Thursday, July 31, 2008


Top Entreacard Dropper on DigitalMail

  • Thursday, July 31, 2008
  • Now its time to thanks all those guys who visited my blog on regular basis . I am tracking them via entrecard dropper tool . Entreacard is best site to get some good traffic as well as to discover new blogs too . I don't visit more than 60 blogs daily because whenever i visit any blog via drop inbox first i take a look on whole content and sometime i get many interesting topics to read too .

    If you are a daily blogger than you should visit few blogs related to your niche via campaign option . You can find many news thing around your niche daily and get something interesting to learn also . So here is the list of those guys who were visiting my blog on daily basis and i hope they must have found some interesting on my blog .

    1. Dynamics AX associate
    2. Third Error
    3. First Door on the Left
    4. Clickdtalk
    5. Chaos Laboratory
    6. AngadSodhi Dot Com
    7. Red Sox Mommy
    8. Adsense Addict
    9. JunkieYard Dot Com
    10. VerITableLIFE

    I wish that next month i will get some more good friends and visitors like them too .If you want to make money via blogging or online than you can contact me via Gtalk . I can share my experience with you and let you know how you can earn atleast $5 daily .
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    Tuesday, July 29, 2008


    New Services offered by IT companies

  • Tuesday, July 29, 2008
  • The number of companies which make use of services offered by IT companies is constantly increasing and this is not just limited to designing websites. This happens because IT companies offer more and more services because they do not want to lag behind. Their main function is to satisfy customers needs as full as possible.

    Customization is the latest feature of IT companies. For example, on of the most popular services is Custom software Development because it allows to create customized programs for particular companies. Its main advantage is that it can satisfy the requirements. For example, you can install special Project Management software solutions if you want to find out how much money you get from a particular service or how much time is spent for a particular customer. Also these PM tools give you an opportunity not only to estimate the overall work of your staff but give you statistic information which is helps to forecast the development of your company and to adapt to changing conditions.

    Another service offered by IT companies is the installation of custom WordPress Templates. This is also a very popular service between both companies and bloggers as it the number of blogs is increasing and Wordpress blogging portal demand is increasing day by day . But they are practically the same as the number of blog templates is limited. These custom templates allow to reflect your interests . Their are many other services which attracted IT Companies towards and i will share them with you next time .

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    Monday, July 28, 2008


    Watch movies online free

  • Monday, July 28, 2008
  • Yesterday when i was surfing youtube for some hindi movies videos than one question came in my mind and i thought that their must be some place where i can watch all latest movies . I started googling for some good niche related keywords and end up with one good forum . Movie-247 is one of the best forum online where you can watch free movies online and get whole information about them . One of user of that forum told me that the admin of that forum is very good and his forum is the best one out of all other movies site online .

    This Movie-247 forum has all latest films up on his forum . It has many sub categories inside it like bollywood & hindi movies , cartoon/anime , Ipod movies and you can find TV series & other programs videos also over there .It has other users says that admin is very dedicated to its users and this forum also contains one request section too , where they can make request for their fav movies and other video series . One more best point in this forum is that users of this forum get rewarded by prizes for referring friends also .

    So if you watch too much movies than i will say go and try this forum may be you get your loved one series over there too . watch movies online
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    Is Nokia N96 is the best Phone out at the moment?

  • So which is the best mobile phone available in the marketplace at the moment? A lot of people are giving suggestions that it could well be the Nokia N96, the latest smart phone from Nokia . Taking a close look at the specifications it is not difficult to see why people are raving about this phone. It comes complete with a digital TV tuner option and a massive 16GB of internal memory (expandable with a micro sd card) . It has 5 mega pixel auto focus camera which provide best image quality comparing to other mobiles too . WiFi, AGPS options are too good for N-gage games action .

    If you don't like to go for such fancy something that bulky than why not go for one of the latest Sony Ericsson W890i deals. W890i contains everything you would like to have in your cell phone , it is not just a mobile phone but you can say it is a portable music gadget . In this you can play all latest tracks on your mobile phone supported almost all file formats and this mobile has radio option too . Most of my friends use Sony Ericsson for just superior bass quality it gives out .This 3G mobile gives you fast data transfer speed upto 3.6Mbit which give us fast and easy access to broadband Internet and we can check audio and video files streaming too .

