Life Technology | Make Money Blogging | Steve’s Tech Blog | Agloco Internet Marketing | Daily Bulls Investing | Tech Gadgets Stocks | Affiliate Program | Computer Seventy-Five | Learn about e-Learning | Tech Hack Ramblings | Jack Book | Screen Writer Guy | Overseas Filipino Worker | Startup Entrepreneur Money | Earn Money Online | Really Smart Guy | Earn Income Online | Day Mind Xpression | Entrepreneurship Internet Web | Make Money Blogging | Create a Blog | Pie Hole | start a blog | Make Money Blogging | Marketing Made Simple | Tech Startups Web2.0 | Music Videos | Build Rankings Fast | Mrs Sparrow | Hot Buzz | Weight Loss | Really Funny Jokes | Best of Blogs | Heroin Addiction Codependence | Internet Marketing German | German - USA | Domain Development Blogs | Sundhed og Helbred | Giving Link Love | Business Blog Web | Photoshop Tutorials | Anitokid Chronikos | Klapkids Chronikos | esofthub’s web finds| Everything iPod | Jason’s Random Thoughts | Fun Web Development | Monetize Your Blog | Yung Silent Whisper | Stratz’s Blog | My Journey | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | Blogging for Money | Wealth Blog | ViralTags | Gadgets & Technology | Make Money Home | ViralTags | The Broken Bow | ViralTags | ViralTags | Fanatic Space | Cheezmizan with Chuva | Catepol | Wolly’s Weblog | Profitable Productive Blogging | Cat on my Head | Bloggointestinale | 2012 Movies | iMod | Lorad Zarcon | Instruzioni | Sid05 Weblog | Bayle | Random Access Life | Mario’s Weblog | Acchiappasogni | Dietro e a Casa | Make Money Online | Anchor Text | Alex 2000 | My Life | Personal Finance | Tech Blog | Business Twins | Pixie Tail | Gold Rushing’s Blog | Trade CDs | Business Chats | Paid to Blog | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery | Make Money Online | JLS Cisco Networking | Humor Jokes | Mik3 | Web2.0 Founder Interviews | Political Social Media | Master Engrafter | Making Money Online | GoldyWorld Fun | Static Thinkbox | Malaysian Stocks Inc. | Investing Women Online | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | ViralTags | Social Media Munching | Good Jokes | Social Networking Mother | MSU Spartan Sports | The SOHO Quest | Make Money Online | Caribbean Travel Blog | Jehzlau Concepts | Nonsense & Tears | Time Clock Software | SEO Blog | Anything and Everything | Father of One | Web Comic Artist | Justice Investmets | Terrible Horrible Evil | Russian Jokes Videos | Personal Development Blog |

    Important: Once I get a ping back from you (I promise to do the best I can), I will add your anchor text and the associated link you designate as “Host Tag” here, replacing one of the “ViralTags” from the matrix above. As more and more bloggers copy and paste this matrix, the more backlinks you will have with your anchor text. If everybody who copy and paste from your blog does the same, pretty soon this will spread and go viral. So, the sooner you participate, the more links with anchor text you will receive.

    ===== Copy and Paste from Above this line =====

    If you have copied this matrix please leave a comment so that i can add you.
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    MSN launched new Mobile portal

  • Microsoft launched new MSN mobile portal for mobile phones with more powerful and great options and services . Microsoft found that mobile phones network is getting bigger day by day and now they should open new door for more new services according to requirements .

    New features in MSN :- Msn mobile beta is updated with more improved navigation and site design . They have also added some favorite option for local use like you can search for local theater , business , locations near by you , maps , direction etc . It has more option like :-

    Sports - Get game scores, schedules, stats, and more
    Weather - Look up the week's forecast
    Entertainment - Find movie reviews, show times, and more
    Money - Get instant stock quotes and money tips
    Search - Find the info you need fast
    Mail - Read and compose email while you're on the go
    Local - Search local listings, get maps, directions and more

    Now it will get more easier to check latest news and other stories . You can visit for further information .
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    Remix your youtube Videos

  • Now youtube offers new option youtube remixer by which we can remix our video's or images . It is a very simple process and you will enjoy remixing your video's .in you video's you can add watermarks like created by Atul or your name . This tool will provide you options like :-

    • Adding videos and images
    • Trimming your video's as you want
    • Adding titles and borders to your videos
    • Adding some music
    • Previewing option :- so you can preview your video before publishing .
    I am also working on it and soon i will upload some videos on my blog remixed by me .By that time you can search youtube and will find many remixed videos from other users also .
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    Best sms shortcuts

  • Short message sending services are getting popular day by day and now we are making them short also . Because of small keypad in mobiles we never write whole words and make them small , so here i have collected some list which we use mostly .

