Thursday, February 15, 2007


Fake Paypal Email

  • Thursday, February 15, 2007
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  • Yesterday in mid-night when i was reading some tricks on labnol blog by 2:08 am , I just visited my gmail account to insert html signature but i found one new fake email and i was shocked because that mail was showing money transaction report from my account , but when i read that mail clearly than i started laughing on that person who has sent this mail to me got the wrong person ,The transaction he showed in email was double than my money like it was showing $ 45 bill in my acc i was having only few bucks .

    But friend whenever you receive such kind of email don't ever try to login from their given link Which they provides some times at the end of email asking you to confirm the order .Just open a new tab or new window than check your paypal accounts in safe moods .And remember don't delete this kind of messge without checking your account , because it can be a proof for you and you . Even online bank like paypal and egold tell us that never login through links use appropriate site name in address or search in google bar than login to your bank accounts .

    I have posted booth photo's just check out and don't laugh while looking at my bank balance .

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    Anonymous said...
    7:10 PM

    In my account $000.000
    I wish i can prefix 1 there

    Earning from net is not joke, my dear friend, why would we laugh? this your hard earned money.I know what's it take to run and maintain blog, this clear with your post (still reading mails at 2.08 am me sleeping)
    I also running a blogspot blog but i have earned very little from adsense.
    sorry for Commenting without login in, don't want to reveal my blogspot profile. btw how you have earned that much dollars through paypal are u selling any thing ? Please please tell me the secret of earning from paypal

    Anonymous said...
    8:33 PM

    no it's text add , just post that add anywhere on you blog and get paid .you can add me at

    Anonymous said...
    9:00 PM

    Hi Atul

    Gud info provided....thanks for sharing....I suggest you u shld have that spam blocker activated for ur blog..

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