    But if you want something similar to the iphone, then why not try one of the HTC touch diamond deals, here you get the touch screen and a tremendously slim phone that is available with cashback , now that cannot be bad for someone looking to take out a new mobile phone contract can it? It has 2.8-inch touch screen and which is very clear comparing others . With HSDPA internet connectivity you can surf and download files like a broadband connection . It has
    3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera and 4GB of internal storage to preserve more photos and music files . It has Integrated GPS system also which can be used to view maps .
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    Sunday, July 27, 2008


    Free blogging tools

  • Sunday, July 27, 2008
  • If i just look at my past than according to me blogging for beginners is not so easy . When i started blogging i was crazy and i was spending more than 15 hours daily online on reading blogging guidelines and how to make money via blogging . But it took few months when i understood that nothing is so easy and blogging is not a children game , where we can keep posting and earning money . Their are many other works and methods we have to use after posting articles on blog .

    Before posting content we need to do many more things like first all of we have to optimize everything so that everything look neat and give some professional look . After completing optimization we can publish content . Next we have to have to do publicity work by using social networks or other sources . Than in last we start tracking everything and check result and than analyze it for further steps . So here is the list of few tool which i have used and sharing with you .

    Tool you should have in your blog option : -

    1. Feed reader :- Always provide free updates by email service to your readers to they can stay updated and keep coming back . I will recommend you to go for FeedBurner .You can make subscription boxe at the end of post also , so when they finish reading article may be they would like to subscribe at that time too .

    2. Translation tool : You will be surprised but yes translator tool is also very helpful for bloggers .I have few readers from other countries and they use flag translating options from my sidebar to read my blog in other languages too . So why should we miss such readers . You can add Babel fish translator tool to your blog from this link . Translate blog .

    3. Keywords Tag boxes :- In blogger you have option to create label tags boxes and in wordpress you can using plugins for that too . By this users can select the specific keywords also in which they have interest . And tags boxes also helps to fill our blog with some good keywords too .

    4. Search boxes :- I have seen many new bloggers those directly place google search box for earning and don't customize it with their blogs . So whenever someone search any keyword they directly go to google paid keywords search items and think they can earn few cents by this but remember if visitor will not get specific result than he will never visit your blog again .


    5. Entrecard :- Entrecard is one of the hot option moving on right now and almost all blogger are using it . I have seen some pro blogger also using it like John Chow and others too . They have very simple process in which you have to visit other blogs and give them a drop and they will also do they same . But here when you visit someones blog you earn 1 EC point and when other visit your than also your earn point . You can use these point in advertisement or you can sell them to other users too .

    6. Mybloglog :- Mybloglog is also same like Entrecard but here we don't get any point . In this website we get one widget which we can place on our blogs and check who visited our blog than via that widget you can go and check their blogs too . It is like You visit and I follow .

    7. Twitter :- I have not used this tool but i think it is better tool to let your friends stay updated with your activities . By this tool you can update them with your latest post and updates of your blog too .

    8. Digg :- I think digg is one of the best to tool to get some huge traffic as well as some good back links too . I have seen many new blogger keep searching for something new on digg and when they will something interesting they blog about it . So when you can also submit your stories on this site and let other users comment on that . By this you can interact with more people and gain more knowledge too .

    9. Stumbleupon :- Stumbleupon is also a good website to make new friends and get some good traffic too . In this site we have download a toolbar and than when you visit any blog while surfing stumbleupon or other and like his content than you can give him a green thumb up and post a review about his blog in stumbleupon . That blogger owner can track your review and by this you can get one visitor and if your luck will work than you can get one review from his side too .

    Their are many other top social websites with latest PR updates where you can submit your content and get some good traffic like :-

    1. - PR9
    2. Slashdot - PR9
    3. Bloglines - PR9
    4. Connotea - PR8
    5. Technorati - PR8
    6. Propeller - PR8
    7. Rojo - PR8
    8. Furl - PR7
    9. Reddit - PR7
    10. CiteULike - PR7
    11. Popurls - PR7
    12. 43Things - PR7
    13. Newsvine - PR7
    14. Blogpulse - PR7
    15. Nowpublic - PR7

    After doing everything you now you can use some free tracking tools to check your traffic stats too .

    1. Google Analytics :- It is one of the best tool and most of the webmasters believe in Google analytics stats only . By this tool you can check from where you are getting most of the traffic and work on it so you can improve your results online on those keywords .

    2. Statcounter :- This website is also very useful and you can track your all visitors from search engines and referring websites too . You can also check the searched term keywords made by users and work on those keywords for future too .

    If you need any further help than do let me know . I have few more tools which can help you in blogging but i will share them next time .
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    Saturday, July 26, 2008


    Download ipuppy on your cell phone

  • Saturday, July 26, 2008
  • In todays life most of us carry mobile phones and other handy gadgets with us but for some techno geeks like me and other mobile phones are not just a mode for communication but it plays a style status too . We try to convert our mobiles phones just like our needs , like most of my friends are bikers so they have bikers themes including me too .

