Saturday, May 31, 2008


Recieved My free Opensolaris cd

  • Saturday, May 31, 2008
  • Hi this is a thanks post to Sun Microsystem for sending me a free Sun Microsystem Media Kit Program cd which contains their new program OpenSolaris 2005.05 for x86 . In our last post we mentioned that OpenSolaris makes it simple to boot a fully functional desktop environment, including Firefox and Thunderbird, without the need to install onto your system. Read More here

    From last few days i am busy in my other works so when ever i will get free time and use this software i will post its honest review also . Thanks to Sun Microsystem for sending us such a nice free gift cd , I am more happy because this is my first gift received through internet .
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    Thursday, May 29, 2008


    Unlock your iPhone Easy & Safe

  • Thursday, May 29, 2008
  • Trying to find useful information on how to unlock your Iphone can be a bit of a challenge. You can scour the internet for hours upon hours looking, and find many sites that promise a lot but offer nothing. Recently I discovered the site Iphone Sim Lock and I am very pleased at the wealth of information that can be found here. From the links for unlimited updates, to the online customer chat support, this is the site to go to if you need to know anything about how to get an iPhone Sim unlocked.

    This site itself is very visually pleasing. It is streamlined and does not overwhelm the user with unnecessary graphics and floating cursers like many sites having to do with iPhones do. This site doesn’t insult the user’s intelligence by trying to distract with flash to cover up a lack of information. Indeed, it has no need to do so. The information that the site offers speaks for itself. Additionally, you don’t have to be a technical wizard in order to use the iPhone unlock that is offered here.

    If you are looking for a website that can give you the information you need to unlock your iPhone then this is definitely the best one to use. You can find all your updates here as well as the newest unlock for the iPhone version 2.0. Iphone Sim Lock also gives you plenty of extras for free as well and this is a plus for any iPhone user. Being able to instantly download the information you need is one of the biggest boons for this user. Most people like instant gratification in this day and age, and I am not different. I was able to pick what information I needed, and then with my PayPal account had access to the information needed to unlock my iPhone instantly. The site also uses secure encryption so that you know your information is safe.

    So did you think that was all there is to this site? Well no, I left the best until last. They actually offer a life time membership for an extremely low fee. This is unheard of with most iPhone sites, but you can get it here at. So now that I know about this site, I will make sure that I recommend it to any of my friends and family. Also when I upgrade to another phone, you can guess where I am going to be coming to visit to get any iPhone unlock codes that I might possibly need.

    With all the information that is available on the internet and all of the bad/scam sites out there; I am glad that I happened to stumble across this iPhone unlock site. I will definitely be visiting again, and I might even come back and take advantage of the free iPhone wallpaper pack that they are offering to members. These high quality wallpapers are something that I can use (and enjoy), and I am sure most iPhone users would find excellent as well .

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    Wespro 5060s digital camera review

  • Wespro 5060s is very slim , Hi tech as well as very cheap 5MP digital camera comparing to others digi cams rate too . Its unique design and features give you a top class look and its wait is 82G without battery And SD Card . Wespro 5060s digital camera has interpolation up to 10 mega pixel and we can attach it with a computer and than can be used as a web camera also . So you can chat with your family members with a clear digital picture too . This digital camera comes with Pict Bridge technology by which we can get printouts also .

    Features : 1. Wespro 5060s digital camera has 2.5" TFT screen .
    Picture options : Auto, Manual, Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent .
    Software Driver: USB Mass Storage: Windows 98/98Se, Mac Os 9.0 .
    Dimensions: 90 X 55 X 18 Mm .

    Wespro 5060s digital camera can supports up to
    4 GB card . You can buy this digital camera for just RS 2999 from homeshop18 .
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    Wednesday, May 28, 2008


    Play MP3 in google personal homepage

  • Wednesday, May 28, 2008
  • If you surf online in school or office and most of the music and socials websites are blocked because of security reasons than also your can listen to songs . In most offices we can visit Google and check mails on gmail to because it is not taken as so harmful . Even my few friends are working in for US Call centers and in break time they check their mails . Yesterday while searching Google application we find many music mp3 applications to by which we can listen to mp3 songs online from them too on our Google home pages .

