Friday, January 02, 2009


What is size of hidden web

  • Friday, January 02, 2009
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  • You must be thinking what I am writing on this post that What is size of hidden web but i have one reason for that also . Last night i was surfing on some popular blogs and than read few forum threads too . Many website owners as well as bloggers were asking same question why their websites and blogs are not indexing in google .Their were many reasons like many of them don't know about creating and submitting site maps because they started blogging on blogspot or other free blog software platforms . Many of them don't know what really keywords means and they are useful . They are just typing post and post but no traffic is there  .

    Main Question is here - What is size of hidden web . Yes in todays life everyone has his own blog and their are so many blog posts which don't get indexed or if they get indexed than where do they go . You can search any keyword in google and see that their is so much compatition going on . Everyone is fight for front page position ranking but when we cross 20 to 30 pages we start facing spam posts or ulrealted to our search terms . So does that mean our search engines are also like Black wholes were if we cant get listed in top 30 to 40 ranking than we will be placed in black whole .

    Just imagine how many blogs are their in web and how many blog posts are published daily . Where do whole content goes and do anyone know What is size of hidden web ?  May be few experts can answer such questions easily but people like me those don't have to much knowledge they will always ask that OH God What is size of hidden web world .

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