    But yesterday when i returned from my hometown and switched on my pc i started searching for few good themes and rigntones for my mobile . When i was googling on it I found very interesting site Mp3musicringtones related to mobile stuff like mp3 ringtones , polytones , wallpapers , screen savers etc . It is a paid site but they have large collection of hot and popular ring tones of us top chart busters . You can also download American idol ring tones but i was looking for sanjay and Shyamalee ring tones of indian idol .

    Ipuppy :- I moved forward to other options and saw a very nice keyword IPUPPY and i thought that it would be some flash game but when i visited that option i saw different breeds of puppies on that page . It is like a gif images according to me because i saw there banner in which a puppy watch jumping again and again like our pets jump on us when we visit our homes and i thought that i should get this one for me for my mobile but unfortunately their services are only for USA .I hope they get good exposer and start their services world wide so i can get one ipupy for my mobile too .If you stay in USA than you can check their breeds over this page . Get mobile ipuppy .
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    Friday, July 25, 2008


    How FTP servers are hacked and get down

  • Friday, July 25, 2008
  • One of my friend Shadab Nawaz from Digitalpoint forum was very sad because he provides online e-services on his website but his FTP server have been brutally hacked and hackers moved his websites to PORN content and filled his home pages with nude models .By this he faced some huge losses in online business and some of my clients also moved . After facing this incident he decided to go in depth and know that how they do all this .

    Shadab Nawaz from Magicsolv International share his tips in this article that how hackers do all this and how we can save ourselves . So the Prevention is better than cure .

    A Password Cracker is a piece of software that attempts to break into a system by trying many different user names and passwords.

    To break a password, a Password Cracker uses two methods of attack to break into your account.

    1) Brute Force Attack: In this type of attack, the software generates passwords of every possible combination of words, letters, or even symbols to try to break into your account. The longer the password, the longer it takes to break into the system. However, since computers are gearing up the speed every year (according to Moore's law, the computer speed doubles every 18 months), the time to break a password of any certain length reduces 50% every 1.5 years.

    2) Dictionary Attack: This is a more clever method in which the attacker uses a pool of words such as names, common vocabularies, etc., and tries various combinations of them to crack the system. The pool of effective possible choices to use in the trial and error process is much smaller than in a Brute Force Attack because of the more confined choices of numbers and letters to combine. It is very easy to get a word list. Do a search on Google for the search phrase "word list" to look for many databases available on the web.

    now lets come to the point.......How to Remember Your Password

    Coming up with a password which is both easy to remember and safe is no easy task. Try one or all of these different techniques to create a secure but memorable password.

    Develop a Truly Random Password and Use a Mnemonic Device
    (*) Use software or, less reliable but usually effective enough, simply jot down letters and numbers as they come to your mind.
    (*) Focus on each letter of the password. A way to remember a randomized, assigned difficult password, like "tthertd" can be simple and fun. Think of a sentence where there is one word beginning with each letter of the password, for example, "tthertd" could be "terrible tigers have every right to drive."

    Develop an Algorithm
    (*) Take the name of the website and then add the last four digits of a friend's home phone number to the end. (Don't use your own phone number, since a clever hacker could try the same algorithm in a dictionary attack.) The password for wikiHow might be "wikiHow4588". This is by way of example only because it is too easy for others to figure out but you would add your own personal twist. Maybe you would spell wikihow backwards. The more steps in your algorithm, and the more unpredictable each step is, the more secure your password.

    Combine the Best of You
    (*) Choose a favorite number (or two), a favorite word (or two), a favorite symbol (or two). Add the first one (or two) symbols that come to mind when you see the website address or the most prominent words on the sign-in page. Choose an order and put them all together into one long string.

    Remove the Vowels
    (*) Take a word or phrase and remove the vowels from it (for example, "eat the cheeseburger" becomes "tthchsbrgr").

    Use the Keyboard
    If your password doesn't use the Q, A, or Z, you can hit the key to the left of your password. Or to the right if you don't use the P, L, or M. 'Speedracer' goes to both sides, but 'wikiHow' can become 'qujugiq' or 'eolojpe'. Shifting things up a key, choose left or right. 'wikiHow' becomes '28i8y92' or '39o9u03'. Shifting up and to the left is slightly more intuitive. Adding the other security measures afterwards is all trivial.