    Simply login to your Google account and than go to igoogle personal webpage than click on add stuff . In right sidebar you will find search options . Make a search for mp3 player or mp3 keyword . You will find few application on both searches . Second go to tolls options given in left hand side than select newest option and scroll down little bit , you will find mp3 player application option , click on that picture and you will find more mp3 related application in right sidebar to . Add them which one you like the most and start enjoying music in office to .
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    Absolutely free sms via Orkut applications

  • Orkut has added more than 120+ application and increasing them according to demand . Now my friends are using these application for fun too . SMS me is one of them , by this orkut application we can send sms to anyone or to our orkut friends also but this orkut application can be used to send sms in India only .
    Just go to applications search option and search for SMS ME application and below you will find option add application , click their and add it to your profiles first . Now go to your profile and select sms me orkut application . Now enter phone numbers of your friends and relative whom you want to send sms in india and after typing your message hit send sms button .
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    Tuesday, May 27, 2008


    Wordpress 5th birthday celebration

  • Tuesday, May 27, 2008
  • Hi if you are using a wordpress software for blogging than you must wish worpress team for 5th Wordpress birthday . Wordpress team is throwing a open party for wordpress user and you can join them at San Francisco at 111 Minna, starting at 9PM on 27th march . For more details and RSVP you can visit here . .

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    Commercials video of the month

  • I have seen many tech blogger and friends sharing some fun too on their blogs , So i have planned to share some good video every month with my readers to . Here is one of the best and hilarious commercial tittle as FIGHT for kisses . I think wilkinson should use this video as a add in India too . It has very good animated work .I loved to watch this animated video again and again .

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    Aiptek 1.3 Megapixel Camcorder Vivid

  • If you have a small budget and planning to buy a Camcorder than you must take a look on this product . Aiptek's 1.3 Mega pixel Camcorder Vivid is a fully functional digital Camcorder as well as camera too . It has many attractive options with very cheap prices .This camcorder contains all those good features which most of digital camera contains with some high prices .

    Features :-1.
    Aiptek 1.3 Mega pixel Camcorder has 1.5" LCD (280x 220 dots) and can be used as Digital Camcorder, Digital Camera, PC cam, Mass Storage also . While taking pictures it has 5 modes like Auto,Sunny,Cloudy,Fluorescent, Tungsten .

    Resolution : Aiptek 1.3 Mega pixel Camcorder is having a resolution of VGA CMOS 640x480 pixels/320X240 Q VGA and camera purpose it has 1.3M 1280x960 pixels .

    3.Lens :- Its has Digital Zoom 4X . Its lens position is fixed and focus range is 50cm to (infinity).

    4. Formats :- Aiptek supports AVI (Motion JPEG), JPEG .In TV output NTSC/ PAL color system supported .

    5. Memory :- Its internal memory is
    16MB flash (for image processing) and external memory is upto 1GB which supports both SD ans MMC cards .

    Other things like it has AAA*4 Battery and Aiptek provides different save mode: options like 1 / 3 / 5 minutes.In India you can buy this camcorder for just RS2499 ONLY from hm18 .For more details visit here . Buy Digital camcorder .
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    Earn one lakh from youtube

  • Yesterday i was reading Brunch Magazine and i found very interesting article on Indian youtube website.Main news was if you have good talent and spend good time on net and on video sharing sites than youtube has nice offer for you and you will be get paid for it .

    If your posted original unique video get viewed by five lakh people than youtube will give you Rs 1 lakh for your efforts and hard work . Which is one the best way to earn some good hard cash online .They have already started tracking videos and even posted top five video viewed in India currently .

    1.Tom and Jerry show in Punjabi .
    2.Zara sa -video song of zanat
    3.Highlights of Mumbai Indians .
    4.Trailers Love story 2050
    5.An episode of comedy circus featuring Sudesh and Krishna .

    Guys also do search for Punjabi terminator and Punjabi dubbing keywords on youtube you will find lots of funny pranks too .

    Operators behind youtube also says that they are work hard for legal issues and growth of Indian site is increasing rapidly fast and got so much popularity that big televisions and media companies getting ready to share revenue with their users .
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    Monday, May 26, 2008


    Secure Adsense Publisher ID for just $8

  • Monday, May 26, 2008
  • While searching new adsense topics on forum i saw this offer , One guy was selling a method to protect our adsense account from competitors and abusers those try to abuse your adsense ids and let your adsense accounts get banned .

