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Make Money Online With No Money

  • Sunday, January 04, 2009
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  • “Today I will guide you that how you can make money with no money. If you don’t have money to invest than also you can make money online daily with different online jobs. Best Part of this methods is that in most of the cases we get paid daily or Just within few days, so we don’t have to wait for biweekly or monthly payments.”

    Hi friends few months back I wrote one post about how to make money online and many people emailed me for further information but because of bike accident I was not able to reply anyone. My right arm was broken in that accident but than also I am really sorry for late replies .

    Make money with no money: - So here is one method for today and how it works. If you spend good time on internet daily but not able to make than I will tell you one best way by which you can make at least $5 per day and get paid daily in papal.

    What you need: -

    1.    Only good command over English. You must love to interact will others and take part in conversations. This will help you in data tying work and replying others.
    2.    Few hours daily on internet (this depends on your capability and typing speed).

    What is the Task by which you will make money without any investment money:-

    Content creation in forums – Many webmasters know about this but I have seen many bloggers and daily web users keep asking that how we can make few cents or dollars daily. If you have good command over English than you can help other webmasters and forum owners to run their websites by providing content to them.

    Now you must be thinking that from where you will get such work and do we really get paid for that. Yes we do get paid for such work and I am doing it from last one year. But remembers if you want to run on money making highways than you will get hurdles too but they are not like others in which we face failure most of the time.

    Where we can get such work and Payment method:

    There are so many webmaster forums where we can get such work but right now I am using Digital point forum only and got paid every time almost , Success ratio can be like 97% .Where is three percent – Oh Actually three percents is for those webmasters quota those get banned on forum till we have completed their work.

    1.    Go to digital point forum and register your self.
    2.    Before posting anything, Read all rules and Faqs posted in forum. (Reason –Moderators are very strict in the case of spamming and replies to unrelated posts).
    3.    Reply 20 to 30 threads but it must be related to topics or you can get banned.
    4.    Than you can move to content creation section. Here is the link for that
    5.    Here you will see lots task posted by webmasters and forum owners.
    6.    You have to just reply them and take permission to enter it that task. If you qualify their need than you can get the job.
    7.    Complete the job you have taken and get paid after providing them reports.


    More tips:-

    1.    Always do quality work because if in future webmaster again requires something he can contact you for best quality work.
    2.    Don’t take up too many task if you can’t do them in given time. By this you will get bad impression and maybe if webmaster posted review about it in forum than you will not get too much work over there.

    Can we make More than $5 daily:

    Yes you can, just look at the above images I have posted. Many webmasters are looking for articles writers, If you are good in article writing than you can charge $3 to $5 for 400 – 500 words article. You can write 4 to 5 articles daily and get paid $20+ daily in papal. If you want to know more information than post you comments below and I will try to reply.

    *** I am not an expert but in last two years I saw many blogger stopped blogging because they were not making even few cents daily. But if you are a dedicated blogger and want to survive in this blogging world  than do try something else side by side , By this you will not get effected with the lack of money and start blogging side by side . So those bloggers who are not making money from your blogs , start doing such work side by side and keep your blogs alive too .

    6 Responses to “Make Money Online With No Money”

    Steve7 said...
    3:10 PM

    wow, where can i get more information about this?

    ATUL DOGRA said...
    4:11 PM

    Hi Steve can you tell me what you want to know more . If you want step by step guide with guidance than you can contact me here .

    Anonymous said...
    2:27 PM

    Seems like a lot of work for not very much money. But a great way to start.

    Anonymous said...
    2:14 PM

    This is very interesting blog . I just wanted to say thanks you for writing and giving your knowledge to such an informative helpful blog.
    So thanks!

    Unknown said...
    11:48 PM

    hi friend thanks write me again thanks for the posting

    mohamed said...
    1:57 AM

    good your blog and thanks

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