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Google Search Tools

  • Wednesday, February 28, 2007
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  • Google is so popular search engine that we think just typesomething in Google bar and we will get it , But Google has developed many more search option which is mostly used by pro designer or web masters . So there are few i am listing here :-

    1. Special search - ) It helps us to do specific search on specific words like microsoft , U.S Government , Linux , BSD , Apple Macintosh .

    2. Scholar search : - ( ) Provides a search of scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including theses, books, abstracts and articles.

    3. Suggest :- ( ) As you type into the search box, Google Suggest guesses what you're typing and offers suggestions in real time .

    4. Books :- ( )
    Google digitizes many books from library collections. If an Old English edition, translation, or study is out of print or hard to locate, one can search that book there .

    5. Blog search :- ( )
    Google's search engine specifically
    for blogs .

    6.Google Ping :- ( your blog is not listed in our results, Google want to hear about it try google ping service .

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    You have missed Patent search which is really very cool ;-)

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