    He says that their is no harm involved in this method and we don't need to modify or change anything in our adsense code too . This method is used by digitalpoint forum also which is one of the largest web forum of webmasters where they share adsense revenue too .

    How this works :- In this method what we do is like masking our adsense publisher id so when some one try open view source page of our website and code displayed is not your real publisher id but at the same time your real[encrypted] id is used by that adsense code . If you want more information about this product than contact this person here and rate is only $8 . Visit here
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    Compaq Presario A933TU with wi-music receiver

  • Technology is running very fast and now day by day very get introduced to new gadgets and systems . Now Compaq notebook can play music from anywhere with the help of wi-music receiver .

    Features of notebook :- This notebook has most update hardware features and comes with Windows vista homes basic . It has inbuilt music card and one chip also which helps you to play music from everywhere . Just attach given box and chip to the music system and play songs on your notebook , the receiver attached to music system will catch that music through wi-fi system and music system will start playing automatically that song too . You can check this video which i have collected from youtube . Click here
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    Sunday, May 25, 2008


    Google checkout can be direct competitor to paypal

  • Sunday, May 25, 2008
  • What i was thinking that we have seen so many webmasters on forums doing trading and use paypal for money transactions . As we all we know that Google allow only checkout for their own services and doesn't supports any other payment gateway like paypal and other .

    Google is such a big giant that what ever they do they make and develop their own services and stuff . May be in future Google may also start providing their checkout facility to adsense users to . Now think about this what if Google provide you service in which they will directly transfer your adsense money to your own checkouts account and the minimum payout amount will be reduced to $50 . Than you can transfer them or you can also use it to buy stuffs online or use it in adwords too .

    This will be like a dream come true for webmasters and soon this gateway will be too much popular like paypal and others and create some problem for them too as a great competitor . If this will happen in future than may be Google can enter in banking sector too .
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    Html Hack for product sales pages

  • This alert is for those new webmasters and online marketing friends those don't have good knowledge of html coding and basically hire some one to install a scripts and create one sales page for their product .Today when i was searching for some scripts and products on some sales pages and ebook stores online , I found that many sites and sales pages were not having good secure system for trading .

    Sometimes for saving few dollars they don't check past portfolios before hiring that new webmaster and give them work and these new webmasters just install that simple webpage and take away your money .

    Example :- We have seen many web pages offers good reports and informations for just few dollars . Main common thing in such pages we find is first we need to pay some money by paypal and then just after paying we are able to see that download link of that product .

    How these pages get hacked :-

    1. First of all hackers use proxy to hide their ip address because some sites use records visitors ip addresses too .
    2. Than they visit the web page and right click on their mouse after that select text view page source .
    3. Most of the time they search for word "Return " . Because this word is used after payment or next to that we may also find welcome link too .
    4. You can copy that welcome link in your adressbar and you will see the download link of that product .

    This article is only written to alert newbies those want to make fortune online by opening ebooks stores or by selling their written report , but they don't find any sale or good result according to their hard work . So remember whenever you create new sales page or estore higher some one having good experience , don't go for cheap services other wise you may not even get you paid money too .
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    MacBook Air

  • The Macbook Air has been all the craze in the past four months, climbing the charts in popularity. And yes, it can still fit in an envelope. But buyers are now turning their high hopes of the Air into mixed feelings.

    The Apple team has sacrificed much of the important and enjoyable parts of the Macbook in order to make way for space and size.

    Hardware - The re-packaged Intel 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo processor is a little slow compared to the products of Microsoft and the Macbook Pro as well. However, the processor still delivers enough heat to maybe warm your lap a few degrees, which is great for on-the-go fliers trying to get their work done without a burning lap. The hard drive has been “downgraded” to the point where a typical two and a half inch laptops are probably considered faster. The drive can be even compared to simple portable music players. It will sustain normal usage if maximized at word processing, but apparently it fails when compared to said two and a half inch laptops. There are plugs for an iPhone if you have one, as well as the drive that the Air comes with. People have been labeling these extra USB ports as useless and a waste of space. The external drive that one must buy separately is for the fact that there's no DVD Rom drive, and that's a complication for some. The drive only works for the Macbook Air; the Pro doesn't accept it. Adding a DVD Rom drive would be a mixed result, according to Apple's thought process.

