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Method to stop spam email

  • Wednesday, March 14, 2007
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  • Whenever we open our mailbox and finds over 50 to 60 spam mails from out of 70 .This problem is increasing day by day , because their so many programs and people which collect your email id's from groups or forums and than sell to webmasters and online marketers and they start filling your email boxes .

    But there are few free methods for fighting again spam. Try these methods to gt ride of this problem .

    1. No Response - Don't ever respond to such messages because when you open such messages and click on given links , this makes webmaster sure that your id is active and you are using it .

    2. Use mail washer - Get it from which allows us to view email we receive before downloading it . It helps us to delete many emails including viruses before getting downloaded .

    3. Filter option - Use filter option which easily filter emails containing spam and adult words like
    sex, viagra .... etc .

    4. Personal id - Never post your personal email id or business id in forums and other public places , create one special email id for public use .

    Specially never fill forums telling you win or earn money , such kind of forums are 80% fake , just created to grab mail id's , my personal experience my one yahoo email id is having 49,000 emails right now .

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    Anoop Kumar Singh said...
    5:33 PM

    thanks atul ji ,
    it will very helpfl 4 me.kuch yahoomail signature ke bare me bhi bataiye ki kaise usme image input krte hain
    thanks again !

    Anonymous said...
    2:17 AM

    gud piece of info...thanks for sharing.

    Anonymous said...
    9:09 PM

    thats really cool and thnx for the information too!

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