    4U :- This is 4 u
    ASAP : - As soon as possible
    ATB :- All the best
    B4 :- Before
    CM :- Call me
    CU :- see you
    Doc :- Document
    FRD :- Friend
    F2F :- Face to Face
    F4U :- Free for u
    GR8 :- Great
    GF :- Girlfriend
    H8 :- Hate
    H&K :- Hugs and kiss
    ILU :- I love you
    J4U :- Just for you
    L8 :- Late
    L8R :- Later
    LOL :- Laughing out loud
    M8 :- Mate
    MOB :- Mobile
    NA :- No access
    O4U :- Only for you
    SRY :- Sorry
    THX :- Thanks
    U :- YOU
    W4U :- Waiting for you

    If you are using any more shorts in sms's please tell , I will write them down also .
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    Digital Hi-Tech Watch

  • This watch is really very Hi-Tech and advanced and if you love wearing watch and listen to music than this is a combo gadget for you . It has a powerful MP3 player as well as digital voice recorder in it's arm sides with 256MB Powerdisk . So whether you are traveling or you don't want to attend bore meting than you can listen your favorite tracks on your watch .

    • Qualities :- You can also do recording for up to 9 hours via built-in microphone .
    • It has a USB interface which can be plug into the left side of watch .
    • AC adapter charges your voice recorder watch when it is not in use .
    • 256MB memory can stores important documents also .
    • It has also Internal rechargeable lith-ion battery with no memory effect .
    • Mp3 recorder as well as player .
    So now if you are planning to buy it you can buy it for $ 259 from this link :- Powerdisk MP3 Voice Recorder Watch .
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    Sunday, June 17, 2007


    Sound Recorder

  • Sunday, June 17, 2007
  • Sound Recorder is free and easy to use program which allows you to record any sound from your sound card and you can save files into different formats like MP3, WMA or WAV files. By this Sound recorder software you can record own voice , music streaming live music audio from internet and other media and audio players .

    It has advanced audio record engine which produces high quality recordings . So, if you are looking for free sound recorder by which you can record your own voice or streaming live music than you will this software Free Sound Recorder 5.5.1 . Some good function for personal recording is like you can preset/preview your audio recording device before starting record. You can download it from this link Free Sound Recorder 5.5.1 .
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    Computer error problem

  • In your computer we get many error messages , some in first start and some while surfing or working offline . But their are some error which can make you crazy because they interrupt you after time to time and when you plan to find out that error it makes you more frustrated because you can't find it and even some friends don't know so much about programs so they don't go further .

    But i am sure that if you copy that whole error message which is displayed on your screen and Google it , you will find its solution and causes . If your copy option is not working just write down that error in plain peace of paper (word to word) and than search same error words in Google . I have applied this many time and this method worked for me 90+% times .
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    Saturday, June 16, 2007


    Take Part in Microsoft TechMela

  • Saturday, June 16, 2007
  • Msn India has started Microsoft TechMela for Indians tech lovers . Whole Quiz contest is online and you have to choose correct answer from the given options for every question . You can win gifts like X-Box 360 , i-Mate smart phone , USB kits , Microsoft t-shirts etc .

    All winners name will be announced on MSN website . In this quiz Microsoft employers can't take part or even employees working with Microsoft vendors also . So don,t waste time and start talking quiz here Microsoft TechMela .
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    Friday, June 15, 2007


    Microsoft Milan Surface Computer

  • Friday, June 15, 2007
  • Milan or you can say The Surface , It is a Multi Touch Surface Computer from Microsoft which is loaded with very powerful tools . You can just dip you fingers in colors and start painting . In future this product will be used in hospitals and shopping malls , hotels , casino etc . Customers will be able to touch Milan's surface screen to make orders for service like food , snacks etc . Microsoft is planing to make it out for public places .

    we can resize photo as well as listen digital music sound because Milan can function as public jukebox . I think in future this technology will be used for DJ musicians also . By this they will be able to work more fast and in digital manner . Images from

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