    Software – The Macbook Air runs Mac OS Leopard like all other modern Apple computers. This time, however, they have added the multi-touch component. Multi-touch allows the user to do things like enlarging/shrinking an image, moving back and forth between pages in Safari, and others using hand gestures on the touchpad Apple enlarged. With this, Apple now moves one step closer to complete control using fingers only. Remote Disc is yet another option Apple as put in. This allows Macs to communicate using optical drives. According to a recent tech review, Remote Disc isn't meant for HD, ripping, or burning. It's simply for data sharing, installation of applications, and the possible OS restore if one really messes up. In general, Remote Disc falls short to the Mac Superdrive available only to the Macbook Air. Although, the Superdrive costs an extra $100 to purchase, on top of the existing $1,800.

    In the end, the Macbook Air is not worth its weight in gold, it's probably worth more. The Air has lost a significant amount of important components, and the $1,900 (including absolutely essential Superdrive) really doesn't cover as much as it should. It's the buyer's call, though.
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    Google hack for software cracks

  • I have seen many guys downloading key generating softwares and others stuff to get crack of softwares but in last only few of them get success and other receive Trojan horse, Viruses , adwares and spyware while doing such experiments . Believe me Google is such a big giant that you can find anything here which is sold on net like softwares and other services .

    Most guys and online web users downloads free trails of software and after finishing it they start searching for cracks key generator and serial numbers . Friends this google trick is one of the best hack i love , yes if you are looking for any software crack like any software audio video or antivirus just go to google and type any software of web application name whose cracks you are looking for than give one spacebar than type 94FBR , now hit the enter and you will find so many results for that software cracks .

    Check this video also , i hope you will enjoy it also . Little fun with Google .

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    Free Ferrari stickers Set Give Away

  • Hi guy while surfing online one of my friend shared this free information with me and now i am sharing this with you . If you are a race jerk and love hi tech Ferrari and other sports cars than this time Shell and Ferrari is one the way to make you happy by providing free Set of Ferrari stickers Give Away offer .

    Yes you can get free Ferrari stickers for your bikes and cars by just filling a request forum on their official site . So now this time celebrate 2008 Formula One season with Shell Motorsport by collecting a new set of stickers featuring the F2008 and drivers Kimi Räikkönen and Felipe Massa .If you live in USA than you can receive them with in 2 or 3 working days or atleast one week . One of my friend in US received his set of stickers in 4 days .

    Offer is also valid for Indians to but we will have to wait little more time , but whats going on in filling up a free request forum , I have filled the forum and waiting for my sticker and this offer is valid for only few days . I will paste them on my Pulsar 200cc and may be i post some pictures of that on my blog also then . You can also claim your set here . Give me Stickers .
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    Saturday, May 24, 2008


    Don't Share copyrighted Video Content

  • Saturday, May 24, 2008
  • If you have a blog or websites where you provide free copyrighted Video Content or share them via embed code than stop doing this because now you can also be fined for sharing also . It doesn't matter that you have not hosted that content and you are sharing them by providing links or may be embed video codes than also you can be fined [ We are not sure about embed codes right now but may be they can go for them also because promoting copyrighted content is also a crime] .

    Motion Picture Association of America has filled $4 million copyright infringement case on and .We both of these sites are not well know and i don't think so that they must have earned so much money also . The amount is fined as per $2.7 million for ShowStash and $1.3 million for Cinematube and right now both sites are down no more live .

    Only Providing copyrighted content is not a crime but sharing copyrighted content and pirated product is also a great crime . By this step MPAA members think that other video sites owners must be also feel threatened now by the prospect of paying out millions of dollars fines and may shut down their websites too . This is the second after TorrentSpy's .