    Combine Small Words
    Combine. A smart way to develop an easy to remember password is to combine three small words to make a single password. For example, you can use "howstopyes" or "earpengold". If you want an even easier to remember password, you can use words that are related to each other like "yesnomaybe". Be aware, however, that this is much less secure! It adds more security to capitalize the first letters of the different words: "ballzonecart" becomes "BallZoneCart".

    Connect the first letters
    Develop a password using the first letters of a sentence or phrase that means something to you - like your national anthem or a slogan you have seen somewhere. 'Don't shop for it, Argos it' would become DsfiAi.

    Use a Password Manager
    (*) Use a password manager, such as "PasswordSafe", "Roboform" or "PassPack" to generate random passwords and then secure them using one master password.

    Mix Words
    Choose two words and combine their letters to create the password, choosing one letter of the first word and one letter of the second word, and repeating this until you get to the last letter of each word. An example could be:
    Words: house & plane
    Password: hpoluasnee

    Some other tips too.............. i found them on the web....

    (*) Change numbers into Roman numerals for more security (i.e. iamcool2 becomes iamcoolii). You can even mix normal numbers and Roman numerals. 1i = 11; 1ii = 12; and so on.

    (*)When coming up with a mnemonic sentence, try and make the sentence funny or relevant to yourself. That way you will find it easier to remember the sentence, so you can remember the password.

    (*)The more complex and longer the password, the less likely it is to be cracked but it is often proportionately harder to remember.

    (*)Mixing letters and numbers is always safer than just using numbers or just using letters.

    (*)Try thinking of a name (BOB). Now use only every second letter, being BB. Then go back and plug any other letter you did not type. Your password would be BBO.

    Enjoy, and if you have other innovative ways to remember difficult passwords, let me know.

    PS: Shadab Nawaz have collected and compiled this info from various websites while i was got everything on dp and i am just sharing it with others .
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    Thursday, July 24, 2008


    Get paid 10 cents via paypal for every single post

  • Thursday, July 24, 2008
  • I have seen many user working as a forum poster and they get paid good amount daily work . I will say forum posting work is best because in this we get paid instantly and we don't have to wait for whole month . Their are so many users on many sites posting replies for 1 cents also they upload images , share videos and files to get paid online but get few bucks for thousands of impressions .So if you want to join some good high paying forum which pays you instantly than you are at right place . ( If you are a good writer than go through this link and check how you can make $5+ daily -Make Money Online With No Money ) .

    Join Best Forum :- My friends joined one new forum three days back and after reaching the minimum payout they got paid instantly . So we don't have to wait payment duration . They got paid for referring users also .

    How to make money :- You will be paid 10 Cents for every single post you will make and when your account will reach $5 you will get paid instantly . After 500 posts you will be paid 5 cents per post which is also good than other programs .

    Referral system :- You will be paid $ 2 per referred member. When you refer someone who writes on the forum, You will be paid $2 per member referred . But we get paid $2 per referal only when the referred member earns atleast $3 by writing few posts means 30 posts .

    Get paid :- Just type 50 quality posts and get paid which means reach $5 minimum payout and get paid . No need to wait for long .

    How to earn more :- This all depends on you how you do marketing's on that things . Their are plenty of website where users keep posting uploading data for few cents invite them and show them that you have best deal for them and than you can make good money out of that .


    Forum is only for serious posters and they don't want spammers over there, so if you really want to make money than mail me on this id posted below Invitation text with this subject and get your invitations . Just keep posting and keep referring and i hope you can earn $100 in few days .Hurry up invitations are limited . You can sign up out letter free of cost for more better informations in future .
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    Tuesday, July 15, 2008


    Samsung X640 Mobile Phone Review

  • Tuesday, July 15, 2008
  • The Samsung X640 mobile phone is sculpted in the clamshell design. The Samsung mobile phone handles a VGA camera that supplies clarity in your photos and delivering it of fine quality. The device easily fits in your hand. The metallic silver grey colour is looking splendid.

    The X640 from Samsung is respectable

    This new Samsung X640 mobile phone lacks external display. The internal display is a healthier UFB display and is unique in its class and the screen size is also compact. You can toggle the type of photo through the three modes that are available. There is an added zoom function that guides you distant shots with ease.

    The Samsung X640 mobile phone also has various internal features. The mobile phone kits out a built-in hands free speaker phone. The phone reacts well during time of call. Yes, during a call the sound clarity features picks up and delivers only the voice and leaves the other disturbances. This new Samsung mobile phone also handles virtuous coverage. The mobile phone also offers a lot of fun. The mobile phone contains two interesting games that include Snowball fighter and Bubble smile, which catch your attention and make you play for quite a long time.

