Sunday, August 31, 2008


Download videos from YouTube

  • Sunday, August 31, 2008
  • Is it possible to download videos from YouTube?

    There are many people who face problems with downloading videos from YouTube , one of the most popular video sharing sites on the web. For quite some time, video buffs are having a roll of a time, sharing their favorite videos with their family and friends through the use of this site. All they need to do is to register themselves with this site and then upload their favorite videos on it. Once their video has been uploaded a particular URL is generated which points to the location of that video.

    YouTube blocking your downloads?

    Just by sharing this URL amongst their family and friends they can let them have access to the same. Gone are the days when one had to painstakingly send the videos as email attachments. This was a pain considering the size of a video file. Apart from that there are many constraints on the size of an attachment that is permitted by most ISP’s. There are some other solutions like uploading the file to other file sharing sites but this is not a solution. When the video files are uploaded to any other file-hosting site, one cannot see them over there.

    They have to download the same to view it. With YouTube one does not have to download the file and can see the same in streaming video format. But what about those who are interested in downloading the video file in question and saving it on their hard drive for archival purposes? There are many people who have complained that they just cannot download their favorite videos that are hosted on YouTube. It is not impossible to download the videos that are hosted on YouTube’s site; one just needs to know the tricks involved in downloading the same.

    Even a novice can download from YouTube

    There are no special tricks involved and one not need to hold a degree in computer science to achieve this feat. One should first know how and why the files are stored in YouTube’s server and then understanding how to download it becomes a piece of cake. Basically when one uploads a video file to the YouTube server the same is converted to the flash format. This files is then embedded on their web page which makes it tough to download by right clicking with the mouse pointer and using the `save file as’ option.

    There are many options for achieving the end purpose, but the simplest one involves using a free web browser, firefox, and its add-ons. Download firefox if you have not got the same and install it. Now launch firefox and download and install the grease monkey add on. Once this is done download and install the Greasemonkey script. This is all that is required. To download a video that you like from the YouTube server, just load the video as you normally do and click on the small button marked `Download Video’. If you have followed the instructions carefully, the video will be downloaded to your hard drive and then you can use Ripzor's FLV video converter to convert the video to a format of your choice.
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    Thursday, August 28, 2008


    Download internet explorer 8

  • Thursday, August 28, 2008
  • This is a second beta version of Internet Explorer 8 . Windows Microsoft this time have done many improvements in this public beta version to make it more easy to use and secure .

    Best options we get in Internet Explorer 8 :-

    1. Like firefox if you close Internet Explorer 8 by mistake in with between some process than you can restore it when start IE8 again(this is a same feature which we use in firefox) .

    2. InPrivate :- If you enable InPrivate option than browsers will not save any important information like login information , passwords, browsing history to check what we did in past and so on . This is best feature for those users those want to access adult content without leaving any traces .

    3. Suggested Sites :- If you don't delete browsing history than you can use this option (i am not we need to save history or notin this option ) . If you visit and any site and love it than you can use Suggested Sites feature in which Internet Explorer 8 will check our browsing history and search other sites which we may find usefull .

    4. Improved Search :- This is a best option and i like it very much . Now while searching new things Internet Explorer display results from your local history and suggestions from your favorite search provider ., so we can get best results we need .

    5. Find on Page :- If you visited any site but their is too much content and you want to search data related to your keywords than try Find on Page option which is built right into the browser .Type your keywords and hit enter . After that those keywords will be highlighted and which will be easier to find them .

    Their are many more features and according to my experience i will say that this is a webmaster browser . For more information you can visit here Internet Explorer 8
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    Wednesday, August 20, 2008


    Major Google and sponsored paid links Upsetting everybody

  • Wednesday, August 20, 2008
  • We know from last few months Google changed it's algorithm for penalizing all bid sites and others those are buying and selling links to increase their Page ranks . But this time Google has kicked word press theme designers those are selling and buying links on sponsored themes . Their are so many web designers those are making their living by selling sponsor links in footer of their themes but now i think this work is also moving down slowly and this would hurt turbo legitimate to web designers .

    Worst Action against wordpress theme designers

    One webmaster who owns a large Wordpress themes website disclosed that someone contacted him and requested him to remove their sponsored theme from his data base because many users have been penalized by Google against a paid link in the footer of the theme . I think sponsoring themes can be more dangerous if someone uses your sponsored theme on prono blog . By this you can loose your other income sources too .

    What webmasters and users says

    SweetFunny on dp forum says that yes they can penalize according to this ratio :

    If Footer = >2 External Links + All Unrelated = Flag

    I think he is right because anyone can judge easily if he find more than two links at sponsor place and specially if they are now relevant . I will says in themes they should not use high paying keywords over there but use relevant links or you can say only webmasters link should be promoted .

    Irrelevant Links makes angry

    Irrelevant links make me angry sometimes . Whenever i visit new blogs and check their footer links so i can know who designed such a nice themes but what we find is irrelevant link which is not useful . Than we have to search those themes by names which is very bad . I will says adding you own site is good and if someone helped you give little credits to him but selling stupid links on footer is very bad .

    Who should be punished

    Their are many useful and funny answers lets go through them :

    1.They aren't touching sites that sell links. They are going after sites that buy links .
    2. I hope all my competitor gets hit next time .
    3. Some link sellers says that the famous lines "Save the animal" campaign. If the buying stops, the killing too .One webmaster says that Google must punish buyers first if there is no buyer sites wont be sell links . Because we sellers quantity will increase than we can easily find link black market soon where one pr1 link will also cost $20 to $ 30 .