    So please be quick and quite your video sharing websites and projects too or other wise start collecting few million dollars for fine .
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    Show your name after time

  • If you are looking for some fun than try this trick . In this trick you can change Am and Pm words after time and write down your own name . Just follow these steps :-

    1. Click on windows start option .
    2. Open control panel
    3. Select Regional and Language option in it . You may need to switch to classic view from left side to get this option .
    4. Now click on customize option which is after [beside English US] bar .
    5. Now select AM and PM option and rename them with your names ( in my brother pc i have inserted AM as cock and PM as a owl )
    6. Now close control tab and double click on time option in the corner and open properties of it .
    7. In last right hand side below clock you may find digital clock like this 02:47:52 AM , Just click on AM option and change it with sidebar arrow .

    Update whole process by clicking on apply button and now you can see your names in time format after time on desktop . You can use what ever keywords you want .
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    Friday, May 23, 2008


    Indian Blog writers get published and earn money

  • Friday, May 23, 2008
  • Blogging craze in India is increasing day by day and big industrial giant are also helping bloggers and writers by providing new web space , blogging facilities and offering earning opportunities too . Now Indian web portal company is providing a chance to Indian bloggers to get published their articles and earn money r them self .

    CEO of Mr Satya Prabhakar said that this the best method to encourage Indian blog writers by providing them such platform , so they can also showcase their talent . Sulekha editorial team will read and search best articles and select them on every 15th of every month . Basic niche of selection is basically center around subjects such as humor, poetry, travel and personal experiences , which makes reader fell like reading someones personal creation or a life story . Article selected by them will be published in Sulekha Book Series and these books will be sold on their own website and . Once article of month is selected editorial team will start working with blogger in selecting the posts to be published in the book and decide on the price. The profit generated by these books will directly go to the author .

    The initiative began in April and the blog posts of B.S. Keshav have been selected and compiled into a book "A Series of Adventures". So i congratulate to Mr B.S. Keshav and Best of luck for other for future . For more information about this article and if you want to check Mr B.S. Keshav book also visit here . Blogprint Initiative
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    Thursday, May 22, 2008


    Copy DVD like original quality

  • Thursday, May 22, 2008
  • If you are looking for some good freeware for dvd coping with high quality as same as original than you should try E.M. Free DVD copy 2.02 software . This freeware software is very useful and easy to use which provides you option to copy DVD movies and songs to all popular formats with advanced video compression engine which helps to copy fast with same high quality as we find in original dvds .

    In this software we find many other options also like we can personalize dvds by choosing chapters which we like most and audios also . We can remove unwanted content from dvds and recompress it again with some ratio with the help of compression tool .This software can copy dvd to your hard disks as well as to blank dvds also . You can download this software from here . Download
    E.M. Free DVD copy 2.02
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    List of most popular alexa sites

  • If you are webmaster or a daily net user and you want to know about most popular and useful sites in the world or in your own country according to Alexa rankings itself then you can try Lively Browser 3.4.2 which helps you to provide latest lists of top sites .

    This software also includes forum lists in his directory and these directory files can be downloaded easily containing top most popular site names in one single file or you can choose sites according to individual countries also . Lively Browser always check and download its latest new sites updates for you automatically too. You can browse with multiple tabs also like Firefox and others .Fore more information and download go here . Download Lively Browser 3.4.2 .
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    Wednesday, May 21, 2008


    Loan qualifier MaxMortgage 1.2

  • Wednesday, May 21, 2008
  • If you are planing to buy a home or want to take loan for personal use than before consulting any loan provider take your loan qualifying test at home . Yes with the help of latest technology we have new updated version of MaxMortgage 1.2 which helps you to decide that you qualify a fixed rate or a variable rate mortgage process or not according to your salaries details .

    This program uses a method of ratio which is also used by other bankers to determine whether you qualify the needs according to expected amount approval or not . You can find more detail about it and dowload this software from here . Download MaxMortgage 1.2 .
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    Sunday, May 18, 2008


    Templates for tech Bloggers

  • Sunday, May 18, 2008
  • I have collected a little collection of templates for tech blogger which i want to share with all of you .My collection of these templates are already having best adsense placed spots to maximize their online revenues through ads and its according to my knowledge only :) .

    1. Tech Mag is a Wordpress theme tested on Wordpress (version 2.5), minimalistic design, three columns, adsense ready with advertising blocks, right sidebar, cross browser compatible with IE, FF, Opera, Flock & Safari, valid XHTML & CSS and widget ready.

