Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Insert image in yahoo mail signature

  • Tuesday, March 20, 2007
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  • Everybody want to make their signature looks cool and for that they6 want to insert images in their signature . So here is simple step for inserting images in yahoo signature , you can add yaour own images , glitters , gif or what ever you want .

    1. Sign in your yahoo mail account .
    2. Than click on options button located in right hand side .
    3. Than click on signature option .
    4. Now click on colour and graphics , it must be on Plain .
    5. Now you will see html-navbar above signature box .
    6. Select option View HTML Source ,situated below signature box
    7. 7. Now insert image using html tags .
    8. Replace the image url with yours but remember image shouldn't be higher than 75 pixels .
    9. When you finished with your url work , now uncheck View HTML Source
    10.When you uncheck that view HTML source option you will be able to see result in signature box . And don't forget to click on add signature to all outgoing mails .

    Now click on save button . First send one email to your another email id's and check the results .

    3 Responses to “Insert image in yahoo mail signature”

    Rahul said...
    3:04 PM

    thats cool!!very nice trick!!

    Anonymous said...
    10:27 AM

    This it the beat way to use signatures in yahoo mail. I'm also using it in the same way.

    Anonymous said...
    12:04 AM

    I don't have the option "View HTML Source". All I have is "enriched text" or "plain text", and when i select "plain2 I have no further options.



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