    What will i say that different thinking and different answers . But from now if this will grow rapidly and everyone get penalized for sponsoring themes than we can see little drop in wordpres themes designers as well as in free good themes to . But this will hurt wordpress theme sellers too because if link sponsoring is stopped in themes than everybody wills tart seeling themes and than competition will increase and Rates will decrease . So upcoming time can be a little dark for free wordpress theme designers . Post your comments and review on this .
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    Monday, August 18, 2008


    Download music from esnips

  • Monday, August 18, 2008
  • Few weeks back i wrote one post about how to download music from esnips . Many users loved that but after few days my blog members contacted me via mail and told me that what we can do if that web page is down which helps them to download music from esnips using a link generator . After that i went to few forums and did few searches and found few more web page those were using same method to helps us to download music via link generator .

    Download :

    1. :- This web page provides you same service like last one but here we have one more seperate box where we can directly get download link of the esnips video or mp3 files . Check these steps how you can download esnips songs from this webpage .

    Download music from esnips1. First go to esnips main website and copy the video or mp3 webpage url you want to download . Example - .
    2. Paste that file url in first blank box .
    3. Now click on generate button .
    4. In second box you will find new url . Now copy this url link and paste it in your adressbar and hit enter . Now you will find a download file box just click on save link and you have download that song or video .

    2. Indianraga : This webpage also helps you to download music from espin in same way .

    Download music from esnips2.1 first copy video or mp3 main url and than paste it in first place as mentioned in image .
    2.2 Click on generate link .
    2.3 Now at the top of the webpage you will find download link in red color . Right click on it and select copy link location option .
    2.4 After that paste that link in your adressbar and hit enter . Now you will see download box on your screen , save that file and you have completed the task .

    3. Rioleo : You can use this page like above one and download esnips music files .

    Download music from esnips3.1 first copy video or mp3 main url and than paste it in first place as mentioned in image .
    3.2 Click on download link .
    3.3 Now at the bottom of the webpage you will find download link in red color . Right click on it and select copy link location option .
    2.4 After that paste that link in your adressbar and hit enter and you can download the file .

    I will update this post again if i find more web pages using link generators to download music from esnips .
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    Friday, August 15, 2008


    8 MP Cheap Digital Camera

  • Friday, August 15, 2008
  • Last week i planned that on this Raksha Bandhan day i will buy a digital camera as a gift for my sister but my budget was not so big . I started searching for a best digital camera with a range of Rs 5K . After making few searches and calling local Sony cybershot digital camera dealers and i was not satisfied because cost range was little higher than my budget . Than i moved on to Homeshop18 because i was aware of it that they provide beast digital camera in installments too . I started searching and got one digital camera with some great features and with in my budget too .

    Wespro 8 MP Digital Camera : This camera contains all features which i was looking for and read about them on Ashish Bhai Blog (What to look for in a digital camera) . Now i will share it's all features and other information here with you .

    Features :-
    1. It has 8.0 Mega Pixels Sensor and i think this quite good enough for Professional photography and good quality pictures . Its image resolution is 3264x2448, 2560x1920, 1600x1200, 640x480 (JPEG) and video resolution: VGA:640 x 480/24fps ; QVGA (AVI):320 x240/30f .We can use it as pc camera with 320X240/30fps, 640X480/24fps speed .

    2. It has 4x Digital Zoom option with 3" TFT-LCD and i think it is good in width . It has Built-in - Auto, Fill-in Flash, Off Flash, Red-Eye Reduction with self timer . Camera uses Li-ion Batteries (650mAH) for power .

    3. Memory : Internal memory is 16MB in which 14MB available for image storage . We can add external SD/SDHC Card up to 4GB . Internal memory is low but i will provide her a new mmc card which we can get in small price .

    It has microphone and its USB 2.0 connectors provide full speed . Overall best thing is that it's price is very suitable for me . You can buy this 8 MP Cheap Digital Camera for just Rs. 3999 . Rs 3999 is almost around $100 only . If you want more info than visit this link from here . Buy best Digital camera
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    Wednesday, August 13, 2008


    Free Wordpress Magazine Theme

  • Wednesday, August 13, 2008
  • Few months back i wrote one post on free wordpress themes and than few of my friends told me to find some clean and simple wordpress themes in magazine and news paper style . We know from last few month most of the blogger are creating their own professional magazine style themes for professional look and spending good amount for buying such designs too , So here is the little collection of free wordpress themes i have selected and sharing with you . If you are looking for more blog themes than check our second collection here free wordpress magazine themes .

    1. OverStand theme by FakeBlog

    Demo | Download

    2. Mimbo Magazine by Darren Hoyt

    Demo| Download

    3. Visionary theme by Themehybrid
    Demo | Download

    4. BranfordMagazine by Darren Hoyt
    5. Wordpress Magazine By Gabfire

    Demo | Download

    6. Small Magazine Theme By Gabfire

    Demo | Download

    7. Problogging Mag By Blogging Zone

    Demo | Download

    8. Smooth News By Blogflux

    Demo | Download

    9. Shiva theme By Theme Spinner

    Demo | Download

    10. OpenBook By Hackwordpress

    Demo | Download

    11. BasciBlue Magazine theme by Free wordpress themes

    Demo | Download

    12. Magadine Magazine theme from Ygoy

    Demo | Download

    13. Lifestyle Magazine By free wordpress themes

    Demo | Download

    14. ProMag Magazine theme by Free wordpress theme

    Demo | Download

    I am searching fore more wordpress themes in Magazine style and share them in upcoming days . If you have designed or know about more themes please do suggest us them too . For this you will get back link in that post but remeber suggest some good one please .
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