    You can download this template from this link download Techmag .

    2. Wordpress Theme Demo - This template is based on Magazine style and we don't need any special plugins also for installing this theme . First image is main page template which will display all articles in the form of magazine style and when we click on second image than it will open in a new page style which is displayed in second image .

    You can see demo from this link and download it from here . Download template .

    3. Macbook Pro - Macbook is a theme that has the simplistic design style as the Apple company. This 3 columns template is tested on Wordpress version 2.5 . It has fixed width , widget ready and compatible with IE, FF, Opera, Flock & Safari

    Check Demo here and download this 3 column blog template from here. download theme

    4. Mag Essentials - It is a 3 Columns blog template with wide sidebars as well as having 486 and 125 Banner Ad integration . Widget ready Magazine Style design and compatible with IE, FF, Opera, Flock & Safari .

    Check demo or you can directly download from here . Download theme .

    5. Iphone interface - The iphone interface theme has two options for the header: there is a pop art version and a clean professional version (view images folder for more details). This 3 columns template is tested on Wordpress version 2.5 . It has fixed width , widget ready and compatible with IE, FF, Opera, Flock & Safari .

    Check demo here or download it from here . Download theme .

    6.Blue Dynamic Image Theme - 3 Column Blue WordPress Theme. Header Image rotates on every refresh.

    Check demo here or you can download it from here . Download theme .

    I hope you will like my collection .I will update this section again when i will find more templates for tech bloggers .
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    Sunday, May 11, 2008


    Create animations without any artistic skills

  • Sunday, May 11, 2008
  • If you want to create animations but you don't have any knowledge than also you can create animations without having any artistic skills . Pivot Stickfigure Animator is a unique freeware software which helps us to create stick figure animation easily . In this process can move the sections of the figure(pictures) and create a chain of animation frames with the use of visual editor that lets you assemble objects out of lines and circles and than it can be previewed in next move .

    You can use as many as figures you want in the animation and also we have many options like we can set animation size its speed of displaying and many more . The result can be saved as animated GIF file . For example i have found one video in which you can see animation created by this freeware software .

    If you like this video and want to create your own animation than you can download this freeware from this link download Pivot Stickfigure Animator .
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    Tashan Hello tunes codes

  • Most of my friends ask me to search hello tunes codes because i spend most of my time on internet .So now i have decided that i will try to post Airtel Hello tune codes of new released movies but only those who is having some good music . So here Tashan movie hello tunes codes :-

    Just SMS SET Songcode to 543211
    For eg: Send the sms SET 014173 to 543211 for Clocks by Coldplay

    Falak Tak - 443165
    Chhaliya - 443158
    Dil Dance Maare - 443160
    Tashan Mein - 443966
    Pooja Ka Tashan(Kareena kapoor) - 443157
    Jimmy Ka Tashan(Saif ali khan) - 443606
    Bachchan Pande Ka Tashan(Akshay kumar) - 443607
    Bhaiyyaji Ka Tashan(Anil kapoor - 443608

    If you want any song code just post your request in comments box or you can signup your newsletter to get latest movies caller tunes codes in your mailbox directly .
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    Free OpenSolaris 2008.05 CD

  • OpenSolaris 2008.05 for x86 is available to use free of charge and we can send you a CD at no extra cost. The delivery time may vary depending on your location, so you should consider downloading the CD image if you have a fast Internet connection.

    The OpenSolaris 2008.05 Live CD makes it simple to boot to a fully functional desktop environment, including Firefox and Thunderbird, without the need to install onto your system. After familiarizing yourself with the OpenSolaris environment, you can then choose to install it onto your disk. Once installed, you can connect to the OpenSolaris Package Repository to install additional software at . You can fill one forum and claim your copy too . Visit here to claim your copy .
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    Friday, May 09, 2008


    Blog finder software with resell rights

  • Friday, May 09, 2008
  • If your site or blog receives the traffic from search engines in small amount and you always try to improve search engine optimizing of your site or blogs to boost your link popularity and improve your search engine rankings than this software is for you .Discover how this Cool Blog finder software will help you to boost your link building and seo positions . With the help of this software you can search high pr blogs according to your niche and post comments on their blogs . This will help you to get one way links to your blog . So with the help of this software you can easily find those blogs which do not implemented the nofollow tags on their blogs and you can get permanent back links from their blog by posting comments and which will help to improve Google search engine rankings .