    The Samsung X640 mobile phone uses the polyphonic ring tone (40 voice) that provides clear sweet melody tunes; this mobile phone does not have an MP3 player. Thanks to Samsung for embedding Java technology in this mobile phone. This Java technology provides a source for downloads. This mobile phone also performs your personal management functions that include the Scheduler, alarm clock, stopwatch, memo book, calendar, to do list and the calculator supported by the currency converter. There is a luminous source of connectivity to this phone. They are the GPRS and the WAP 2.0 browser. This phone lacks the wireless Bluetooth technology and also the USB. The Samsung X640 possesses a liberal 6.5MB internal memory that is largely enough for storing your photos and other downloads. You can visit exclusive mobile phone directory websites to find leading mobile phone brands with latest mobile phones and accessories.

    Phone features and specifications

    • GPRS Class 10 (4 Download, 2 Upload)
    • Tri Band (900/1800/1900 MHz)
    • WAP 2.0
    • Java MIDP 2.0 / CLDC 1.1
    • The highest SAR value for this model phone was 0.795 W/kg.
    • Weight is 85 grams
    • Dimensions: 87.4 x 47 x 23 mm
    • Internal Display: 65,536 colours UFB screen / 128 x 160 Pixels / 1.68 inch
    Camera features

    • VGA (640 x 480) Camera
    • 4x Digital Zoom
    • Full screen camera viewfinder
    • Photo Effects and Frames
    • Multishot and Night mode features
    • Timer

    Messaging features like :

    • SMS
    • EMS
    • MMS
    • Predictive Text Input

    Call features

    • Speakerphone
    • Voice clarity
    • Dialled, missed and received calls lists
    • Call forwarding
    • Call barring
    • Call waiting
    • Call holding
    • Multi-party
    • Closed user groups
    • Call time and Call costs


    • 6.5MB of User Memory (for Photos, MMS, Images and Sound)
    • 3 MB for Java
    • Storage up to 200 SMS
    • 1,000 entries in Phone book

    Checkout cheap mobile phone prices and deals on Philips, NEC, Nokia, Siemens and Sharp at
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    Saturday, July 12, 2008


    Road Angel 9000 Satellite Navigation System

  • Saturday, July 12, 2008
  • Radar detector is a unique device which can perform functions of a satellite navigator and it is also a GPRS connected camera detector. Road Angel, a developing company which designs and markets a new navigator in the name as Road Angel 9000 Satellite Navigation System. The unique features of this Road Angel GPS System are GPRS connected camera, safety alerts, live traffic information, text messages, weather report, amplified speakers, headphone socket, quality display, integrated SIM, ability to use memory cards, indications with distinct colours etc.

    Distinct colour indications :- Red colour indication will be given while you fix beyond the statutory limit where as green indication will be given while you fix camera within advisory limit. Safety alerts will be given in blue colour and traffic alerts will be given in yellow colour.

    GPRS :- This facility helps you to enable traffic information though you are not navigating, so that it is possible to escape from irritable traffic jams. You can send the details about your destination, through online or your mobile phone.

    Camera :- Camera has equipped with this device to alert you at right time and record your favourite journeys.

    Integrated SIM :- Road Angel 9000 Satellite Navigation System has come with an integrated SIM for GPRS connectivity.

    Expandable Memory :- When you are not satisfied with the embedded memory, you can expand it by using Secure Digital (SD) memory with the memory capacity up to 512 MB.

    TFT Screen :- TFT screen has embedded with the product to offer colour utilities. The screen can offer resolutions up to 480 x 272 pixels. Users can enjoy colour graphics. Make use of the screen to read text messages. This display can be used for watching movies or pictures.

    Speaker :- A speaker is used to bring the audio output which can mount on your car.

    Headphone output :- You can use headphone socket to listen the indications without disturbing others. You can enjoy MP3 music or videos with the help of headphone output.

    Lithium Battery :- This Satellite Navigation System can perform with the support of Lithium Polymer battery which runs a maximum of 4 hours.

    Routing :- The product supports you to go in right route to reach your target. The calculation speed of the unit is amazing. If any roads are blocked, it will be indicated in advance.

    Other Features :- Apart from the primary functions, this Sat Nav System can serve various other functions like are :-

    1. Traffic alerts - Live traffic alerts will be indicated while you use this product.
    2. Weather - You can know the weather predictions everyday. You can adjust your trip according to the climatic conditions.
    3. Voice Indications - Indications will be given either in male or female voices.

