Friday, September 12, 2008


Amazing designs of free blogger templates

  • Friday, September 12, 2008
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  • I am using blogger platform from more than 3 years and i have seen many friends moving to word press just because of template designs . Their were only few sites at that time those were offering blogger templates but today when blogging sector is increasing many new webmaster started offering some great template free of cost to blogger users too . So here are some good templates which i think are really coll and professional .

    1. Techlure - It is a nice 3 Column Blogger Template which can be used on tech blogs as well as on other too .

    2. FunkyZine - It is a great magazine style 3 Column Blogger Template .
    Demo | Download

    3. Charcoal - It is a 3 Column Blogger Template with navigation button options . You can set your blog labels link in that so it will be easy to find major content .

    Demo | Download

    4. Graffiti Art - It is a 2 Column Blogger Template with very nice 3d header image and contains navigation option also .

    Demo | Download

    5. Peppers - It is a 3 Column Blogger Template with three three 125x125 ads placement option . It is a very nice design with navigation options at the top of template .
    Demo | Download

    6. Visionary - It is a magazine style template with tab option in sidebar box like word press themes . It is very nice template for daily news or video updates .
    Demo | Download

    7. Maggo Magazine Blogger Template - It is a 3 Column Beta Blogger Template with nice adsense placements and widget .

    Demo | Download

    8. Blogger Template Outono - It is a Web 2.0 Blogspot Xml templates with some nice features. It has menu option button also just below the header image .
    9. DfMarine Blogger Template - It is a 2 column Blogspot Xml templates with professional design .
    Demo | Download

    10. White Space Blogger Template - It is a is a minimalistic 3-column Wordpress Theme converted in Beta blogger template .

    11. Personal Mag Blogger Template - It is a is a 3-column Wordpress Theme converted in Beta blogger template in which both sidebars are on right hand side .

    12. Wordpress Admin blogger template - It is a very neat and clean 2 column Wordpress Theme converted in Beta blogger template .

    13. Firebug blogger template - Firebug is Beta blogger template in which you can set sidebar according to your use and setting widgets . It has 125x125 placements for ads and social bookmarking option at the end of blog post .

    13. CMS 2 blogger template - It is a classic blogger template which is very nicely designed .I am using this template on my another financial blog and adsense earning from this template is very nice too .

    14. Technology blogger template - It is a 3 column beta blogger template and this design in totally inspired by Labnol old blogger template design according to me .

    15. Aspire blogger template - It is a 3 Column Beta Blogger Template with nice adsense placements and widget .

    I have collected few more templates which i will share in my next blogger template update . So till that enjoy using these template if you like them . I will say thanks to all those designers who designed these great templates and provided us free of cost . If you still want to check more template than check this link - Blogger templates

    9 Responses to “Amazing designs of free blogger templates”

    Rajavanya Subramaniyan said...
    1:40 PM

    Nice list, some themes are amazingly cool..

    Not switched to wordpress like comments yet?

    check out

    let me know if you need any help, i have already implemented it..

    Anonymous said...
    2:28 PM

    Thats great that you like them Quakeboy . Yes i am still using classic blogger version and i love its simplicity .

    Yes i read your post and i will apply it on my blog comments section too if possible.

    Milan said...
    2:44 PM

    Yes templates are of great quality. Some of them are designed by professional designers.

    It is usually good work to sort and put classic templates at one place.

    I am not a designer, though, I convert wordpress themes to blogger templates for free.

    Admin said...
    2:33 PM

    hmm..Improve your header..otherwise..its just Awesome!!!

    Keep it up!!

    use google adsense..chck out my Blogs..


    Oskar schiffer said...
    5:41 PM

    ther are many templates available , but the problem is uploading those templates always becomes aproblem.They are not as hassle free as stated.

    Anonymous said...
    10:19 PM

    Oskar schiffer i think you are right but such things takes place only few times . I have been using and helping users to get them installed .

    Anonymous said...
    10:41 AM

    hi! i like the designs. check out the source of the template.
    Thank you! i love it.
    More templates easy to download

    Software Development Company India said...
    8:26 PM

    Hey there,

    Good template you provide but there are 7 number template file not available.

    please if possible give me link for download it.

    Make money online said...
    10:16 AM

    You have very nice collection of templates. I have downloaded technology blogger template. It is very nice template.

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