    You can download this softwares with resell rights from this link Download Blog buzz . For more information or more free softwares for bloggers you can visit here .
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    Wednesday, May 07, 2008


    RapidShare Happy Hours Detector

  • Wednesday, May 07, 2008
  • I have seen many surfers keep searching for free rapidshare accounts but they don't get anything but their is one way by which we can download unlimited rapidhsare files like premium users . Their is one application which let us know about rapidShare happy hours stating time . In happy hours we can download unlimited files .

    As a free users we need to fill download tickets and captchas and than we get able to download file , but in happy hours when ever rapidhsare think that their server have enough spare bandwidth, they disable all the download tickets and captchas and makes it easier for free users to download. and at that time we can download those files with any tool u use like dap or any other also . For more information you can visit here Rapishare happy hours or you can also download rapidshare application from this link also Download .
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    Tuesday, May 06, 2008


    World's biggest and cheapest sale ever

  • Tuesday, May 06, 2008
  • Guys yes this title is write , I have seen worlds biggest and cheapest sale going on in one forum where one guy was offering so many products like ebooks , softwares , scripts , templates and much more with PLR(Private Label Rights) and MRR (Master Resell Rights) and the money he is asking is only $1 , yes everything for one dolor only . Here is the list what he is offering :->

    1) Affiliate package - 50+ package
    2)Article package - 50+ package
    3)Auction package - 35+ package
    4)Blog package contains ->( it is the best package i have seen for bloggers till today )

    10 WordPress Themes
    7 Days To Blogging Success
    Backgrounds In A Box
    Blog-About This
    Blog & Ping Automator
    Blog & Ping Master Course
    Blog AutoPoster
    Bloggers Guide To Profits
    Blogging Power Package
    Blogging Your Way to Wealth
    Blog In A Box
    Blog Link Generator
    Blogs and RSS Revealed
    Blog Spider Pro
    Blueprint Guide to Blogger
    Build Blogs Fast Package
    Building A Blog Empire For Profit
    FeedReader Links
    FREE Blogging For Profit
    How To Create Your Own Blog For FREE
    How To Make Money As A Video Blogger
    Instant Blog and Ping Software
    Instant Blog Traffic
    Podcast Assistant In A Box
    Podcasting For Fun and Profit
    Podcasting Made Easy
    PodCast Teleprompter
    RSS Advertising Secrets
    RSS Announcer
    RSS Publishing Made Easy
    Secrets Of The Super Bloggers
    Simple Guide To Setting Up Your Blog
    Text To Speech Converter
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    The Complete Blog and Ping Tutorial
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    And their are lots of more things , so if you are interested than u can buy it or check it for more details here . Visit Biggest Sale Here

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    Monday, May 05, 2008


    50 Adsense Ready WORDPRESS Templates

  • Monday, May 05, 2008
  • If you were looking for some good blog templates as well as well templates optimized with adds placements than you should try this 50 adsense ready wordpress blog templates included master resell rights in this bundle . Yes this bundle contains 50 wordpress adsense optimized themes with whole resell right inside it . So now you can download them and start writing quality content and place your adds in given places . You can also use auto poster and place your ads in these templates in wordpress blogs .

    I have also used such type of templates in past before creating this one myself . In these templates all you have to do is add your Google Adsense publisher ID to the templates and you adds will start displaying on suggested places . You can choose any template theme from these 50 themes according to your niche or which you think is best one according to you . You can download these templates from here Download 50 Adsense ready ordpress blog themes with master resell rights .
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    Sunday, May 04, 2008


    Free RSS Icons For Your Website And Blog

  • Sunday, May 04, 2008
  • RSS is one of the best and easiest way to spread the knowledge or news on web and also helps to increase traffic to blogs and websites by rss feeds . To attract people webmasters and bloggers use different type of rss feeds button images . If you have any blog or website than you can download these free icons which we have found while surfing free rapidshare account zone and want to share with all of you . DOWNLOAD RSS ICONS

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    Saturday, May 03, 2008


    Marketting eyes on orkut

  • Saturday, May 03, 2008
  • Few month back was one of the biggest hub on web network marketing and people having more and more friends in their lists were minting money daily for displaying others websites or product review on their profiles and when they update their profiles all their friends receive alerts on that updates . Because of some more upgraded features Indian users were also running to other sites like bigada , ibibo started by Indian webmasters .

