Sunday, April 15, 2007


Rainbow format to increase data storage space

  • Sunday, April 15, 2007
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  • We know most of the data is stored in binary format of zeroes and ones but now Sainul Abideen, an innovator has discovered new rainbow colored format to store data without using binary zeroes and ones . This new research is a part of Sainul Abideen's postgraduate research paper.

    According to Abideen rainbow format uses colour pattern combination which can increase data storage hugely and it can hold on any kind of data storage files like text , mp3 , videos.etc . We can read even small amount of data in an ordinary printer and scanner .

    You must be thinking how much data storage can be increased . The maximum storage capacity of a conventional pen drive is 64 GB. Using 'rainbow format ' technology it is possible to store data in terabytes or Tbs (data storage capacity equal to 1000 gigabytes). Even a single small dot of this card can hold all the personal details .

    Sainul's future plans include setting up his own company in Kerala but he for now wants to continue with his first love - research. News via MSN technology .

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