Monday, February 12, 2007


The ZiPhone II USB Telephon

  • Monday, February 12, 2007
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  • The ZiPhone II is a USB controlled Telephone device with have lots of advanced features in it . This ZiPhone is actually suited for those people who needs th efficiency of hands-free phone control while doing their other tasks .It has many wonderful features as :-

    1) Call Recording with replay.
    2) Record Telephone Calls with a click
    3) Integrated Phone Book or Database.
    4) Music or Advertising on Hold.
    5) Personal voice messaging.
    6) Answering with CallerID.
    7) Call Logging.
    8) PSTN, Skype and VOIP Compatible.

    And it's system requirements are :-

    Tel. line :- (Analog)Telephone line ㅡ Not to be used digital telephone line .
    CPU :- Pentium 300 or higher
    OS :- MS Window 98 or higher
    PC HDD:- 100MB or higher
    USB :- 1.1 or higher
    Memory:- 32MB or higher

    2 Responses to “The ZiPhone II USB Telephon”

    Anonymous said...
    7:09 AM

    This is from Simple Simon right?

    ATUL DOGRA said...
    8:44 AM

    Yes you ar right , it is a product and I think many best web companies are using this system .

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