    You can also read experts reviews on Garmin , Magellan , Novogo and Fujitsu Siemens Sat Nav Systems at GPS systems reviews site.
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    Thursday, July 10, 2008


    Download music and videos legally from torrents free

  • Thursday, July 10, 2008
  • Few days back we saw that many torrent website owners were fined and their website were closed because of sharing illegal content on their websites because of copy rights issues . So now most of the torrent users are also aware of it and want to download only legal music , movies and other files . So if you are a torrents user and want to download file legally than here is the solution for you .

    You can download torrent files legally from Beta LegalTorrents . It is a online community for sharing files and distribute via torrents . It is a Creative Commons lincensed digital media . This site is hosted on Joyent which provides on-demand computing, storage and hosting services . It has some good names in their supporter or Partner lists like Creative Commons , CitizenSpace , Joyent , Ruby on Rails , Sun Microsystems(well known company) .

    This site was started in 2003 but now they have improved many things and has given best out on their services and working well in all well known web browsers .

    Best points of this site are :-

    1. Moderators are very hard working and they check all content which is uploaded and approve it themselves , so it may take some time to get files approved but you will get best legal result .

    2. LegalTorrents host high speed seeds for each torrent file so the users can get the best download speed while transferring files . Downloading over 400 KB/s was mentioned by my friend which is a very good speed .

    3. You don't have to download any new torrent client to download files from legal torrents , you can use other versions also which you have used for others like ĀµTorrent .

    4. LegalTorrents is totally free site you don't have to pay any joining fees or for downloading but yes their is one Donation button and i will say everybody should make some donations if you use that site daily . If they will get some good donation and earn some good amount from donations than they will also think that users also think about them and they will try to provides you more best results too .

    I think i have given few good point about that site to you and now its time go yourself and check it out .You can go and join this free torrent community right now and download legal torrents . Download Leggal Torrents .
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    Tips on how to use craigslist

  • As we all know that Craigslist is one of the best and well known central hub for free local classifieds and advertising online .Today with the help of craigslist there are so many housewife’s and other webmasters earning thousands of dollars by doing job posting and adds publishing online . I read this on Craigslist info that it is one the top leading company online in job listings and provides all main promotion options in their services like jobs, housing for sale , goods, romance activities, events postings personal services, local community and events etc . According to survey Craigslist recieves more than two million new job listings each month .But than also many of users failed to get right information , so here are few points which you can notice while surfing Craigslist .

    Learn how to use Craigslist : Craigslist community forum has large variety of options and sometimes new users get confused while finding work because of the enormous listings ,So they should be aware of that how they can find the better job or other services they are looking for . If you have mastered or specialized in any services than you can post advertisement on Craigslist for that and mention the points you will offer in your services to your customers or buyers(If you want to know that how to create a sample letter about offering services than visit this link Sample letter) . You can also expand your business by posting details about it in local classified sections .

    There are few steps given by craigslistinfo that how we can use how to use craigslist :

    1. Go to the website:
    2. Choose which location fits your needs mostly (for writers, you can search for jobs anywhere as long as the employer is looking for a telecommute worker)
    3. Look for writing/editing jobs and/or gigs (HINT: If you do SEO, look through Computer Gigs too).
    4. Click on a particular job to read more specific details
    5. If a job tickles your fancy, click the reply to address and reply with a cover letter stating your interest, your experience and/or anything else that the employer requests from you.

    Now after doing all this sit back and wait for some responses. Now people will contact you as per their needs and may be your interest points can also be cached by their eyes. After receiving some good responses you can select one company which suits you and go for further details. Just go through all these given steps and work for few days and if you start getting good response than you can also join free affiliate networks by which you can earn money by promoting their services . If you want more information about Craigslist and also want to know that how you can earn money online by Craigslist than you can check this site where they have posted video tutorials link also which can help you to learn more .

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    Wednesday, July 09, 2008


    Sony Ericsson W700i Mobile Phone Review

  • Wednesday, July 09, 2008
  • Be it phone functionalities, music or imaging functionalities, yes the new Sony Ericsson W700i mobile phone has it all. A perfect blend of a series of features like FM radio, digital camera, digital music player and also a phone this new Sony Ericsson mobile phone from the global leader is the walkman phone from them.

    The music phone

    Take your music along with you where ever you go. The new model of Sony Ericsson mobile phone permits you to do so. You can easily take the music to your phone from a CD or a personal computer. This mobile phone comes with Disc2Phone music management software that makes this task easy for you. You can also create play lists and also organise your music with this Walkman music player. It is this music feature that has given the name Walkman phone to this mobile phone.