    Now orkut banged on all of them with its new features like online radio , music masti teen patti and with other new application . Radio and teen patti are among most used applications . Even I am addicted to it while playing teen patti we can play music also at the bottom . Only Indians can imagine the feeling of devanand evergreen song and other oldies with playing teen patti ( Desi Indian poker ) .Marketing eyes :->
    1)Why i said this that marketing eyes on orkut . Today while listening some punjabi music on orkut i saw many r were writing note on those song and in notes they were writing website names .
    2) Now question is why they were writing names and referral links :-> When you post any comment on any video or upload any video with some review it directly starts displaying on your friends profile pages . Example I have 1000+ friend and i have posted one note on any song {[ Hey u liked that song u can download more at ] . Now this messages will start displaying in my friends profile that your friends listened to this song and posted this note and even people visiting his profile will also see that . Now you can imagine 1000 friends and on every profile if 5 person gives visit it will become 5000 and from 5000 atleast we can have 50+ visitors to that link also .( This picture is a example in which i have displayed how first i commented on songs and than in second number how my comments displayed on my friends profile where she and other profile visitors can read over comments in which we have seen many adds also posted by others . )

    3) So soon orkut will become a marketing hub and people will start promoting their local business also . Specially this will help to business communities like renting house and their members because they can remain update with some good tricks like uploading houses pictures with rents rates and etc .

    If you want to know anything related to this or promotion tricks just post your questions in comments . For more orkut hacks and tricks you can check this post orkut hacks and hacking social account .
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    Wordpress Theme Club Jeans

  • First when i read the theme title it creates an image of fashion blog but when i saw this template i like it very much . Wordpress blog theme club jeans is the best template for daily blogger as well as pro bloggers also . This blog template contains 3 columns and both sidebars are on right side . It has specials 125x125 boxes for displaying advertisers adds .

    Tested :-> Template is tested on Wordpress version 2.5 . Widget are also ready but it has fixed width .You can download this template from this link Download Wordpress Club Jeans Theme .
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    Thursday, May 01, 2008


    Mobile Bluetooth hacking

  • Thursday, May 01, 2008
  • If you use bluetooth with your mobile phone mostly for chatting and listening to songs than your mobile can be hacked in 2 minutes . Their are many softwares by which we can hack your mobile via bluetooth and change your profile as well as make calls also . But not everyone able to get these softwares so they work with some other little applications .

    Bluejack which is also know as freejack or they use super bluetooth hack for hacking others mobile via bluetooth . Most of them works on java phones as well as in symbain mobiles also like in Nokia 6600 but in symbain their all functions not work properly . These software works like a bull in java cells and provides you more options to play with them and i have tested it in my nokia 6600 .

    How these softwares work :-> First you need to install them and then run this application after running it you will find new icon on your mobile main option screen . Run that program and after that u will find options like search new device and many more . Go to search option and than search for bluetooth connection , If their is any bluetooth enabled connection available in your range than it will start displaying name of those handsets it on your mobile screen . Now when you select any mobile name displayed on your list will need to accept your request and if he do so than you can have complete access on his or her mobile( When you will select mobile name they will receive message like u have been blue jacked and many people think that this is bluetooth mobile application which they are using and accept it ) . Now they have accepted Your request by mistake you can change their profile , make calls from their balance and when you make call to your friend or relative his number will be displayed over there also . You can read his messages delete messages . In fist time they need to accept your connection 2 or 3 times after that you get permanent access to their mobile . You can download this software from here Bluetooth hacked .

    Caution : Whenever you visit social place like metro stations , discos , banks , market etc please don't accept such request of blue jacked if you are using bluetooth . Such places are the best one where youngster keep watch on other who is using bluetooth and listening songs or doing other work .
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