Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Java Database connectivity guide from DataBase Guide

  • Tuesday, September 14, 2010
  • Java database connectivity is basically an application that enables users to access pertinent data by the use of queries. The users can update significant information within the given database. The program supports the access to files from spreadsheets, flat files and databases transforming into backstage access to database independent to database management system used. Java database connectivity provides an easy to use platform by choosing the most appropriate platform to use. One simply needs to retrieve an object from the driver manager.

    High availability usually describes a network and all of its components available for data input, processing and report. The system determines the success depending on planning and understanding the tolerance that would affect the network. Even at small corporation level, high availability is desirable and necessary. As system failure should not bring down the entire system, so fault tolerance is important measure of high availability system. Thus creating such a high availability system involving extensive planning with least potential failure is very important.

    Disasters may occur naturally or man made and is usually difficult to predict their occurrence. Disaster recovery is the ability of a system to recovery its entire electronic data in shortest possible time interval. It involves a lot of forward planning and policy settings. Possibilities involve facing a number of threats like hacking, electrical failure, human error and natural disasters. Keeping off-site data backups may be sufficient for smaller corporations, but in case of a larger corporation it would be provisioned and costed as a part of their annual budget.

    Merging two or more databases and producing a meaningful report is what we call as data integration. It is thought as a major headache for IT professionals. Databases are designed such that they suit the need of the software used and not for merging purposes. Creating a report would mean combining a number of databases having different formats. Merging requires special database combining skills. So, compatibility between various databases by implementing new versions is the need of IT departments these days. So, many of the bigger companies in the corporate world were created thru data merging using different software and databases.

    Thus in Java database connection, one would learn to manipulate certain files in order to develop query statements. One needs to keep in mind that they are represented by statements, prepared statements and callable statements procedure. 
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    Wednesday, September 08, 2010


    Best hosting service provider for blogger and forum owners

  • Wednesday, September 08, 2010
  • In blogging sector if you want to make good money than you must have your own domain name and hosting . You can buy domain name from any company but when it comes on hosting we have to decide many things . Each company has their own rates and we have to buy hosting which suits our budgets . Today I will talk about one hosting company which Can be a better solution for bloggers as well as webmasters . Layeronline.com provides you high performance LayerSPEED hosting plans at very affordable rates .

    In layeronline.com everyone get satisfied according to their needs . If you need small space for your projects or small business site than you can start from $0.99/month and if you have high requirements than you can try $2.99/month in which we get Unlimited Disk Space , Unlimited Bandwidth , Unlimited Domains , 100 Databases . But if you have large Database than you can go for $4.99/ month plan .Best part is that they are offering best benefits to their users .

    Get benefits from Promotional offers :-

    1. They will buy out your old hosting contract and move all your files on their servers for free .
    2. Just refer your friends to their hosting plans and you will get two months free hosting for each referral . Now think if you can refer 6 friends than you will get 12 months hosting for free . Your friends will also get one month hosting for free . So , Just ask your friend to mention your id or name when ordering a new green hosting package .
    3.  If you select a annual hosting plan than you will get a free .com, .net, .org, .info, .name, .biz, or .us domain for life .
    4. They have special plans for forum hosting and social websites and you must try them too by contacting them .

    I think this is one of the best package we can find over net . So if you have some friends those are planing to move on their own domain name and hosting than you can refer them to your referals and tell them about the benefits they can get from layeronline.com .
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    Tuesday, September 07, 2010



  • Tuesday, September 07, 2010
  • It would seem difficult to keep up with how fast today’s manufacturing and IT companies are coming up with new and improved gadgets to replace older versions. Within the past couple of years, not a few mobile phone models, computer gadgets, gaming consoles, mobile audio-visual equipment, and so many other gadgets of all shapes, sizes, and uses have been introduced into the market. As new ones are launched and old ones are phased out, the prices are getting to be more and more affordable for everyone. The most recent gadget launches in the past year are the super thin Air MacBook, the net books, the iPhone, and the Nintendo Wii gadgets.

    Despite the financial crisis in the past year, these new gadgets have enjoyed the patronage of probably millions of people worldwide. The Air MacBook was popular for its portable convenience – it was unveiled from a brown document envelope. It is so popular because it’s from Apple. The downside to this is that it is so thin it could not accommodate a disk drive. Ultra small net books were also introduced in the market as ultralight, ultra portable, and ultra durable. These net books were initially launched for school kids. Its small screen (usually 8 inches) and scaled keyboard make it a challenge for adults with bigger hands to use these net books.

    Another hit from Apple was the iPhone. Millions of consumers all over the world lined up to get their very own iPhones hours before the stores opened to simultaneously make this all-in-one gadget available to the public. The iPhone is a phone, PDA, web browser all in one convenient unit. Nintendo is not far behind in the innovation side when it launched the Wii. The Wii craze has also taken the world by storm with its motion controlled, interactive virtual gaming technology. In the year 2009, a number of improvements and new gadgets are in the pipeline. The world waits with bated breath in anticipation of the latest in the gadget world.
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    Friday, September 03, 2010


    Windows 7 concept and features

  • Friday, September 03, 2010
  • Microsoft windows have come up with a new operating system for personal computers called Windows 7. Whether it follows the success of Microsoft’s XP series or proved a dud like Vista remains to be seen. Since the beta version for Windows 7 is out, its time for setting some expectations.

    Windows 7 claims to have more user friendly interface than its predecessors, with a better taskbar and improved navigation of windows. The taskbar is so designed that it can be modified according to the users’ convenience. A full screen preview is available as soon as the user clicks on an icon. Besides, multiple windows can be aligned on the same screen and adjusted by dragging the borders. This saves time in copying the data and then pasting it because the same function can be performed by dragging the files across the windows on screen. The drag feature also provides users with an option of avoiding to click on the small icons on top of the screen.

    Windows 7 comes preinstalled with internet explorer 8 which provides users with the latest and fastest browsing options. An event like search is simplified with relevant suggestions and reference maintained in search history. For someone still sold on the previous versions of Microsoft OS, Windows 7 provides the Windows live tool through which users can download their favorite applications directly to the OS. Another advantage of Windows 7 is that it integrates all the devices that are connected to the system, thus providing users a one stop device manager. Now all the devices can be accessed at one go.

    Windows 7 promises some good features and value adds making it more user- friendly. The speed of the OS is another thing that catches the eye. With a successful parent organization and good designing we can consider this is an OS to stay.
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