    Imaging made impressive

    Apart from being a Walkman phone, the new Sony Ericsson W700i mobile phone is also a digital camera. It comes integrated with a 2-mega pixel digital camera with 4x digital zoom. The camera also features an integrated flash. Video recording is also possible with this camera and it also supports VideoDJ that allows you to edit the video images you have captured. The other imaging features supported by this mobile phone include video streaming, video clip, digital camera menu, photo light, picture editor, picture effects, viewfinder display and much more.

    Impressive screen

    The new Sony Ericsson W700i mobile phone also features a large, bright and impressive display screen. The display screen is a TFT colour screen having a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels and it also has a support for 262,144 colours.

    Connectivity and Internet options

    This mobile phone features the most advanced connectivity options like the wireless Bluetooth technology, Infrared connectivity, GPRS, USB support, fast port and Synchronization PC connectivity options. It is these connectivity options that allow your mobile phone to communicate with other compatible devices or transfer data between other compatible devices.

    The phone also features an integrated modem and allows browsing the Internet with the support of the WAP or XHTML browsers.

    Other significant features supported by the phone

    • Multimedia messaging
    • Text messaging with SMS
    • Predictive text input
    • Email
    • FM radio
    • Media player
    • Music mode
    • Polyphonic ring tones
    • Java
    • 34 MB in internal memory
    • Calendar
    • Contacts
    • File manager
    • Alarm clock
    • Business card exchange
    • Calculator
    • Conference calls
    • Phone book
    • Speakerphone
    • Stopwatch
    • Tasks
    • Timer
    • Notes
    • Vibrating alert

    Material characteristics

    This new Sony Ericsson W700i mobile phone is a tri-band phone with an internal antenna having a height of 100 mm, a width if 46 mm and a thickness of 20.5 mm. The weight of this phone is also worth to be mentioned, as it weighs only 99 grams. The battery used in this phone is a standard Li-Ion battery that offers an incredible talk time of almost 9 hours and a battery stand by time of 400 hours. The phone is available in two attractive shades titanium gold and white silver.

    Read reviews on UK latest Mobile Phones from Apple, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia and more at .
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    Sunday, July 06, 2008


    Be a pro blogger in just $20

  • Sunday, July 06, 2008
  • I thought this would be a great headline that how few new upcoming webmasters and bloggers think that they can be a pro blogger in $20 but it is not a right method but many guys are using it in forums . I was working on this from last few days and after completing my survey i decided to write on it . Few days back while working for my clients on digitalpoint I saw many writers were providing article writing services and when i contacted few service providers via mail than they offer me copyscape passed article for just $3 to $5 but for that i have to place a minimum bulk order of 10 articles on any niche and they will deliver them in just 24 to 48hours(It is a trick so that buying customer think that the are writing their own and not using any software but you can rewrite one article in just 3 to 6 seconds by rewrite softwares ) . Than i thought than how can someone write on so many niche so professionally and so fast too .

    I started my survey more further and came to know that they take some old articles related to given niche and rewrite them with the help of article rewriting softwares with copyscape passed guarantee . So whats the catch here :- Just think you can get such softwares for just $14 to $20 and rewrite a new article in few seconds and the result you will get is 100% unique article and will be passed by copyscape too . So by spending few bucks you can get tons of unique articles for your blogs or websites or you can start your own article writing services also .

    Here is one example of the software rewritten article which i saw on dp forum

    Original 1:

    You've just pocketed an awesome graduation gift - the kind that folds. Or perhaps you scored a nice sales bonus at work. Maybe you even received a hefty tax refund from Uncle Sam. No matter what the source of the cash - whether it's a modest $500 or a meaty $5,000 - you now have the happy task of figuring out what to do with it. The Caribbean is calling ... you can taste that Pina Colada, smell the salty air, feel the palms swaying ...

    Rewritten 1:

    You've just won an impressive graduation gift that the nature of the folds. Or maybe scored a nice sales bonus at work. Maybe you even received a big tax refund from Uncle Saturday Whatever the source of the money if it's a modest $ 500 or $ 5,000-meat you now have the happy task of determining what to do with. The Caribbean is calling ... You can taste that Pina Colada, smell salt air, feel the swaying palm trees ...

    You can see the difference between original and rewritten article and if the software replaces few words with some wrong words than you can correct them yourself also in 2 minutes . Here is image which i took from dp from where one trader was offering Online Article Rewriter (Unique Copyscape Passed) v1.0 - Just 4$ .

    I didn't even understood that what this guys is offering , is he offering per article for $4 or full version of program for just $4 .Here is the link to post and i think thread is still active so if you want to know further you can contact this guy . Rewrite articles Copyscape Passed .

    What is the catch :- I asked few bloggers that can we do anything if someone copy our articles and rewrite them with the help of rewriting software and the result they get from such softwares are 100% unique and copyscape passed .

