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Major Google and sponsored paid links Upsetting everybody

  • Wednesday, August 20, 2008
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  • We know from last few months Google changed it's algorithm for penalizing all bid sites and others those are buying and selling links to increase their Page ranks . But this time Google has kicked word press theme designers those are selling and buying links on sponsored themes . Their are so many web designers those are making their living by selling sponsor links in footer of their themes but now i think this work is also moving down slowly and this would hurt turbo legitimate to web designers .

    Worst Action against wordpress theme designers

    One webmaster who owns a large Wordpress themes website disclosed that someone contacted him and requested him to remove their sponsored theme from his data base because many users have been penalized by Google against a paid link in the footer of the theme . I think sponsoring themes can be more dangerous if someone uses your sponsored theme on prono blog . By this you can loose your other income sources too .

    What webmasters and users says

    SweetFunny on dp forum says that yes they can penalize according to this ratio :

    If Footer = >2 External Links + All Unrelated = Flag

    I think he is right because anyone can judge easily if he find more than two links at sponsor place and specially if they are now relevant . I will says in themes they should not use high paying keywords over there but use relevant links or you can say only webmasters link should be promoted .

    Irrelevant Links makes angry

    Irrelevant links make me angry sometimes . Whenever i visit new blogs and check their footer links so i can know who designed such a nice themes but what we find is irrelevant link which is not useful . Than we have to search those themes by names which is very bad . I will says adding you own site is good and if someone helped you give little credits to him but selling stupid links on footer is very bad .

    Who should be punished

    Their are many useful and funny answers lets go through them :

    1.They aren't touching sites that sell links. They are going after sites that buy links .
    2. I hope all my competitor gets hit next time .
    3. Some link sellers says that the famous lines "Save the animal" campaign. If the buying stops, the killing too .One webmaster says that Google must punish buyers first if there is no buyer sites wont be sell links . Because we sellers quantity will increase than we can easily find link black market soon where one pr1 link will also cost $20 to $ 30 .

    What will i say that different thinking and different answers . But from now if this will grow rapidly and everyone get penalized for sponsoring themes than we can see little drop in wordpres themes designers as well as in free good themes to . But this will hurt wordpress theme sellers too because if link sponsoring is stopped in themes than everybody wills tart seeling themes and than competition will increase and Rates will decrease . So upcoming time can be a little dark for free wordpress theme designers . Post your comments and review on this .

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    Anonymous said...
    8:00 PM

    how did you change your template..?please tell me the process.I too had tried at but couldn't work

    ATUL DOGRA said...
    8:43 PM

    Hi buddy this is not psyc.horm template i have created this one myself .

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