Sunday, February 11, 2007


Orkut Hacks and Tricks

  • Sunday, February 11, 2007
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  • So friends this post is for orkut hacks and I am sure after reading and applying this post you don't ever gonna ask anybody for any trick or hack on orkut as per my knowledge till now .

    First right click on this link given below and save this link as "save target as" on your desktop .

    You must have saved this link on your desktop and now open new window and login into your orkut account . After logging in now close or cancel orkut window and click on shortcut link which you saved on you desktop and look at the magic .

    Now after clicking on that shortcut link from your desktop your orkut page must be looking like this picture . Now just look at the picture that above orkut searchbar you will find an option of tips and tricks and here you can find everything you want . Their are so many tricks hidden , so start checking them yourself . If you face any problem leave comment , I will try to solve it .

    8 Responses to “Orkut Hacks and Tricks”

    Nirmal T V said...
    1:19 PM

    Gud piece of info...

    Anonymous said...
    8:09 PM

    Thanks for the nice post!

    computer Geek said...
    6:21 PM

    above link is not working

    Unknown said...
    5:08 PM

    how to open locked photos and scraps

    ATUL DOGRA said...
    6:22 PM

    Hi computer geek , i think you should try it again , link is working fine .

    Sandeep Kumar said...
    7:20 PM

    an error message is displaying as:
    The requested URL was not found on this server.

    dsi said...
    3:36 PM

    Hacking the Orkut profile of your friends that the story written over here and it's a very useful tricks..

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    2:19 PM

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