    Ajay from Techie zone replied that
    if an article is properly rewritten and passed by copyscape than we can not claim our ownership to that article. You will find many articles in blogsphere which are taken from pro bloggers blogs and rewritten on many other places .

    Arpit bhai from said that
    i don't think so that we can do anything in such manner , we can just post about it on your blog and let others know about it . Arpit bhai gave me one link of Amit sir's blog where they have written one post about copying web content illegally . But that was a manual work done by that guy , so how we can catch anyone if the rewritten article is 100% unique .

    Sumesh from Techzilo says that google prioritizes results according to who publishes first, so since original will obviously be published first . But we have seen so many guys who rewrite the articles in better shape and with more information and rich content and get better place than earlier ones those were published in past .

    Ashish from Technospot replied that i think we cant do anything with that because we cant claim file a copy theft unless its exact copy.

    Result : I talked to few more blogger and every answered that if the articles are passed by copyscape and the results are 100% unique than they will be crawled in Google to and may get better spots also . So this means that anyone can start a new blog one any niche he likes and copy all articles from niche masters and rewrite them and than publish them .

    Tip from Digitalmail : If you are using such software then remember most of the pro blogger and upcoming bloggers works very hard and you should not steal their content . I have seen so many bloggers like Arpit , Ashish , ajay bhai everyone work in midnight also and in evening when i login in to my pc than also i find them online working . So if you are rewriting someone article please do ask him and add inspiration links to the main sources and may be the real writer like the second reprinted version and promote you to in future . But remember if one a single article got missed by copyscape and didn't get passed than you can face some serious problems too , so its better to give some link juice to others and play safe .

    Mayank bhai has given very nice review on it that this won’t help them become probloggers , although , they may be able to make money out of it . He says that problogging is not just making money from bloggs but
    it’s also about putting your point across, making friends and building authority amongst the people who share the same interest as yours . You can read his review from this link Can copyscape passed articles help you in becoming a problogger? .Please don't think that we are disgracing copyscape service .

    I think mayank bhai has explained it very well most of us must have understood about it too . Always remember bloggs is not just a board where you copy and paste anything bloggs means and express your thinking what you think about that niche on which you are writing .People visit and read your post because they want to know what do you know and think about the subject you have written about .
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    Thursday, July 03, 2008


    Make moeny with Digitalmail

  • Thursday, July 03, 2008
  • Hi friends now DigitalMail is 19 months old and i have learned many things in between this period .Now i am earning more than $200 online while working on it as a part time . As a full time i do stock trading but from last few weeks not only Indian stock market but global markets are moving down and i have sold almost all my stocks and holding few one at cheap prices . So now when many of my readers and friends mailed and asked me that how they can also start earning money online like me as a part time i wrote this post .

    So now on digitalmail i will start a new section where i will share my experience with you and i will tell you how you can start earning $200 to $350 per month by blogging but remember it is not a one night game you have to work hard for at least three to four months . Now don't say that the time duration is too big because i am not a pro blogger or a online money making guru . But yes i know the best method by which you can earn $250 guaranteed and further increase you work will decide . [Update]-->Here is the image of paypal check i received yesterday .

    Their are so many blogs and websites which will guide you about other websites and give you points on how to make money online but here i will not post review on those methods and I will invite your comments on those topics . I will discus about your problems and try to short them with my friends .I have a group of good blogger friends those started with me but now they are at too higher position than me , thats is because they took it as profession and started seriously before me . Most of them are minting good money and shares their tips with me too .

    So i will post here how you can make money and than you apply those methods , if you face any failure or problem please come back and tell us . We will try to short it out by this we can also gain more knowledge as well as you too . So thanks for all my reader and friends those encouraged me to share my method with all of you .I will try to stat working on it soon and I hope that everyone of you will get benefit from them .
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    Wednesday, July 02, 2008


    Premium wordpress theme

  • Wednesday, July 02, 2008
  • Wordpress has become so popular that now new upcoming webmasters have started providing free Premium wordpress themes . So here is one more which i liked and sharing with you .

    It is a very nice and beautifully designed theme and all important widgets are installed . This theme has built-in UBD block ad Plugin which manages and rotate your ads automatically . Its Options panel allows you to integrate Feedburner and MyBlogLog recent readers code with just a single line of source code . Theme is totally search engine optimized and it has built-in social bookmarking functions also . This free professional wordpress theme is compatible with wordpress 2.5.1 .

    This theme is designed by Phillip van Coller . You can view this template here View theme and download this theme here . Download professional wordpress theme .
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