Sunday, December 28, 2008


Nokia N70 - Full Phone review

  • Sunday, December 28, 2008
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  • I bought a Nokia N 70 two years ago. I know this is not the ideal time to be reviewing it but I was just going through the prices for mobile phones in one of the websites and thought that you might want to know a true account of this phone.

    N 70 works on Symbian 60series platform, don’t know about other phones but this phone is quite slow if you add a few applications to it, I had a memory card of 1GB, but in the time taken to open any application, you might as well make tea for yourself.

    Camera: Nokia N70 has 2 cameras, one is in front of the phone and other is in conventional mobile camera position, the second one is a 2mega pixel camera and first one is a VGA camera. Picture quality is the best among any 2mega pixel camera. But the gallery takes too long to open. The VGA camera works perfectly in day light and the flash of the camera works fine in night. Captured video file quality is above average.

    Mobile Sound: I had a music edition of Nokia N70; its sound quality was just excellent. The headphones are also of great quality, visual fm is also there, but again, as the gallery was too slow to open, I had to wait for minutes to listen the songs.

    Battery: Battery was one of the major let downs of my Nokia N70. It was below average. The battery life ended within a day so I had to charge it everyday. For any type of phone in my opinion, battery is the most important thing, I have a bitter experience with this phone.

    SO I would recommend all the people that for 10000 Rs, Nokia N 70 is not a bad buy if you are someone who likes their phone to be loaded. But again, as the system is loaded it does need some operating time hence you have to be patient. I would rate it a happy 3 on 5. Go for it if you like good Music and Don’t go for it if you want good Battery life.

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